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ADFAS CV was formed in 2006 and is one of 36 ADFAS Societies in Australia.  There are four other ADFAS Societies in Victoria: ADFAS Geelong, Melbourne, Yarra and Mornington Peninsula. Your subscription enables you to visit any or all of these.

ADFAS provides for its members a yearly program of hour-long illustrated lectures on various aspects of the Arts, presented by six overseas and two Australian lecturers chosen for their specialist knowledge and experience.

Additional events such as visits to galleries, arts forums, exhibitions and gardens as well as attending musical performances and additional visiting lecturers are also offered throughout the year. These events attract an extra charge to cover the Society’s costs only.

Contact: adfascenvic@gmail.com

Committee 2019

Chair: Nicky Peters 0400 958 449

Treasurer: Suzanne Harding 0409 878 103

Honorary Secretary: Diana Edwards 0450 079 677

Membership Secretary: Vaun Monk 0407 981 553


Andrew McDowall

Diana Brady

Carmel Cleal

Stephen Holgate

Event Programme for 2019


A Day with Hilary Kay –The Roadshow Experience

TIME: 10AM – 3.00PM

VENUE – Glen Erin at Lancefield

200 Rochford Road, Lancefield


To kick off 2019 we have a very special event planned with the renowned BBC presenter and antiques expert Hilary Kay. Following a welcome morning tea Hilary will present BEHIND THE SCENES ON ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. After a leg stretch the day continues with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW GREAT FINDS. Then enjoy a delicious buffet lunch before Hilary resumes with a ONE WOMAN ROADSHOW, which will be a rare opportunity for members to have one of their collectables discussed. This promises to be a very popular event so book early.


Arts Forum: Portraiture


Please save the date for another interactive Arts Forum, this time focusing on ‘Portraiture’. Should a portrait truly aspire to reflect the “essence” of a person or should symbolism, either real or fanciful, ever play a part in contemporary portraiture? This and much more will be considered with a panel of experts. Then stay for a yummy afternoon tea and an opportunity to continue with the discussion.
Further details to be advised.

Lecture Programme for 2019

Fakes and Forgeries.


Venue: Kyneton Mechanics Institute

LECTURE: Be a witness to the devious world of the master forger, objects that fooled the experts, from a Botticelli to a bottle of gin.

BIO: Hilary Kay is a British antiques expert, lecturer, broadcaster and author, best known for her many appearances on BBC TVs Antiques Roadshow program, which she joined in 1978 as one of the team of experts.

As well as working as an expert on Antiques Roadshow, Hilary has taken part in numerous television programs including presenting a landmark series for BBC One: Brilliantly British, which explored thelives of Thomas Chippendale, Josiah Wedgwood and William Morris

Elizabeth Taylor’s Greatest Love Affair – with Jewels.


Venue: Kyneton Mechanics Institute

LECTURE: Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor has long been associated with jewels – diamonds in particular, but the true extent of her staggering collection is not so well known. Many pieces have become as legendary as the star who wore them, and the man who bought most of them – Richard Burton.

BIO: Adrian was born and grew up in the UK. In 1988 he emigrated to Australia. Since then Adrian has become a fixture on the Australian jewellery scene for the last 27 years including his role as Manager of Jan Logan, opening her initial shop in Toorak Rd, South Yarra and moving it to Collins Street, Melbourne where it became her flagship store.

Backstage with Margot Fonteyn.


Venue: Kyneton Town Hall

LECTURE: Dame Margot Fonteyn the world famous ballerina led the Royal Ballet from the age of sixteen until her retirement at the age of sixty.

BIO: Robin was awarded a Royal Academy of Dancing Scholarship at the age of seventeen and travelled to London in 1956 to study at the Royal Ballet School, entering the company at Covent Garden sixteen months later. Robin came to know Dame Margot both as a dancer and as a person during her tour of Australia in 1962. Several months later Fonteyn and Nureyev formed their extraordinary dance partnership, each bringing something of enormous value to the other. Robin’s last meeting with Dame Margot was in 1988, three years before Fonteyn’s death from cancer.

The Grand Tour – Collecting and Cultural Tourism.


Venue: Kyneton Town Hall

LECTURE: In the eighteenth century, a young British aristocrat’s education was not complete without travel abroad to experience other cultures. This rite of passage became known as ‘The Grand Tour’. This lecture embarks on a typical tour through France and Italy, visiting Florence, Rome and Venice.

BIO: Martin studied History of Art at Manchester University and afterwards spent three years in the editorial department of a fine art publishing company. His later career took a detour into the world of information technology, during which time he had the opportunity to work and live for several years in both continental Europe and North America.

The History of The Royal Academy of Arts, London



Venue: Kyneton Town Hall

LECTURE: In 2018 The Royal Academy of Arts celebrated its 250th anniversary, so it is an opportune time to explore its history and the role it has played in the development of British art. The Academy has been embroiled in intrigue and controversy over the course of its history and no scandal or outrage will remain unexposed as we trace the history of one of Britain’s most important cultural bodies.

BIO: Rosalind Whyte has a Masters from Birkbeck College, University of London as well as a Masters degree in Art History from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. She is a Guide and Lecturer at Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the Royal Academy and lectures frequently at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London.

Secrets of the Serail: Behind the scenes at the Ottoman Court.


Venue: Kyneton Town Hall

LECTURE: In this lecture we explore the fascinating world of the Ottoman court within the Topkapi Palace with its oriental courts, pavilions, gardens and fountains. We have a glimpse of court life and ceremony both through the eyes of European writers and artists and as recorded by the Ottomans themselves.

BIO: Archaeologist, interpreter and lecturer, Sue Rollin studied at London University and at Heidelberg University and her linguistic repertoire includes three ancient Near-Eastern languages and several modern European ones.

The Mystery of Holbein’s Ambassadors.



Venue: Kyneton Town Hall

LECTURE: Hans Holbein was the first great European painter to spend much time in England and he brought with him a sophistication and skill with far reaching consequences for England’s artistic development.

His ‘Ambassadors’ painting is recognised by the National Gallery of London as one of its greatest treasures. It dates from a tradition in the arts when no object was without meaning and symbolism. However, practically all of this meaning has been lost to the modern observer.

BIO: Anthony Russell is a cultural historian, writer and artist. He has travelled much of the world combining painting with tour lecturing. Now based in London, he spends much of his time lecturing and undertaking research.

Forty Shades of Green!  The Gardens of Ireland.



Venue: Kyneton Town Hall

LECTURE: The history of gardening in Ireland broadly reflects the changes in Irish society over many centuries.

The nineteenth century saw the development of new ideas as the professional classes began to garden and twentieth century gardening was something practised quietly, in private, reflecting the polarised nature of Irish society after World War I. Nonetheless; great advances were made at every level. This has culminated in recent years with a true renaissance of gardens and gardening.

BIO: Tom Duncan was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he studied History of Art and Ancient History & Classical Archaeology. He moved to England in 1984 to complete his PhD. He has lectured widely to heritage and artistic organisations, nationally and internationally, for many years.

ADFAS CV currently has over 150 members and membership is increasing each year.

The dedicated Committee and fellow members always make new members welcome as they become part of the ADFAS CV family.    A New Members’ Party is held in a members’ home early in the New Year, to provide an opportunity for new members to meet with the committee in a friendly relaxed environment.
After having just celebrated our 10th Anniversary of delivering high quality, diverse and accessible arts lectures and events, ADFAS CV looks forward to the next 10 years.

ADFAS CV contact details:

email: adfascenvic@gmail.com

phone: 5422 6779

website: www.adfas.org.au (click on Societies)

facebook: ADFAS Central Victoria


Lectures commence at 6.30pm followed by a generous supper and a glass of wine.  They take place at the Kyneton Town Hall and Kyneton Mechanics Institute (February & March lectures only).


Non-members are welcome for a fee of $30 per lecture. The fee for members of other ADFAS Societies and full time students is $15. Please see the friendly Committee members at the registration desk to purchase your tickets


Current membership subscription is:

Single: $160 + $25 (one off admin fee for new members only) = $185

Double: $290 + $25 (one off admin fee for new members only) = $315

New members receive one Guest Pass for Single member and two Guest Passes for Double membership.  New members are accepted throughout the year. Please contact Membership Secretary – Vaun Monk for details on 0407 981 553.

For more information please contact our Chairman: Nicky Peters – 0400 958 449, who will love to have a chat about all that is ADFAS CV.

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