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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”
Edgar Degas

Adfas Yarra warmly invites you to join us to explore the fascinating world of the arts.  Nine beautifully illustrated lectures range through the fields of art history, contemporary art, architecture, music, drama, dance and design and are presented by skilled international and local experts. Each lecture is followed by refreshments enjoyed in a convivial and welcoming atmosphere.  Regular newsletters provide information on lecturers, art news, optional excursions and enrichment events.


Committee 2018

Ruth Caple
2/3 Walworth Avenue, Caulfield North  3162
9523 8035 or 0448 952 380

Denise Sarah
5 Calista Court, Elsternwick 3185
9528 1712 or 0431 672 776

Secretary/Membership Secretary :
Carol Johnston
143 Bank Street, South Melbourne 3205
0409 871 254

Programme for 2018

Lectures are held in the Theatrette of the Glen Eira Town Hall, Cnr Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield, 3162.
Morning lectures commence at 10.00 a.m. Afternoon lectures at 1.30 p.m.

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts
Thursday 22nd February 
Dr Christopher De Hamel

New Zealander Christopher de Hamel has doctorates from Oxford and Cambridge. His lecture, part autobiographical, tells us how his prize-winning book, Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts, came about. He identifies some of the finest illuminated manuscripts in existence and tells a richly illustrated tale of discovery and revelation about medieval art.

Contemporary Landscape Design
Thursday 22nd March
Trisha Dixon (Australian Lecturer)

Trisha is an Australian author, photographer and tour leader with a passion for literature, art, landscape, botany and living life to the
full. She will look at some inspiring and innovative landscapes created by some of the world’s leading designers in Italy, the Greek
Islands, France, South America and Australia.

William Hogarth ‘A terrier snapping at the heels of the great’
Thursday 3rd May 
Rosalind Whyte 

Rosalind is an English art historian, lecturer and art appreciation tour guide. Her lecture illuminates the life, times and work of the British painter, printmaker and pictorial satirist, William Hogarth (1697-1764). His acute observation of social and political issues is reflected in his poignant, humorous or sometimes scathing responses to current issues.

Seizing Eternity: The Artist’s Legacy from Studio to Museum
Thursday 7th June 
Dr Christopher Marshall (Australian Lecturer) 

Dr Marshall is Associate Professor in Art History and Museum Studies at
the University of Melbourne. He has lectured widely in Australia and overseas. We’ll look at the artist’s legacy from the preservation of the humble artist’s studio to the creation of often grandiose, fully operational museums conferring star status upon their subjects.

Ruling from behind the Yellow Silk Screen – The Dowager Empress Cixi (1835-1908)
Thursday 5th July 
David Rosier 

David has over 25 years of experience of working, living and collecting in East Asia. He opens up the world of Cixi who rose from being a low level consort to that of empress dowager. Was she a cruel and calculating megalomaniac? David traces the cycles of her power as emperors came and went, the development of the gardens in her beloved Summer Palace and how she forged relationships with
western women.

The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
Thursday 9th August 
Toby Faber 

Toby has written narrative histories on Fabergé and Stradivari and lectured widely. The beauty and value of the violins and cellos made over 250 years ago by Antonio Stradivari are legendary. We track the journey of some of those famous instruments from the maker’s studio to the salons of Vienna or the concert halls of New York. The lecture is illustrated with pictures of instruments and relevant images accompanied by some short musical recordings.

‘Human Character Changed’: Modernism in the Arts
Thursday 30th August 
Neil Sinyard 

Neil Sinyard has published over 25 books on the cinema and his particular interests are in the Arts. Around the early 20th century, Cezanne, Van Gogh and Picasso seemed to upend all the conventions of pictorial representation, a revolution which extended to other
art forms. The works of literary innovators such as Proust and Joyce and composers such as Schoenberg and Stravinsky provoked amazement and anger, but were later seen as prophetic of the global convulsion which followed. Neil’s lecture enlarges on these times.

The Fruits of Sin – The Art and Times of Hieronymus Bosch
Thursday 11th October
Dr Sophie Oosterwijk

A university lecturer, writer and art historian, Sophie delighted us last year with her lecture on the portrayal of children in art. This year we learn about the Early Netherlandish artist, Bosch, who lived between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, in a period when religious and political stability had started to falter. Sophie will position Bosch’s fascinatingly weird and often puzzling art within its historical and cultural context to gain a better understanding of his work, life and times.

Carrick Hill: A Collection to Live In
Thursday 8th November 
Richard Heathcote (Australian Lecturer)

Richard is a past Director of Carrick Hill House Museum, Australia’s most intact historic house and garden. It was the home of the Haywards and was bequeathed to the people of South Australia. Nestled in the Adelaide foothills, the home’s Tudor style interiors were acquired in the 1930’s from the demolition sale of a country seat in Staffordshire. The Haywards added fabulous paintings, furniture and antiques to create an atmosphere which portrayed their glamorous and cultivated life.

Interest Afternoons and Excursions

Separate bookings are required for these events

Beleura Excursion A Day Devoted to Chopin
Thursday 8th March 

A Song to Remember, the marvellous 1945 movie starring Cornel Wilde and Merle Oberon. One of the greats of nineteenth century music, Polish composer Frédéric Chopin threatened to undermine his vast fame and popularity by pursuing a tumultuous love affair with the novelist, George Sand. After lunch, the pianist and acclaimed interpreter of Chopin, Alan Kogosowski presents a recital to remember.

Interest Afternoon
Wednesday 2nd May
Rosalind Whyte

From Corot to Monet Developments in French Landscape Painting. Rosalind traces the development of French Landscape Painting, at first considered an unworthy subject, to the gradual acceptance of the genre through the work of realists Gustav Courbet and Francois Millet. They were followed by the Impressionists, who, with their sketchy, visible brush strokes, attempted to capture the changing qualities of light. At the time their work was derided, but now commands huge sums on the art market.

Interest Afternoon
Wednesday 29th August 
Neil Sinyard

Thomas Mann, Gustav Mahler and Death in Venice. Thomas Mann’s famous novella, Death in Venice, was inspired by the death of the composer Gustav Mahler whose 9th Symphony has come to be seen as prophetic of the conflict and chaos that characterised the 20th Century. The Visconti film version of Death in Venice makes explicit the link with Mahler by using his music in the soundtrack. It is a very interesting example of adaptation:  supposedly faithful to the novella but
in places interestingly different.

Croydon and Ringwood Garden Excursion
Thursday 18th October 

Significant trees, wide perennial flower beds and contemporary sculptures surround glorious Banool, a historic stone home where we will enjoy lunch and a spring flower arranging demonstration. Boobook features lush garden rooms which will be at their peak when we visit.


Guests are most welcome and their fees go towards our Young Arts program. Prior notice to the Bookings Secretary (Carol Johnston Tel: 0409 871 254) is necessary and a $25 fee applies. We regret that guests may not attend more than three lectures a year. The fee for members of other ADFAS societies is $15.


What does it cost?

The joining fee is $40 and the annual subscription is $165.

Where are we located?

Lectures are held at 10am and 1.30 pm in the Theatrette of the Glen Eira Town Hall, corner of Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield, 3162

How do I find out more?

Contact our Secretary:
Carol Johnston,
Phone: 9681 6664
Mobile: 0409 871 254

Email: cgj@unimelb.edu.au

How do I join?

Complete the following Application for Membership and Mail to:

The Secretary
PO Box 51
Elsternwick 3185

Yarra (Caulfield South) Newsletters

Young Arts

2009 ADFAS Yarra Young Arts Awards

The 2009 ADFAS Yarra Art Awards were presented at the annual awards night at Monash University’s Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art & Design in November 2009.

Samantha Cuffe received the award for Glass, Amber Harris for Painting and Andrea Baxter for Drawing. The awards, valued at $550 each, are given to assist the recipients in the purchase of materials in their Honours year.

The Society was also able to present a cheque for over $1000 to the Abbotsford Convent

2008 ADFAS Yarra Young Arts Awards

The 2008 ADFAS Yarra Art Awards were presented at the annual awards night at Monash University ‘s Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art & Design on 14 November 2008.

Amanda McKenzie received the award for Glass, Sam Martin for Painting and Biatta Kelly for Drawing (Metals and Jewellery major). The awards, valued at $550 each, are given to assist the recipients in the purchase of materials in their Honours year.

The Society was also able to present, in October, the Victorian College of The Arts with a cheque for $1000 to assist their students.

2007 ADFAS Yarra Young Arts Awards

The 2007 ADFAS Yarra Art Awards were presented at the annual awards night at Monash University’s Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art & Design in November 2007

Des Fankhauser received the award for Glass, Jacob Weiss for Painting and Sarah Palmer for Drawing. The awards are given to assist the recipients in the purchase of materials in their Honours year.

2006 ADFAS Yarra Young Arts Awards

The 2006 ADFAS Yarra Art Awards were presented at the annual awards night at Monash University’s Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art & Design on 21 November 2006

Caitlin McArdle received the award for Glass, and Alec Doherty for Painting. The awards are given to assist the recipients in the purchase of materials in their Honours year.