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9 April 2021
Phillip, the Colony, the Convicts and the Arts
Dr Stephen Cunneen (Live)
Passchendaele Room, Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall 
In January 1788 Governor Phillip, together with 750 convicts, about 500 marines, sailors and medics began a unique experiment in social development on an unknown and isolated shoreline. Despite the harsh climate, floggings and executions, a viable society slowly emerged amid the high drama of cross-cultural relationships. Under Phillip’s inspired leadership artistic expressions such as engravings, theatre, dance, music and fine arts were encouraged.  
14 May 2021
Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun
Lucrezia Walker (Digital)
Tamworth Regional Gallery
Celebrated for her expressive portraits of French royalty and aristocracy, and especially of her patron Marie Antoinette, Vigée Le Brun exemplified success and resourcefulness in an age when women were rarely allowed either. Because of her close association with the queen Vigée Le Brun was forced to flee France during the French Revolution. Her work and her life make her an extraordinary woman working in dramatically changing times.
11 June 2021
Nora, Stella and Sybil – The Women at War 
Gavin Fry, M.Phil (Live)
Community Centre, Tamworth
Just three women worked as Official War Artists during World War Two – Nora Heysen, Stella Bowen and Sybil Craig. They each made a significant body of work, bringing a fresh vision to the official expression of Australia at War.
9 July 2021
Jewellery Today: Ancient Art in Contemporary Hands 
Julie Ewington (Live)
Community Centre, Tamworth
Jewellery may be the oldest continuous form of art making in the world, practiced in the majority of human cultures. Its appeal is enduring: today jewellery is part of the flourishing world of contemporary art, sustained by the same social settings and issues.
13 August 2021
Decorating domestic spaces in medieval Europe
Dr Kathleen Olive (Live)
Community Centre, Tamworth
The growth of the middle class in medieval Europe – due in part to brisk trade, guild reorganisation and more sophisticated education – ensured that by the 15th century a new type of consumer culture had developed. Well-to-do merchants, bankers and even artisans signalled their wealth and sophistication through conspicuous consumption, much of it destined for the interior decoration of their comfortable domestic spaces.
10 September 2021
The Venice Biennale: Modern & contemporary art in Venice
Dr Nick Gordon (Live)
Passchendaele Room, Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall
Venice is one of the world’s great art cities, with its medieval mosaics, Renaissance masterpieces and wonderful collections of modern art. It also has a rolling series of biennales – of art, cinema, architecture, dance and theatre – which take up half of each year, and which have expanded phenomenally since the Biennale was invented in Venice in the 1890s.
8 October 2021
Jewel of the Crown – Sainte Chapelle
Nicole Mezey (Digital)
Passchendaele Room, Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall
The Sainte Chapelle is a gem of beauty and technical innovation in the heart of Paris, possibly the most perfect surviving medieval ensemble. It was designed not only to celebrate France and its kings, but as a life-size reliquary, a worthy shrine for some of the most significant and talismanic of Christian remains, including the Crown of Thorns.
12 November 2021
Art of the Infinite Sky
Dr Sam Bowker (Live)
Passchendaele Room, Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall
Artists, architects and cartographers have worked with scientists to describe and predict the movements of celestial objects. Through their pursuit of knowledge they created extraordinary artworks. This lecture will survey some of the most remarkable astronomical artefacts from the early modern period, including Indigenous Australian, Indian, Islamic and Renaissance astrological charts, astrolabes, armillary spheres and orreries, as exquisite relics from the history of art and science.


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