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ADFAS Mornington Peninsula provides for its members an annual program of nine illustrated lectures given by overseas and Australian lecturers chosen for their expert knowledge of their chosen subject, and their communication skills. Half-day sessions are also held when topics are examined in more detail.

Committee 2019

Chairman: Peter McGinley: 0418 311 827

Vice Chairman: Vicky Davison: 0407 810 877

Treasurer: Barrie Wilson: 0409 058 874

Secretary: Sue Martin: 0414 968 448



Membership Enquiries:

Membership Secretary:
Vicky Davison
Mob: 0407 810 877

Programme for 2019

22 February 5.30pm
The Shock of the Old: Discovering Britain’s Ice Age Cave Art

The search for, and discovery of, Britain’s first Ice Age Cave Art in Nottingham and Derbyshire in 2003 was the fulfilment of a 30 year dream for Paul Bahn. Come and listen to Paul’s remarkable, first hand account of how this discovery took place.

15 March 5.30pm
Mark Burry
Meeting the Posthumous Challenges of Completing Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Basilica

Mark Burry has worked on finalising Gaudi’s intended design for the Basilica since 1979. Burry leads teams of architects, builders and engineers as they edge the construction of the Sagrada Familia towards its completion. This lecture follows the journey of Mark Burry and his extraordinary pursuit of Gaudi’s dream

3 May 5.30pm
Chloe Sayer
Gold of the Gods: Treasures of South America and the Search for El Dorado

Goldsmiths in the ancient civilisations of South America created extraordinary objects of gold destined for cultural sanctuaries. Gold, a precious commodity for most ancient societies in South America, became the magnet that lured Spanish conquistadors into the heart of Peru and Colombia in the search for El Dorado.

7 June 5.30pm
John Weretka
A Short History of Stage Design

In this lecture John traces the history of scenic design from the Renaissance to the Baroque, concentrating on the history of scenic design for the operatic stage. He examines the great theatres of the period including the Teatro Olimpico in Venice, Rome and Florence and the work of the Galli-Bibiena

5 July 5.30pm
Vivienne Lawes
The Honourable  East India Company: East-West trade 1600-1800, Chinese Export and Chinoiserie

How did the East India Company develop its trade and the exchange of ideas between the East and West? In this lecture, Vivienne Lawes discusses seventeenth century textile trade with India and then the influence of eighteenth century trade of silk, porcelain and furnishings with Imperial China

9 August 5.30pm
Leslie Primo
Foreigners in London 1520 – 1677: The Artists that Changed the Course of British Art

How did artists who were not British have an impact on the Art scene in London? Art historian, Leslie Primo, explains the influence of some of the artists on the development of art in London from the Tudor period to the Renaissance and Baroque. Can similar comparisons be made to contemporary art today?

6 September 5.30pm
Christopher Bradley
Islamic Art – Exploring the Decorative Arts of the Islamic World

Christopher Bradley’s lecture on Islamic Art encompasses the great wealth of artistic treasures inspired by the Islamic religion. It also showcases non-religious art from the pleasure palaces of Persia; the simple mud brick decorations of a merchant caravanserai, or the delicate carved marble of arguably the world’s most beautiful building – the Taj Mahal

4 October 5.30pm
Marilyn Elm
For the Love of Flowers

Traditionally flowers have provided beauty and inspiration to mankind. Historically Europeans used floral beauty to enhance religious rituals and domestic surroundings as well as utilising them creatively in Arts and Crafts. This lecture examines our relationship with flowers and our affinity with nature.

8 November 5.30pm 
Susannah Fullerton OAM
The Diary of Samuel Pepys

The diary of Samuel Pepys has long been considered the greatest diary in the English language. Susannah Fullerton tells the incredible story of Pepys’ diary; a superb work of literature which also delivers eye witness accounts of historical events such as the Great Plague of London and the Great Fire of London.

Venues and times

Lectures are held on a Friday at the Peninsula Community Theatre, cnr Wilsons Road and Nepean Highway, Mornington. Lectures start at 5.30pm and run for one hour. Refreshments are served afterwards.

In addition to the nine lectures, two special half-day interactive sessions are held at Beleura House and Garden, Mornington. These sessions run from 10.00am to 12.30pm with a break for morning tea midway and incur an additional cost of $40

Attendees will be transported to Beleura by bus, departing 30 minutes before the scheduled commencement time for the morning’s program. Pick up location will be advised.


Annual subscription is $155 for single membership and $290 for a double membership. The cost of attending 9 lectures is included in the membership subscription and admission is by name badge. The joining fee is $25 per person.


Guests are welcome. Guest fees are $30 per person, and guests may attend three times in one year, with prior notice to the Membership Secretary. The fee for members of other ADFAS societies is $20. The special interest morning fees are $40 for members and guests.


Visits to museums, galleries, gardens, private collections and places of architectural or artistic interest are also arranged.

Volunteer Guides and Heritage Volunteers

Members of ADFAS Mornington Peninsula have the opportunity to become volunteer guides at Beleura-House-Garden conducting tours of the house and garden, or heritage volunteers archiving, researching and conserving the collections. Mr John Tallis bequeathed this beautifully refurbished Italianate villa to the people of Victoria as a place of historic and educational interest in 1996.

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