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ADFAS Toowoomba welcomes Members and Guests to attend our 2019 Lecture Programme. This year we are offering nine stimulating and enriching lectures on a wide variety of topics.

Six of our lecturers are from the UK and are accredited by The Arts Society (formally NADFAS) our English affiliate ( The other three are Australian Lecturers, two of which are Toowoomba locals (Bryce Barker and Warren Midgley) and the third, Philip Bailey is from New South Wales and on the ADFAS register.

Our lectures are held at 6pm on a Thursday** at Toowoomba City Library, Level 3, 155 Herries St, Toowoomba. Following the lecture, a delicious supper is served with an opportunity for fellowship and chat with the lecturer.

During the year an informative Newsletter is published in the lead up to each lecture. Excursions to important exhibitions in Brisbane and surrounds are often planned.

For enquiries, either call Judy on 0438 390 304 or email

** Please note that our lecture venue has changed from the Glennie School to the Toowoomba City Library, Level 3.

Committee 2019

Taisoo Kim Watson
Tel: (07) 4613 5575

Susan Powne
Tel: 0408 458 745

Membership Secretary:
Judy Midgley
Tel: 0438 390 304


Programme for 2019

Thursday 14th February
Australian Rock Art of Cape York Peninsula
Professor Bryce Barker

Professor Bryce Barker is an archaeologist specialising in Australasian prehistory at the University of Southern Queensland.  He has ongoing research projects in Arnhem Land, the central Queensland coast, Cape York Peninsula and in Papua New Guinea. He will share his findings from his latest trip to some spectacular, though undocumented, aboriginal rock art sites.

Thursday 14 March
Art of the Atacama Desert – mummies, llama herds and the world’s tallest giant.
Mr Paul Bahn

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is not only the driest place on earth, filled with spectacular landscapes, but also houses two distinct kinds of prehistoric rock art: first, rock paintings and engravings, often very beautiful, and mostly depicting llamas; but second, the world’s greatest collection of ‘geoglyphs’, huge drawings made on the landscape – both on the desert floor and (more commonly) on hill-and mountain-sides.

Thursday 4 April
Yehudi Menuhin: Prodigy and Phenomenon
Mr Philip Bailey

This lecture focuses on the remarkable career of Yehudi Menuhin, from child prodigy to a life dedicated to the pursuit of utopian perfection in the art of music.  His influence as a performer and teacher is legendary.  Mention is made of his sisters Hephzibah and Yaltah Menuhin, also consummate musicians. Phillip Bailey served as Yehudi’s personal assistant, a job that was to last two decades. This long and close association with the Menuhins has given Philip unique insights into the lives of these remarkable musicians and their families

Thursday 23 May
The Maya Heritage
Ms Chloe Sayer

The civilisation of the ancient Maya reached its peak between AD 250-900. Across much of present-day Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, dozens of great cities have been located, many still buried in remote parts of the jungle.
Today over seven million Maya still live where their ancestors lived. Skills such as weaving have endured, and contemporary Maya textiles are among the finest in the Americas. Contemporary archaeologists and anthropologists now work with the Maya, in an effort to better understand the beliefs and practices of the past. 

Thursday 20 June
What’s in a Name? An Applied Linguist’s answer to Juliet’s lament
Dr Warren Midgley

Dr Warren Midgley is a nationally recognised expert on languages and communication.
Using examples from a range of different languages and cultures, he demonstrates that the way we name things actually changes the way we perceive and interact with those things. He then demonstrates the way this phenomenon operates when we engage with the fine arts.

Thursday 25 July
The Honourable East India Company: East-West trade 1600-1800, Chinese Export and Chinoiserie
Ms Vivienne Lawes

This lecture explores the way in which the East India Company developed its methods of trade and facilitated the increasingly sophisticated and profound exchange of ideas between East and West. It focuses on textile design as the vehicle for this analysis, but also includes variables such as wallpaper, porcelain and furniture, as well as the vast commercial trade in spices and tea.

Thursday 29 August
Gender and the Body: Kept Behind Curtains, the Story of the Nude
Mr Leslie Primo

This lecture will look at the continuing fascination with representation of the body in sculpture and in painting across the ages, with sculpture from the 4th century BC, painting from the Renaissance, and through to the modern age with paintings from the Impressionists.
Who were the patrons who commissioned these images, and what, if any, hidden riddles; signs and symbols are hidden within these seemingly enigmatic and flawless images of perfection.
We ask ‘if this is art’, how did it become so and why?

Thursday 26 September
Mr Chris Bradley

Art Deco architecture from the 1920s and 30s is immediately recognizable and distinctive. At that time, modern precision machining could produce perfect straight lines and curves that enhanced all aspects of these unique forward-looking designs for cinemas, hotels, theatres, offices, shops and homes.
This unique architecture and art history is revealed by using the most impressive examples from around the world – South Beach Miami, Napier, Cairo and Mumbai as well as the best art deco from within Australia.

Thursday 24 October
A Brazilian Odyssey: the Works of the Landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx
Ms Marilyn Elm

Roberto Burle Marx (1909–1994) was Latin America’s most influential twentieth century landscape architect and an internationally renowned figure in the modern arts. He collaborated with most of the Brazilian architects then on the national and international scenes, including Oscar Niemeyer, Rino Levi and Lucio Costa, and associated with Marcel Breuer and Le Corbusier. This talk traces his flamboyant and colourful legacy, from Rio de Janeiro to the iconic Brasilia. 

Thursday 28 November
Christmas Party and AGM

Venue and Time of Lectures

All lectures take place at the Toowoomba City Library, Level 3, 155 Herries Street  Toowoomba 5.45 pm for prompt start at 6:00 pm.


The fee for members of other ADFAS Societies is $15. Non ADFAS members are invited to attend lectures at a cost of $30 per person which includes a delicious supper.  Bookings are essential so it would be appreciated if the Membership Secretary could be advised of their attendance the day before the lecture by contacting Judy Midgley on 0438 390 304 or 

Gift (Guest) Vouchers are available at $30 each as well as Gift Vouchers for Membership at $155 each. Please contact Judy Midgley on 0438 390 304 or


Annual Subscription: $155.00
Membership includes nine Lectures and a delicious supper at the conclusion of the lecture. The subscription also includes the Christmas Breakup Party with entertainment at the conclusion of the AGM. 

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