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ADFAS Geelong, which in 2017 celebrated its 25th anniversary, presents nine excellent lectures related to the arts, each year.

The lecturers, 6 from Britain and 3 Australian, deliver a one hour, illustrated lecture on a range of topics related to the arts

They are all experts in their fields and their specialist knowledge and experience guarantee a fascinating session.

The same lecture is delivered twice, on a Monday  at 10.30am and 6pm. They are each followed by refreshments.

We delight in welcoming new members.

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Programme for 2020

24 February 2020
Posters of the Belle Epoque
Charles Harris

This discusses the creative genius and craftsmanship that enabled the poster to become the world’s first great tool of mass communication.

30 March 2020
The Renaissance, between Italy and the Low Countries
Kathleen Olive

Northern art had impacted the Italians since the first decades of the 15th century, and the connecting trade route ensured an exchange of luxury objects as well as ideas. The painting techniques of Flemish artists revolutionised art in Italy.

11 May 2020 
Dr Johnson and Hester Thrale:
 Blue Stocking and Wit
Karin Fernald

In 1765, Samuel Johnson, was introduced to a wealthy brewer, Henry Thrale, and his witty young Welsh-born wife, Hester. Their friendship would last 18 years but when Henry died and Hester remarried an Italian musician, London society and Johnson never forgave her.

1 June 2020
Mysteries of the Merman’s Pool: Sculpture in Landscape
Geoffrey Edwards

An account of the purpose and placement of sculpture – ancient, historical and contemporary – in landscapes and gardens, both public and private, with reference also to the emergence of the modern phenomenon of the institutional sculpture garden.

13 July 2020
Aeschylus: A Soldier in Society
Giles Ramsay

500 years before the birth of Christ, in Athens, a golden age of politics and poetry coincided to celebrate and reflect upon the extraordinary development of Democracy. Aeschylus chronicled the events which have never again seen the arts and politics so closely aligned.

10 August 2020
Art Nouveau Architecture Around the World
Ian Gledhill

This lecture looks at the influence that Art Nouveau style had on architecture around the world, and how countries adapted the style to suit their own artistic tastes. The city with more Art Nouveau buildings than any other is Riga in Latvia, where carved stone is much more prominent than the fantastical iron shapes found in Belgium or France.

7 September 2020
Edvard Munch: The Man Behind the Madness
Brian Healy

Although known worldwide for his painting ‘The Scream’, few people know its long and tortuous prelude, nor its surprising aftermath. Munch was haunted by disease and death and fuelled by alcohol and raging obsession. This lecture sheds light on this Norwegian artist, and why his work became so central to the European expressionism and symbolist movements.

5 October 2020
The Eastern Influence in European Jewellery
Patricia Law

The influence of the East on European jewellery pervades in all its aspects. Gemstones were traded and exported to Europe, and with them came influences on styles and the way that jewellery was worn.

9 November 2020
Mirka and Georges: A Culinary Affair

Arriving in Melbourne from Paris in 1951, Mirka and husband Georges contributed to the sophistication of the city’s arts and restaurant scene.  Their celebrated hospitality spread a zest for art, food, love and life.

5.30 Annual General Meeting
6.00 Lecture (no morning lecture)

Venue And Time Of Lectures

Lectures are held in the Supper Room at the Geelong West Town Hall, Pakington Street.

Morning session: 10.30 am
Evening session:   6.00 pm
Refreshments are served afterward.


Membership Fee: $140 per person $25 Joining fee


Guests are welcome but must be registered beforehand by telephoning the Membership Secretary Gianna Varasdi on 0419543506

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