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ADFAS societies present a series of quality lectures by leading UK and Australian experts. Each lecture is followed by light refreshments and a convivial social forum. Events will take place at the Heritage Room, Tamworth Community Centre unless otherwise indicated. Meet at 5.45 pm for 6.00 pm start.

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4 March 2022
Streams of Fire and Tongues of Flame – A Short History of the Art of Glass
Geoffrey Edwards

In this illustrated lecture, the ancient and remarkable history of glass as an art form is traced with reference to works in major public collections including the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. The lecture also refers to glass-related imagery and symbolism in the visual arts, film and literature – a tradition that ranges in time and type from biblical allusion and Chaucerian dream visions of glass temples through to the novels of Daphne du Maurier, the films of Orson Wells, the poetry of Les Murray and recent science fiction.

8 April 2022
Tamworth Tales: Digitisation Discoveries
Miranda Heckenberg

In June 2021 Tamworth Regional Council started an ambitious project to digitise local cultural collections, made possible by funding from the NSW Government’s Regional Cultural Fund. Along the way, collection objects revealing fascinating local stories were uncovered. Learn about some of the most significant and revealing finds made while digitising the collections from Tamworth Regional Gallery, Australian Country Music Collections, Tamworth Regional Film and Sound Archive, Tamworth Powerstation Museum, Moonbi Museum and Rocks, Gems, Minerals and Fossil Collections.

13 May 2022
Jean-Francois Millet Paints the French Countryside/
Peter McPhee

Jean-Francois Millet settled in Barbizon after the French Revolution of 1848 and left a rich and evocative legacy of images of labour, landscape and family life. The peasant households’ routines of spinning, caring for livestock, harvesting, baking bread, and carting water and wood are captured in images which resonate with respect for rural toil. Some of his paintings such as The Angelus are among the most reproduced paintings of all time. But who was Millet? And did he simply detail the rural world he saw around him as he claimed, or did he create an imaginary world?

10 June 2022
Fragile Beauty in a Changing Climate
Sharon Field

Since time began, we have used plants for food, for shelter, in gardens, for medicine, for decoration, to build homes, bridges, ships and so on.  Plants are fundamental to our well-being. Plants are robust, but they are also fragile, and increasingly they suffer from our constant and thoughtless forays into their habitats. So over the years, botanical art has reinvented itself many times in response to the needs of the age in which it was being created.  Today, botanical artists work to educate people about the importance of plants as fragile beauties in a changing climate.

8 July 2022 
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Alastair Blanshard

For the Greeks, to see the marvellous was to touch the divine. The Greeks loved stories about fabulous works of nature and feats of engineering, and compiled many lists of “must see” monuments. This lecture focuses on the most famous of these catalogues of marvels, the Seven Wonders of the World. It describes the various monuments on this list and why they were so important. It also looks at the mentality of the ancient tourists who visited them and the industries that grew up to support tourism.

12 August 2022
Art Deco Sydney: A Persistent Presence
Claudia Chan Shaw

From an incinerator designed by Walter Burley Griffin to the local cinema, pub and milk bar, Art Deco design was not limited to the elegant office buildings of bustling downtown Sydney of the 1930s. Sydney’s smart set were early adopters embracing the style at every level. Join Claudia Chan Shaw for an exploration of Art Deco Sydney, a visual culture defined not only through architecture, but also through graphic and interior design, the decorative arts and photography.

9 September 2022
The World on show – the world’s fair and the role of the international exhibition…
Kenneth Park

Most people will have heard of the ‘first World Expo’ that was held in Joseph Paxton’s stunning Crystal Palace in London in 1851. The Great Exhibition, as it is often called, was a showcase of art-and-design education, international trade and relations, and tourism. The concept of international exhibitions originated in the French tradition of national exhibitions; a tradition that culminated with the French Industrial Exposition of 1844 held in Paris. This highly successful event would be followed by other national exhibitions in continental Europe and the United Kingdom and around the world including the colonies of Australia. This lecture will examine the evolution of the world expo, the showcase for products, exchange of ideas and national promotion.

14 October 2022
Learn the lines and don’t fall over the furniture
Robert Ketton

The title of this Lecture comes from the great Noel Coward. It was his advice to a young actor. But there is more to acting than that! With thirty-five years of lecturing in acting, Robert explodes the myth of ‘truth in acting’. Using performance he will demonstrate the importance of observation, imagination and concentration when bringing a character to life. Robert also looks at the way in which acting techniques are used by our politicians, preachers and con men to persuade cajole and hector us into doing what they want. Today celebrities have an undue influence on public debate and Robert looks at why actor training has helped them to become a potent force in today’s society.

11 November 2022 
On Interviews with Artists
Richard Morecroft

Richard Morecroft started his career as a TV broadcaster and is best known for his time as the news reader for the ABC. More recently Richard has been involved with the Australian Artworld. He has developed a series called Interviews with Artists, where he speaks with them about their art practice and current exhibition. Richard has a way of getting artists to ‘open up’ about their work and what motivates them to keep going. Richard will talk about some of the more interesting artists he has interviewed and what makes them stand out.


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