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ADFAS Central Victoria was formed in 2006 and is one of 36 ADFAS Societies in Australia.  There are four other ADFAS Societies in Victoria: ADFAS Geelong, Melbourne, Yarra and Mornington Peninsula. Your subscription enables you to visit any or all of these.

ADFAS provides for its members a yearly programme of hour-long illustrated lectures on various aspects of the Arts, given by six overseas and two Australian lecturers chosen for their specialist knowledge and experience.

Additional events such as visits to galleries, exhibitions and gardens as well as attending musical performances and additional visiting lecturers are also offered throughout the year. These events attract an extra charge to cover the Society’s costs only.

ADFAS Central Victoria currently has over 150 members and membership is increasing each year.

The dedicated Committee and fellow members always make new members welcome as they become part of the ADFAS CV family.  A New Members’ Party is held in a members’ home early in the New Year to provide an opportunity for new members to meet with the committee in a friendly relaxed environment.

After having just celebrated our 10th Anniversary of delivering high quality, diverse and accessible arts lectures and events, ADFAS CV looks forward to the next 10 years.

Contact: adfascenvic@gmail.com

Committee 2018

Norma Aplin
Ph: 0419 234 012

Honorary Secretary:
Diana Edwards
Ph: 0450 079 677

Andrew McDowall
Ph: 0407 051 771

Membership Secretary:
Vaun Monk
Ph: 0407 981 553


Marion Waugh-Young (Young Arts)
Suzanne Harding (Events)
Nicky Peters (Publicity)
Diana Brady
Carmel Cleal
Elizabeth Barnier

Event Programme for 2018

Renaissance Italy and the Lowland Countries
Venue: Cope-Williams Contemporary Art Centre, Romsey.
Thursday 8th February 2018
Dr Kathleen Olive

Start the ADFAS year at Cope-Williams Contemporary Art Centre over a light lunch with wine, followed by a lecture by Sydney academic researcher, writer and Italian arts expert, Dr Kathleen Olive. Dr Olive’s talk traces the influence of Low Country artists on Italian painters such as Antonello da Messina, Piero della Francesca, Botticelli and Ghirlandaio, arguing that Italian painting after the Renaissance could not have looked the same without it.

Guests are warmly invited to attend. $45 ($40 for members) covers a glass of wine and casual light lunch as well as the lecture. Please contactadfascenvic@gmail.com or ring Norma on (03) 5427 4918

Puccini Opera Arias
Venue: Cope-Williams Arts Foundation, Romsey.
Friday 16th March 2018

Following a short introductory talk focusing on Puccini’s birthplace, Lucca, Italy, two wonderful opera singers, Mattia Campetti and Michelle Buscemi, visiting from Lucca, will perform a selection of magical Puccini arias. Afternoon tea will follow the performance. Further details to be advised or contact adfascenvic@gmail.com


Arts Forum
June 2018

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power’. (Oxford on-line dictionary).   This seems quite a narrow definition. So, what is ART exactly? Who determines this? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? This forum will explore these questions and discuss related issues across the arts continuum. Further details to be advised or contact adfascenvic@gmail.com


Lecture Programme for 2018

Picasso, Man Ray and Max Ernst through the eyes of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.
Thursday 1st March 2018

Antony Penrose 

BIO: Antony Penrose is the Co-Director of the Lee Miller Archives and The Penrose Collection. He is the son of the American photographer, Lee Miller, and Roland Penrose, surrealist artist, and biographer of Picasso, Miró, Man Ray and Tàpies. Antony has written numerous books, articles and two plays on the subject of his parents and their associates.

LECTURE: Picasso, Man Ray and Max Ernst were three of the key artists of the 20th Century. They were also close friends of the Surrealist photographer Lee Miller and the Surrealist artist Roland Penrose. This is the hidden part of the story of a unique friendship, which spanned the Surrealist movement, and the last 30 years of Picasso’s life.

“And so to bed …”: The Diary of Samuel Pepys and Restoration London.
Thursday 12th April
Susannah Fullerton 

BIO: Susannah Fullerton has been passionate about literature for as long as she can remember. She has a BA from the University of Auckland NZ and a post-graduate degree in Victorian literature from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2017 Susannah was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for Services to Literature.

LECTURE: The diary of Samuel Pepys has long been considered the greatest diary in the English language. Historians have found it invaluable, but it is also a superb work of literature and the record of an extraordinary man. Susannah’s talk on Pepys, tells of his experience of the Plague and the Great Fire.

Virtual Realities: The Art of Fresco
Thursday 17th May
Nicole Mezey 

BIO: Nicole Mezey studied Art History at the Universities of Sussex, York and Paris. She was Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University until 2009. She also established the Department of Art History at Queen’s University, Belfast.

LECTURE: Fresco is the supreme medium in which one can track the ideas and the accomplishments of the Italian Renaissance, from Giotto’s work in the Arena Chapel to Michelangelo’s painting for Popes in the Sistine Chapel. This lecture illustrates the complex technique involved and explores some of the great projects of the age to understand the fascination and significance of fresco for rulers, clergy and painters.

Columbus Indiana: The Unsung Home of American Modernist Architecture
Thursday 14th June
Dr Matthew Laing 

BIO: Matthew Laing is a lecturer and research fellow in politics at Monash University. He is also a long-time student of United States history, politics and culture since his early years working as an intern in the United States Congress. His particular specialty is American history and culture from the Gilded Age to the Great Depression.

LECTURE: In the southern reaches of Indiana lies a town with an extraordinary architectural legacy of some 60 buildings listed as national landmarks of modernist American architecture. This happenstance is due to the vision and passion of J. Irwin Miller, who had a desire to transform his hometown into a modernist utopia. This lecture gives a virtual tour of the town and the modernist architectural vision that underpins it.

Classic Gallery of Rogues: The Eternal Pantheon
Thursday 12th July 

Gillian Hovell 

BIO: Gillian Hovell is a classical historian and prehistorian, archaeologist, author, educator, public speaker, tour lecturer and presenter. Gillian can change the way that people see their work and leisure, human nature and the world around them.

LECTURE: A playful look at the Greek and Roman gods. The Romans adopted the Greek gods, renamed most of them and use them for their own ends. Each one was related to a different aspect of life, and had his or her own attributes and distinguishing features in ancient art. Discover how to identify them, and, as they pose divinely, we hear ancient tales of metamorphoses and of gods behaving badly.

Art Nouveau: Art and Design 1900
Thursday 16th August 

Anne Anderson 

BIO: Anne Anderson graduated in Art History and Archaeology from Leicester University in 1978 and worked as an archaeologist for eight years, being elected to the Society of Antiquaries in 1997. Anne is currently a course director in the V&A Learning Academy delivering courses on the Arts and Crafts and 20th century design.

LECTURE: In 1900, Art Nouveau was at its apogee: in Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Glasgow and Vienna. This lecture will focus on the designers working in France and Belgium during that time – Alphonse Mucha, René Lalique, Hector Guimard, Victor Horta and Emile Gallé.

The World’s Most Expensive Art: Where Leonardo Meets Picasso
Thursday 13th September
Ian Swankie 

BIO: Ian Swankie is a Londoner with a passion for art and architecture. He is an official guide at Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Guildhall Art Gallery and St Paul’s Cathedral, and gives regular tours at each venue.

LECTURE: This lecture is about the top end of the art market and is an excuse to examine some beautiful and varied art. So, we’ll see some wonderful paintings including those by Picasso, Cezanne, Leonardo, Rembrandt, Modigliani, Klimt, Bacon and Pollock, all held together by the common thread of their extraordinary commercial value. But we will also look at the buyers and sellers, the back-story of the works, and reasons why they have changed hands.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting
Thursday 18th October
Chloë Sayer 

BIO: Chloë Sayer is an independent scholar, author and curator, specialising in the art and culture of Latin America. A fluent Spanish-speaker, she has spent many years researching craft and textile skills.

LECTURE: Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) and Diego Rivera (1886-1957) have iconic status in Mexico. The Mexican Revolution of 1910 swept away the old régime and banished European influence in the arts. Kahlo and Rivera, in their different ways, helped to shape the cultural identity of twentieth-century Mexico. Together they made Mexico a magnet for the rest of the world.

ADFAS CV Contact Details

Email: adfascenvic@gmail.com
Phone: 5427 4918
Website: www.adfas.org.au (click on Societies)
Facebook: ADFAS Central Victoria

Venue and Time of Lectures

Lectures, preceded by a generous supper and a glass of wine take place at the Kyneton Town Hall at 7.30pm.

We are changing the format of this year’s program, so that refreshments and nibbles will be held before (not after) the lecture commences at 7.30pm. Please ring Norma on (03) 5427 4918 for latest starting time.


Non-members are welcome for a fee of $30 per lecture. The fee for members of other ADFAS Societies and full time students is $15. Please see the friendly Committee members at the registration desk to purchase your tickets.


Current membership subscription is:

Single: $160 + $25 (one off admin fee for new members only) = $185
Double: $290 + $25 (one off admin fee for new members only) = $315

New members receive one Guest Pass for Single member and two Guest Passes for Double membership and are accepted throughout the year. Please contact Membership Secretary – Vaun Monk for details on 0407 981 553.

For more information please contact our Chairman: Norma Aplin, 0419 234 012, who will love to have a chat about all that is ADFAS CV.

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