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ADFAS Toowoomba welcomes Members and Guests to attend our 2020 Lecture Programme. This year we are offering nine stimulating and enriching lectures on a wide variety of topics.

Six of our lecturers are from the UK and are accredited by The Arts Society (formally NADFAS) our English affiliate ( The other three are Australian Lecturers, one a Toowoomba local, Stephanie Keays, Dennis Panchaud from Buderim and Matthew Laing from Victoria and the United States of America and he is on the ADFAS register.

Our lectures are held at 6pm on a Thursday** at St James Church Hall, 145 Mort Street Toowoomba. Following the lecture, a delicious supper is served with an opportunity for fellowship and chat with the lecturer.

During the year an informative Newsletter is published in the lead up to each lecture. Excursions to important exhibitions in Brisbane and surrounds are often planned.

2019 saw the successful launch of our Youth Arts Scholarship programme. ADFAS Toowoomba Society looks forward to assisting young local creative artists well into the future.

For enquiries, either call Bob Fuller on (07) 4634 2354 or email

** Please note that our lecture venue has changed from the Toowoomba City Library to St James Church Hall.


Committee 2020

Judy Midgley
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Bea Kraessig
Ph: 07 4632 5186

Deb Holt
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Susan Powne
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Membership Secretary:
Bob Fuller
Ph: 07 4634 2354

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Programme for 2020

13 February 2020
Australian Women at War (1938-1946)
Dennis Panchaud

‘Australian Women at War’ focusses on a relatively small group of Australian women artists who contributed to the documentary art of the Second World War, both at home and abroad. Only three were actually appointed as official war artists – Stella Bowen, Sybil Craig and Nora Heysen. However this was a big step forward as there was no official female representation in the first official war-artists’ scheme set up by the British government in 1916. What did they record and where is it displayed?


Nora Heysen, Transport driver (Aircraftwoman Florence Miles)

12 March 2020
Desert Island Antiques
Paul Atterbury

Paul has been a collector, writer, lecturer, exhibition curator and broadcaster.  If Paul were to be suddenly cast away on a desert island, which eight objects from his past would he take with him? In his choice Paul reveals much about his life, his passions, his opinions, his Antiques Roadshow adventures and much else besides, while offering a special insight into the worlds of art, antiques and collecting.

23 April 2020
A New Black Identity: The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s
Matthew Laing

Harlem was the interwar crossroads for the greatest creative and intellectual minds in black society. The artistic and cultural movement encompassed all areas of African- American culture – from fashion, music and dance of the Cotton Club and jazz halls to intellectual discourses in black schools, churches and homes. Remember their leaders: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker, Langston Hughes, Zola Neal Hurston and W.E.B. Dubois.

Jazz Musicians during the Harlem Renaissance

28 May 2020
Artistic Highlights of the Croatian Coast
Nirvana Romell

A Roman palace, Byzantine churches, a medieval portal, the mightiest of all city walls and a Renaissance cathedral bear witness to the Croatian geopolitical position on the European cultural crossroads. These monuments sum up the history of the continent and its divisions. They are superb examples of the art of the time and the immense creativity, tenacity and innovativeness of the people who made them.

Danse Macabre, fresco in Church of St Mary, Beram (Istria) 1474

25 June 2020
Heritage Housing of Toowoomba
Stephanie Keays

Discover more about the changing styles, details and history of Toowoomba’s historic houses from our early cottages to houses of the post WW2 era. The talk encompasses both the general characteristics of Queensland homes, and the unique qualities that make Toowoomba’s homes special.

Café Valetta, Margaret Street, Toowoomba

23 July 2020
St Petersburg in the 18th and early 19th Century
Alexey Makhrov

This lecture documents the development of St Petersburg, founded in 1703 as a fortress in a remote area of the Baltic Sea, into one of the grandest capitals of Europe. The planning and building of the city was based on rational principles which ensured the regularity, visual coherence and magnificence of its architecture.

The Hermitage, St Petersburg

27 August 2020
John Peter Russell
Lucrezia Walker

This Australian artist was friends with Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh at Art School in Paris. Monet, Matisse and Rodin commented favorably on his work. Though not a famous impressionist, he was an excellent painter and his story of a life devoted to adventure, love, tragedy and art is one worth telling.

Mrs Russell among the Flowers in the Garden of Goulphar, Bell-Île,1907, Musèe d’Orsay

26 September 2020
And so, to bed…(Pepys’s Diary 20th April 1660)
Janusz Karczewski-Slowikowski

This lecture traces the significance and use of beds from the medieval period through to the 18th century in terms of both their association with the highest level of society (the great “State Beds”) and also the history of their construction. Surprisingly, in times gone by, married or single, rich or poor, no one ever slept alone.

22 October 2020
The Whole Art of the Book
Dominic Riley

Why is the art of bookbinding, surely the most complex of all handcrafts, as beguiling and enchanting today as it was when it was invented on the banks of the Nile 2,000 years ago? This lecture is a ‘Through the Round Window’ for grown-ups, and tells the fascinating story of everything that makes a traditional hand bound book.

26 November 2020

AGM and Christmas Party

Venue and Time of Lectures

All lectures take place at St James Church Hall, 145 Mort Street Toowoomba. 5.45 pm for prompt start at 6:00 pm.


The fee for members of other ADFAS Societies is $15. Non ADFAS members are invited to attend lectures at a cost of $30 per person which includes a delicious supper.  Bookings are essential so it would be appreciated if the Membership Secretary could be advised of their attendance the day before the lecture by contacting Bob Fuller on (07) 4634 2354 or 

Gift (Guest) Vouchers are available at $30 each as well as Gift Vouchers for Membership at $155 each. Please contact Bob Fuller on (07) 4634 2354 or


Annual Subscription: $155.00
Membership includes nine Lectures and a delicious supper at the conclusion of the lecture. The subscription also includes the Christmas Breakup Party with entertainment at the conclusion of the AGM. 

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