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ADFAS CV was formed in 2006 and is one of 38 ADFAS Societies in Australia.  There are four other ADFAS Societies in Victoria: ADFAS Geelong, Melbourne, Yarra and Mornington Peninsula. Your subscription enables you to visit any or all of these.

ADFAS provides for its members a yearly program of hour-long illustrated lectures on various aspects of the Arts, presented by six overseas and two Australian lecturers chosen for their specialist knowledge and experience.

Additional events such as visits to galleries, arts forums, exhibitions and gardens as well as attending musical performances and additional visiting lecturers are also offered throughout the year. These events attract an extra charge to cover the Society’s costs only.

Contact: adfascenvic@gmail.com

Committee 2020

Nicky Peters
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Diana Edwards
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Membership Secretary:
Vaun Monk
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Diana Brady

Stephen Holgate

Christine Caley

Elizabeth Crauford

Melva Ryan

Programme for 2020

27 February 2020
Alphonse Mucha and the Creative Process
Venue: Norma Richardson Hall

Mucha quite literally wrote the book on Art Nouveau. Documents Décoratifs became the definitive text on the subject. Everything that is best about the style – elaborate ornamentation with themes from nature, fine draftsmanship, idealised feminine subjects, symbolism and allegory. It all flourished through him at the highest level.

Focusing on the role of posters and poster artists in the history of advertising, this global-award winning Creative Director of international advertising agencies has lectured extensively on design, illustration and photographic styles as they have influenced the building of brands.

2 April 2020
Fabricating the World – 
Tapestries from France and Flanders
Venue: Norma Richardson Hall

In this illustrated lecture Cresside will explore the history of tapestry weaving in these European centres over the centuries, and discuss the major suites of tapestries such as the 15th century Lady and the Unicorn that exists to this day.

Cresside is a tapestry artist and founding weaver of the Australian Tapestry Workshop. She taught tapestry weaving and drawing in the Studio Textiles course at RMIT for 11 years. Since 2011 she has run her annual tour Mastering the Fine Art of Tapestry to France and the United Kingdom to engage with the historical context and contemporary practice of this rich, tactile art form.

14 May 2020
Dr Johnson and Hester Thrale
Venue: Norma Richardson Hall

In 1765, Samuel Johnson, aged 56, ill, lonely, living off Fleet Street among quarrelling dependants, was introduced to a wealthy brewer, Henry Thrale, and his witty and talented young Welsh-born wife, Hester. Their friendship would last 18 years, providing Johnson with hospitality and comfort.

Karin is known for her entertaining lectures on writers and diarists connected with the arts from the mid-18th to 19th century, and moving forward in time with Virginia Woolf. Extensive research into diaries and letters bring lectures to vivid life. Karin illustrates them with slides of contemporary pictures and portraits from varied sources.

18 June 2020
Bushrangers, Botany, Art and Books – 
The Grimwade Collection at Melbourne University
Venue: Norma Richardson Hall

In 1973 the University of Melbourne received a remarkable bequest, the Toorak house Miegunyah and its contents from the estates of Sir Russell and Lady Grimwade. Their collection comprises numerous works of art, decorative arts, furniture, rare books, historical documents and other memorabilia. Together it provides a twentieth-century perspective on Australia’s colonial history.

Alisa is the Grimwade Collection Curator at the Ian Potter Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne. From 2002-2017 she was Curator of Prints and Drawings at the National Gallery of Victoria, and prior to that worked at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

16 July 2020
Oscar Wilde: Up Close
Venue: Norma Richardson Hall

Giles will examine the public and private life of one of the world’s most original and controversial artists. Born into a moderately respectable Dublin family Oscar Wilde recreated himself as an international celebrity and wrote a series of short stories and plays that charmed the world.

Giles Ramsay is an independent theatre director and producer who specialises in creating new work with artists in developing countries. He is the Founding Director of the charity Developing Artists (www.developingartists.org), a Fellow of St. Chad’s College, Durham University and Course Leader in Theatre at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

13 August 2020
The Story of Crystal Palace
Venue: Norma Richardson Hall

Originally designed for the Great Exhibition of 1851, then transported to Sydenham and rebuilt and enlarged, the Crystal Palace was Joseph Paxton’s masterpiece, and was the largest iron and glass building ever constructed. It dominated the south London skyline for over 80 years until its tragic destruction by fire in 1936.

Ian Gledhill has had a very varied career, from designing underground railways as an engineer for London Transport, to appearing in pantomime with Julian Clary. In between he has worked in travel and tourism, music publishing, television and theatre.

10 September 2020
Helsinki: A Jewel of Art Nouveau
Venue: Norma Richardson Hall

Strangers arriving in Helsinki are often surprised by its architecture, which is at once familiar yet strange; familiar in that it seems to recall the elegant lines of CR Mackintosh perhaps, yet strangely populated by unusual faces and creatures, mythical characters from Finland’s legends. The lecture shows how Finland’s art, architecture, music and literature came together.

A senior modern languages teacher in an independent grammar school for many years, Brian has enjoyed a successful parallel career since the 1980s as a professional artist and interior designer. Since 2006 he has been either a resident artist or guest lecturer on art history.

8 October 2020
The Eastern Influence of European 
Venue: Norma Richardson Hall

The influence of the East on European jewellery pervades in all it’s aspects. This lecture looks at the gemstones that were traded and exported to Europe, such as pearls from the Indies in Roman times, and the gems in the Crown Jewels. There are rubies from Burma, sapphires from Kashmir and Ceylon and Imperial Jade from China. With these gemstones came influences on styles and the way that jewellery was worn.

Patricia Law is a Fellow of the Gemmological Society and a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers. Having spent twenty-five years working for International Auction Houses preparing jewellery sales for London, Geneva and New York. Patricia enjoys a role in teaching gemmology and jewellery history as well as lecturing to private associations and charitable groups.

Special Events

19 March 2020
Afternoon Light in Painting and 
Photography – The Legacy of Clarice Beckett
TIME: 2.00 – 4.00PM
Venue: Castlemaine Art Gallery Museum
(CAM) 14 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine

COST: $20 includes lecture, entry to and tour of gallery and afternoon tea

Beckett’s lyrical and evocative landscapes of Melbourne remained largely unknown to Australian audiences during her lifetime. She first studied in Ballarat, and then from 1914 to 1916 studied with Frederick McCubbin at the National Gallery School. Beckett always painted outdoors, usually in the early morning or evening, around the bays and streets of her family home in Beaumaris. Learn more about her posthumous reputation as contemporary painters and photographers acknowledge her vision of modern urban and coastal Australia. Members will then have an opportunity to tour the revamped CAM and view their noteworthy

3 April 2020
The History of the Australian Tapestry Workshop – A Personal Reflection
The Fine Art Practice of Tapestry – Tapestry in Progress
VENUE: Norma Richardson Hall

Join renowned Tapestry artist Cresside Collette who will share her recollections of 15 years as a foundation weaver of The Victorian Tapestry Workshop (now the Australian Tapestry Workshop). Then after a morning tea break Cresside and Glennis Leary (Local Kyneton Tapestry Artist) will demonstrate the art of tapestry from conceptualisation to completion sharing facets of their creative process. Both Cresside and Glennis will showcase some of their finished pieces as well as work in progress. This will be followed by lunch and an opportunity to keep the conversation going with Cresside and Glennis.

Further details to be advised.

27 August 2020
Eat and Speak – Stephen Holgate
‘Labyrinth – Pilgrimage meets Sacred Geometry’
Venue: TBA

The Labyrinth in the 12th century French gothic masterpiece Chartres Cathedral has fascinated generations of pilgrims. This lecture explores the inner meaning and symbols of the labyrinth and  its integral links to the sacred geometry and theology of the cathedral design. An exact replica of the Labyrinth, completed in stunning mosaic, is in the grounds of Kyneton’s Catholic church.

Stephen is a member of the ADFAS committee. His experience includes composing for orchestra, voice, children and other ensembles; teaching; community music development. Join us for this intriguing lecture presented by our very own renowned music professional.

Further details to be advised.

ADFAS CV currently has over 120 members.

The dedicated Committee and fellow members always make new members welcome as they become part of the ADFAS CV family.    A New Members’ Party is held in a members’ home early in the New Year, to provide an opportunity for new members to meet with the committee in a friendly relaxed environment.

ADFAS CV contact details:

Email: adfascenvic@gmail.com
Phone: 5422 6779
Website: www.adfas.org.au (click on Societies)
Facebook: ADFAS Central Victoria


Lectures are held at the Norma Richardson Hall.
Address: 15 Buckland Street, Woodend
Time: The lecture commences at 1.30pm followed by afternoon tea at 2.30pm.


New members are accepted throughout the year.

Call Membership Secretary Vaun Monk – O407 981 553 for details or access a Membership Form below.

Membership Fees: New members & Renewing members

Single: $160 + $25 (one-off admin fee for new members only) = $185

Double: $290 + $25 (one-off admin fee for new members only) = $315

Joining admin fee also entitles one Guest Pass for Single member and two Guest Passes for Double membership.


Non-members are welcome for a fee of $30 per lecture. The fee for members of other ADFAS Societies and full time students is $15. Please see the friendly Committee members at the registration desk to purchase your tickets


Please contact:
Chair, Nicky Peters on 0400 958 449 or Email: adfascenvic@gmail.com

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