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A warm welcome to ADFAS Shoalhaven.

In 2021 ADFAS Shoalhaven is providing members and guests with a program of nine illustrated lectures, presented by The Arts Society (U.K) and Australian lecturers who are experienced arts professionals chosen for their communication skills and expert knowledge in their fields.

Meetings are usually held at the School of Arts building in the historic township of Berry and are a wonderful and informal way to meet friends and to get to know others in the community. Our society has a long history, celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2020.

This year ADFAS Shoalhaven will offer digital lectures at either of our two venues: Berry School of Arts, or Uniting Church Hall in Berry according their availability. This will overcome the difficulty of viewing digital lectures on small screen devices or T.V’s. March will see the first lecture presented in this way. Social distancing requirements and maximum numbers to the venues will be applied. The availability of each lecture in the comfort of your own home will still be available. Please confirm the date and venue prior to each lecture at:, as circumstances may change during the year.

New members are always welcome. No prior knowledge is needed – just a curiosity and a desire to know more about the fascinating world of the arts.

Committee 2021

Mr Ted Jarrett
0422 383 644

Mary Seelis
0411 244 673


Membership Secretary
Richard Wiseman
T: 02 4464 2619

Membership Enquiries

Programme for 2021

4 March 2021
‘Pots and Frocks: Grayson Perry – Punk Potter to National Treasure’
Lecturer: Ian Swankie (U.K. Lecturer)
(Digital) Venue: Uniting Church Hall, Berry or School of Arts, Berry
Time: 7.30pm

Best known for his outlandish appearances dressed as his feminine alter ego, Claire, Grayson Perry is now a core part of the art establishment, a Turner Prize winner, Royal Academician, popular broadcaster and colourful character.

Grayson Perry is possibly one of the world’s best-known contemporary artists. His works of ceramics, textiles, tapestries and prints are highly sought after. Often controversial, he tackles difficult subjects in a poignant yet witty way and holds a mirror up to society.

April (date to be advised)
‘Calligraphy – Looking Back, Looking Forward’
Lecturer: Gemma Black (Australian Lecturer)
(Digital) Venue: Uniting Church Hall, Berry or School of Arts, Berry
Time: 7.30pm

Beginning with the earliest uses of writing systems this lecture looks at how man developed the art of communication through creating signs, symbols and images and the development of tools and materials, this lecture will explore the history of mark-making for commercial use.

6 May 2021 
‘Nature’s Gifts – Australian Art through Native Flowers’
Lecturer: Sam Bowker (Australian Lecturer)
(Digital) Venue: The Berry School of Arts Alexander Street Berry
Time: 7.30pm
Zoom begins at 7.30pm. We do ask for everyone attending to please be seated by 7.15pm to be prepared for the lecturers introduction and presentation

This floribundant lecture views Australian art history through floral themes. From the colonial to the contemporary, we move through landscapes and gardens to find the forgotten and the overlooked and see how Australian artists and designers have worked with our remarkable native flora.

3 June 2021
‘Jeffrey Smart, his Art and Influence’
Lecturer: Dr. Nick Gordon (Australian Lecturer)
(Digital) Venue: The Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street Berry
Time: 7.30pm

Jeffrey Smart remains one of Australia’s most endearing modern artists, and the quiet stillness captured in many of his works is instantly recognisable. The playfulness this formal analysis reveals stems from his diverse influences, including Renaissance masters such as Piero della Francesca, to the giants of modernism such as Cézanne, and his teachers, Dorrit Black and Fernand Léger.

1 July 2021 
‘Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting’
Lecturer: Chloe Sayer (U.K.Lecturer)
(Digital) Venue: The Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street Berry
Time: 7.30pm

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) and Diego Rivera (1886- 1957) have iconic status in Mexico. The Mexican Revolution of 1910 swept away the old régime and banished European influence in the arts. Kahlo and Rivera, in their different ways, helped to shape the cultural identity of twentieth-century Mexico. Together they made Mexico a magnet for the rest of the world.

5 August 2021 
‘Women Artists in Australia Today’
Lecturer: Julie Ewington (Australian Lecturer)
(Digital) Venue: The Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street Berry
Time: 7.30pm 

This lecture considers what Australia’s women artists are making and doing today: in major exhibitions and also as teachers, advocates and mentors. Who are the major figures? What are the latest developments in women’s work as artists? Are there specifically feminine subjects and media?

2 September 2021
‘Ladies of the Night – Art History’s Most Scandalous Muses’
Lecturer: Stella Lyons (U.K.Lecturer)
(Digital) Venue: The Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street Berry
Time: 7.30pm 

Prostitutes have been used as muses and models by artists throughout art history. In 19th century Paris, prostitutes were a key subject for artists, painted by Toulouse-Lautrec, Edgar Degas and most famously, by Manet. This talk looks at the many different depictions of prostitution, from Titian’s seductive women, to Ingres’ sensual odalisques, to Egon Schiele’s erotically charged sketches and examines how the role of prostitution has been idealised, glamorised and brought to public attention.

7 October 2021
‘Cutting Rhythms, Shaping Stories: How film editing works’ + AGM
Lecturer: Karen Pearlman (Australian Lecturer)
(Digital) Venue: The Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street Berry
Time: 7.30pm 

Few aspects of filmmaking are as shrouded in mystery as the work of the film editor. What do they do? How does it work? Film editors will usually say their art is intuitive – magic, instinctive, inexpressible. But this lecture explodes the myth that good editing is invisible and reveals what goes on in the edit suite to save movies, tell stories and make thousands of bits of footage into coherent and compelling films.

Karen’s dynamic lecturing style brings to life the craft of editing and reveals the secrets of the edit suite. Her lecture lifts the veil on the ‘magic’ to give insight into the art of film editing that many have called the essence of cinema.

4 November 2021
‘The Problematic Statue – a Brief History of Debunking and Desecrating Public Monuments’
Lecturer: Geoffrey Edwards (Australian Lecturers)
(Digital) Venue: The Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street Berry
Time: 7.30pm 

The toppling and vandalising of prominent statues around the world has been an all-too-frequent news item in recent times. This lecture takes a look at the surprisingly long tradition of trashing public art in the interests of re-writing history.


7.30pm The Uniting Church Hall, 71-77 Alfred Street Berry


New members in 2021 – $75 for 9 lectures


Richard Wiseman
T: 02 4464 2619

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