The primary aim of ADFAS is to provide interesting and informative lectures across a diverse range of topics encompassing all aspects of the arts.

Our lecturers are both local and touring overseas lecturers who are primarily from the United Kingdom.  They are generally experienced arts professionals, including curators, artists, authors and performers but could be anyone who has expert knowledge in an aspect of the arts and the ability to present an informal illustrated lecture which both explains and entertains. Lectures are approximately 1 hour long. In addition to lectures, many ADFAS Societies also offer Special Interest sessions of two or three 1-hour lectures where topics can be explored in more depth.

ADFAS also aims to bring like minded people together in a social atmosphere so lectures are followed or preceded by light refreshments. In addition, some societies arrange a social calendar of outings and events.

The lecture series generally runs from March to early November with societies presenting between 8 and 10 lectures over this period. Joining fees vary between societies and some societies will also accept guests. Please explore the Society section of this website to locate a society near you.

The lecture topics highlighted here are samples of the diverse lecture topics from the ADFAS 2022 programme.

A Sample of 2022 Lectures

PEARLS: Dewdrops from the Ocean

A look at many aspects of pearls; the myths and
legends surrounding them, their use throughout the
ages in art and the meanings that have been bestowed
on them. Pearls which seem to appear as if by magic
from the sea have fascinated man for millennia. They
have bewitched many cultures and it was the Hindus who considered them dewdrops from the ocean – the myth
goes into greater detail but that will be in the talk!

From Rock Art to Today

This lecture explains how the modern Aboriginal art movement developed since the 1970s and how it
maintains its connection to visual traditions going back to
rock art created many thousands of years ago. The lecture
focuses on how cultural traditions are reinvented and
reinvigorated through innovative art of today. Examples include Indigenous art from the Central Desert, North Queensland, the Kimberleys and Arnhem Land.


In the early part of the 20th century Victorian taste was
very ‘out of fashion’. In the 1930s a strong female designer,
Elsa Schiaparelli, rediscovered the period and cast it in her own light. Learn about the creative circles of fashion and
design in inter-war Paris, understand the ‘chic of poverty’ promoted by couturier Coco Chanel and interior designer Jean-Michel Frank, track the stylish South Americans, and follow the collaborative inter-war aesthetic project of
fashion, fantasy and Surrealism.

From Millet to Monet

Some of our most loved and famous paintings are of the beautiful French countryside. This lecture explores the paintings of Millet, Courbet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet and others in the 1840-1920 period. Why did they paint the countryside, when this was not always the fashionable thing to do? And how did they paint it?

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