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adfas-art-of-livingADFAS Noosa offers a monthly Saturday afternoon program of eight illustrated lectures from March to October for its members and guests.  The lectures are presented by overseas and Australian lecturers chosen for their communication skills and expert knowledge in their fields. After the lectures members and guests meet for a glass of wine, finger food and good company.

New members are always welcome.  Our Membership Secretary, Sharon Hyde, will happily respond to all enquiries.

Special Events, tours to galleries, exhibitions and places of interest are also arranged throughout the year.

During the year we raise funds for our Young Arts development program through events, donations and raffles. We also offer popular excursions to exhibitions and cultural and historic places of interest.


ADFAS Noosa Inc
PO Box 481
Noosa Heads QLD 4567

Committee 2018

Felicity Mauger
0408 244 120

Honorary Secretary:
Sharon Hyde
(07) 5448 2394

Membership Secretary:
Joan Trusler
0436 323 776


Programme for 2018

Desert Island Antiques
 – A Lecture with Lunch
Saturday 17th February

Paul Atterbury 

Peregian Springs Golf Club, 95 Peregian Springs Drive, Peregian Springs
Paul Atterbury is a writer, lecturer, curator and broadcaster. He has spent 25 years with the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow as an expert presenter. During this time Paul has owned, handled and talked about tens of thousands of objects. If suddenly he were to be cast away alone on a desert island, which eight objects would he choose to take with him? Paul will share his choice with guests who are invited to bring along a treasure to catch his eye for a special Roadshow Noosa-style! (No jewellery or small items.)

Cost: $70 members, $75 non-members:  includes champagne on arrival, 2 course lunch with glass of wine (or soft drink)
Bookings: Sharon Hyde 5448 2394

Christopher De Hamel (The Arts Society)
Saturday 10th March
Medieval Illuminated Bestiaries

Bestiaries are medieval illustrated encyclopedias of all the known animals of the world, domestic and exotic, real and mythological (and medieval people had no way of knowing the difference). They were mostly made in England between about 1150 and 1300. They are among the most beautiful and enchanting of all medieval manuscripts. The lecture looks at what Bestiaries contain and how they were used in monasteries by monks whose experience of wild animals was negligible. It considers the sources of the legends and how the ancient Bestiaries and their tales have survived into modern times.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Greatest Love Affair – Jewels
Saturday 21st April

Adrian Dickens (Australia)

Elizabeth Taylor has long been associated with jewels, but the true extent of her staggering collection is not so well known. Said to be worth over $200 million at the star’s death, her collection has only gained in stature.  Many pieces have become as legendary as the star who wore them, and the man who bought most of them – Richard Burton. The lecture includes the fascinating stories behind such jewels as the great Bulgari Sapphires, La Peregrina Pearl, the Mike Todd tiara, the Taj Mahal pendant and the unforgettable Taylor-Burton Diamond. A breathtaking jewellery collection to rival Cleopatra’s!

‘Mad Tracey from Margate’: The Work of Tracey Emin
Saturday 19th May
Rosalind Whyte  (The Arts Society)

Tracey Emin shot to fame and notoriety with My Bed in 1999, taking up a role as the enfant terrible of the Young British Artists. She has since earned fortune and criticism in virtually equal measure, with important curators and critics supporting her work, whilst others have accused her of courting controversy and being self-indulgent in the autobiographical slant of her work. This lecture looks at some aspects of what is a wide-ranging and varied body of work and seeks to examine some of the reasons behind the antagonism Emin has faced.

Akenaten: The Heretic King
Saturday 16th June
Rodna Siebels (Australia)

Towards the end of the 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep IV suddenly changed his name to Akhenaten, ceased his worship of the god Amun in favour of a new god, the Aten, and moved his capital to a new site, Akhetaten. With this change came a departure from the traditional artistic norm of Egypt both in subject matter and the rendering of the human form. The lecture examines this turbulent time and seeks possible answers to the radical change that swept Egypt for some 20 years and just as quickly vanished.

Ruling from Behind the Yellow Silk Screen:  the Dowager Empress Cixi (1835-1908)
Saturday 21st July
David Rosier (The Arts Society)

From relative obscurity as a low-ranking consort a number of events led to the confirmation of Dowager Empress Cixi in 1861, one of the most important women in Chinese Imperial history. Looking beyond Cixi’s desire to force China into the modern world the lecture will provide an insight into her life within her beloved summer palace with a focus on her passion for painting, embroidery and fashion design. In the extensive gardens Cixi forged some extraordinarily close relationships with leading western women as she sought to understand the culture, politics and the role of women in the ‘West’.

The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
Saturday 25th August
Toby Faber (The Arts Society)

Two hundred and fifty years after Antonio Stradivari’s death, his violins and cellos remain the most highly prized instruments in the world. Loved by great musicians and capable of fetching fabulous sums when sold, their tone and beauty are legendary. Every subsequent violin maker has tried to match them. Not one has succeeded. How can that be? This lecture explores that central mystery by following some of Stradivari’s instruments from his workshop to the present day. It is a story that travels from the salons of Vienna to the concert halls of New York, and from the breakthroughs of Beethoven’s last quartets to the first phonographic recordings.  

Representations of Criminality in film & television: Why are they so popular? 
Saturday 15th September
Dr John Francis

Please Note: This lecture will start at 3 pm.

In this lecture, John will unpack the social, cultural and psychological factors that make crime such a popular genre, starting with the post war ‘Brighton Rock (1947) and ‘The Blue Lamp (1950). Both films were representations of post war approaches to policing and the threat of gang culture. Also John will talk on the British obsession with law and order and its moral complexities. On the small screen we view in armchair comfort the series from ‘Midsomer Murders (1997-) to the hard hitting social and political issues of Happy Valley (2014).


Hitchcock:  Master of Suspense 
Saturday 15th September, 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Dr John Francis

The J Theatre, 60 Noosa Drive, Noosa Junction
Presented by ADFAS Noosa in association with Noosa Film Society

Dr John Francis will first discuss Hitchcock’s earlier movies Blackmail and Dial M for Murder to witness a master class in the  construction of suspense and the manipulation of fear and anxiety. Then and on to Vertigo and Psycho, examining Hitchcock’s legacy and his influence on modern day film makers.

$55 ADFAS & film society members
$60 adults, $30 students
Includes light supper

From 1 April 2018 – no phone bookings
Book at The J Theatre box office or online


The Fruits of Sin:  the Art and Times of Hieronymus Bosch
Saturday 27th October
Sophie Oosterwijk (The Arts Society)

To a modern viewer the fantastic world that the Early Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch (d. 1516) presents in his paintings may seem bizarre. His are full of caricature characters and hybrid monsters that torture their human victims in highly imaginative ways. Unsurprisingly, Bosch’s art has often been ‘explained’ as the work of a visionary, a heretic, or even an hallucinating madman. Yet to his contemporaries Bosch was a gifted and highly respected painter who received commissions from the high and mighty. His work was copied by others and also inspired later artists such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder.  

Saturday, 25 November
AGM and Christmas Function




17 February Lecture and Lunch with Paul Atterbury of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow – Peregian Springs Golf Club – refer details below
18 April New Members’ Morning Tea
June Excursion to Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

Curious Affection – Works by Patricia Piccinini presented as drawing, installations, sculpture in Surrealist format.

Measures of Distance – Works from 1960s to present, including performance and body art, earthworks, abstract paintings, installation and film and video.

Combined with High Tea Parliament House or Lunch at GOMA

15 September An Evening with John Francis at The J Theatre, Noosa Junction – refer details below
October Members’ Lunch


When and where do we meet?

3.45 pm for a 4.00 pm start

St Mary’s Church, 17 William Street, Tewantin

Who can join?

Anyone is welcome.  You do not have to be an art expert, few of us are!

Why should I join?

To enjoy world-class lectures in a welcoming environment
To enjoy new friendships
To join excursions to places and events of artistic or architectural interest
To join tours with ADFAS lecturers
To support local Young Arts projects and artists
To receive the annual national magazine Artlife


Annual Membership Subscription
$145 per person
$260 per couple


Visitors are always welcome by pre-arrangement with the Membership Secretary 0436 323 776

Fee for non-members $25 visiting ADFAS members $20.

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