ADFAS Narrabri were super excited to have been announced by the National Association of ADFAS as the 2021 winner of the Pauline Hopkins Cup for their 2020 Young Arts project.

In 2020, Bellata Public School, a small country school with only 20 children, were our Young Arts recipients.  The school was delighted to be able to cover the funding for their planned ‘Picasso Cows’ project.  The funds covered the freight of the fibreglass cow, all painting and protective sealing supplies and equipment, and also enabled the school to further replenish their art supplies and furnish ‘Lazy Daisy’ with accessories such as an engraved bell and her securing to a stable base in the school grounds.

‘Lazy Daisy’ is a life-size fibreglass model of a cow which is a creative initiative taken up by many Schools in Australia. It is a curriculum-based program designed to educate primary school children about the Australian dairy industry, and the health and nutritional benefits of dairy foods as part of a balanced diet.  The children painted the entire cow (with a little help from their teachers!) from her nose to her hooves and including some beautiful eye lashes!   Everyone involved had an absolute ball completing the project over three months.

One side of the cow depicts the dairy industry from start to finish (cow to carton), and the other side depicts the care and wellbeing of dairy cows, the dairy regions of Australia and shows renewable energy resources that some dairies use.

Local farmer Georgia Kirkby visited the school and the children had some hands on education about the care and wellbeing of dairy cows, with the help of Blossom and her 5-day old calf.  The children had lots of questions for Georgia (including where did the calf come from!)

Each year societies select a school or arts related student group/individual to receive this award right across the North West NSW district. We target schools, local bands, and enquire with music teachers in the search for talented financially disadvantaged students.  Donations in the past have covered music, dance, photography, filmmaking, painting/drawing, literature and theatre.

Bellata’s ‘Lazy Daisy’ is a beautiful piece of artwork with which the children could be involved not only in the creative decorating aspect, but also benefitting from an invaluable learning process.

Pauline Hopkins was the NADFAS Overseas Area Representative from 2001-2005.  During that time Pauline was a regular visitor to Australia and in 2008 she generously donated a silver presentation cup in recognition of the contribution ADFAS societies make to Young Arts in their communities. Each year the cup is awarded to a Society providing a particularly innovative Young Arts project in their local area.

A huge thank you to all the members of ADFAS Narrabri who kindly donate towards this cause every year.  And a big congratulations is due to Bellata Public School too!  Well done kids!