Young Australian Artists

ADFAS Young Arts

ADFAS Young Arts philanthropy enhances arts opportunities for young people in Australia.

ADFAS societies may choose to be sole sponsors of a project or combine with other community organisations in joint ventures.

Young Arts projects are diverse; some fund an individual whilst others support groups. Recipients range from pre-schoolers to tertiary students.

Young Arts encompasses literature, music, photography, performing and fine arts.

Current ADFAS Young Arts projects fund:

  • Scholarships to a conservatorium
  • Provision of musical instruments
  • Exhibitions showcasing secondary school student achievements in Visual Arts education
  • Workshops and masterclasses
  • Arts experiences for young people with sensory impairment
  • Arts related opportunities for young people suffering financial disadvantage or geographic isolation
  • Initiatives to preserve the cultural skills and language of indigenous Australians
  • Excursions to museums, galleries and historic buildings


Young Arts Funding Makes a Difference

In 2019, over $76,000 was contributed to Young Arts projects.

Most of our Societies offer a Young Arts program supporting a mix of both individuals and community groups.

For any information about supporting or selecting a Young Arts recipient for your society, please contact

ADFAS Young Arts Awards

The Pauline Hopkins Cup, plus a $200 bursary, is awarded annually in recognition of an ADFAS Society that has provided an exciting initiative or outstanding Young Arts program in their community.

The AICCM Innovation Award of $200 will be awarded annually in recognition of an ADFAS Society judged to have a unique activity featuring advanced and original ideas with creative thinking. AICCM, Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material, is acknowledged as an ADFAS Associate.

Every ADFAS Society with a Young Arts program is encouraged to enter the awards. Please complete the ADFAS Young Arts Application Form obtainable from: