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ADFAS Brisbane is a dynamic and friendly society where members and guests gather to hear experts in The Arts talk on a wide range of topics. The annual subscription of $195 includes entry to eight interesting and informative lectures, followed by refreshments.  We also offer 4 Special Interest Days at an extra cost where topics are explored in more depth.  These are always very popular with our members and guests. Throughout the year, we also offer several other events, including new members’ lunch, bus trips, gallery tours, etc. Our monthly newsletters keep members up to date with what’s happening.

Committee 2019

Fran Maitland
Mob: 0418 715 345

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Susie Craig
Mob: 0467 556 659

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Ann Graham
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Minutes Secretary:
Rebecca Gilmore

Suzy Baines

Membership Secretary:
Margaret Brannock

PO Box 441 Red Hill Qld 4059

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Programme for 2019

Wed 6th March
State Library
10:15 am – 2:30 pm

INTEREST DAY 1: What really happened on Easter Island /Australian Aboriginal Rock Art


Part 1: Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is the most isolated piece of permanently inhabited land on the planet, and yet it produced a most extraordinary Stone Age culture.
Part 2: Rock art has been produced in Australia since at least 40,000 years ago. This talk looks at major regional variations in both rock paintings and rock engravings, particularly in relation to Aboriginal creation myths and creator-ancestors.

Thurs 7th March

State Library: 10:30 am
United Services Club: 7 pm

LECTURE: Namibian Rock Art – and the Infamous “White Lady”


Namibia (formerly Southwest Africa) is a scenically beautiful country known for its geology and its wildlife, particularly prehistoric rock art. The talk will present the best of the known rock art, and also tell the story of the “White Lady” of the Brandberg, one of the most famous pieces of rock art in the world.

Thurs 11th April

State Library: 10:30 am

United Services Club: 7 pm

LECTURE: The Queen’s Private Diamond Collection


This lecture tells us about the history and craftsmanship of the Queen’s diamonds from a jeweller’s point of view. The lecture includes how diamonds are reworked to reflect changes in fashion. Hear the stories behind the Russian tiaras; necklaces from India; and the great South African diamonds. You will learn the political role of Queen Victoria’s diadem and understand how the Queen, Camilla and now Kate use diamonds to express political power.
Lecture / Lecturer description.

Wed 15th May

State Library

10:15 am – 2:30 pm

INTEREST DAY 2: The Splendours of Mexico and Peru


Before the Spanish Conquest of 1519, numerous civilisations rose and fell on Mexican soil. Great cities were peopled by muralists, sculptors in stone, ceramic artists, feather- and gold-workers, jewellers, weavers, and painters of sacred books. The Olmecs, the Maya, the Mixtecs, the Zapotecs and the warlike Aztecs all forged their own unique and splendid art styles. Tenochtitlan, the shimmering Aztec city, lay at the heart of a vast empire.
In South America, the Moche and the Chimú dominated gold- and silver-working techniques. Burial grounds at Paracas, on the southern coast of Peru, have yielded up rich textile finds and Inca engineers and stonemasons created magnificent cities like Cuzco, their imperial capital, and Machu Picchu. Across the Americas, even in the 21st century, craft skills and religious celebrations inherited from the distant past are a vital part of many people’s lives.

Thurs 16th May

State Library: 10:30 am

United Service Club: 7 pm

LECTURE: Frieda Kahlo & Diego Rivera


Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) and Diego Rivera (1886-1957) have iconic status in Mexico. The Mexican Revolution of 1910 swept away the old régime and banished European influence in the arts. Kahlo and Rivera, in their different ways, helped to shape the cultural identity of twentieth-century Mexico. Discover Rivera’s panoramic images and Frieda Kahlo, arguably Mexico’s most original painter who made herself the principal theme of her art. Her paintings reflect her experiences, dreams, hopes and fears. Together they made Mexico a magnet for the rest of the world.

Thurs 20th June
State Library: 10:30 am
United Service Club: 7 pm

LECTURE: Dressed by the Best: Fashion, Glamour, and Gwen Gillam


Gwen Gillam became one of the most popular fashion designers in Brisbane during the 1950s and 60s. Many of her clients referred to her as ‘iconic’, due not only to the innovative designs and fabrics used, but also to the personalised service provided in each of her salons. This lecture will focus on Gwen’s career, her clients and the garments she designed for them.

Thurs 18th July
State Library: 10:30 am
United Services Club: 7pm

LECTURE: Go with the Flow: Art Nouveau

Vivienne LAWES

Art Nouveau was an international style that aimed to break free from the historicism in decorative and fine arts that defined much of the 19th century. This lecture explores key forms and motifs, their intellectual origins and several manifestations of the style around the world.

Wed 21st Aug
State Library: 10:15 am-2.30 pm

INTEREST DAY 3: Ambition Fame & Obsession – Michelangelo

Leslie PRIMO

This day gives an insight into the life of the great Renaissance master and ultimately an understanding of his works through the historical and social context within which this artist worked. We look at his early career and influences including his training and working methods, and the stylistic similarities or differences in his works. Emphasis will also be put on his reasons for the choices he made in mediums, such as chalk, charcoal, silverpoint and painting methods.

Thurs 22nd Aug
State Library: 10:30 am
United Services Club: 7 pm

LECTURE: Foreigners in London: 1520-1677: The Artists that Changed the Course of British Art

Leslie PRIMO

Why were foreigner painters preferred by the aristocracy in London to native-born English painters, why did foreigners come in the first place, what was their motivation, what was the impact of foreigners in London on English art and art practise, how were they greeted by the native born artist and what did they bring to artistic practise in London?

Thurs 19th Sept
State Library: 10:30 am
United Services Club: 7 pm

LECTURE: Stylish Times – Art Deco Design 1890-1920

Christopher BRADLEY

Art Deco architecture from the 1920s and 30s has a style and appeal that is immediately recognizable and distinctive. This unique architecture and art history is revealed by using the most impressive examples from around the world – South Beach Miami, Napier, Cairo and Mumbai as well as the best art deco from within Australia using local examples.

Wed 16th Oct
State Library: 10:15 am-2:30 pm

INTEREST DAY 4: The Modernist Garden in North and South America

Marilyn ELMS

The influence of ‘modernism’ in North and South America has found expression through the bold and confident works of several designers. As illustration, this study day will embrace the designs of Roberto Burle Marx, Luis Barragan, Thomas Church and others, weaving through both artistic connections and examining the influence of important local context. This is a day filled with lavish, vibrant and colourful images in an endeavour to capture something of the energetic spirit of such design.

Thurs 17th Oct
State Library: 10:30 am
United Services Club: 7 pm

LECTURE: The Garden: An Art form

Marilyn ELMS

Throughout history, garden making has reflected and responded to the artistic trends of the day, sitting alongside developments within architecture, interior design, fashion and the fine and minor arts. Its own art form has found expression in the choice of layout, materials, ornamentation, buildings and planting design, and the creative interplay between space, composition, colour, texture and form.

ADFAS Brisbane offers a choice of lecture venues and times –
Thursday mornings @ 10.30am in Auditorium 1 Queensland State Library, Cultural Precinct, Stanley Pl, South Brisbane, followed by morning tea;
Thursday evenings @ 7.00pm at the United Service Club, 183 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, followed by wine and cheese. Free onsite parking is available.
Special Interest Days are held from 10.15am-2.30pm on Wednesdays in Auditorium 2 Queensland State Library. For $75 per member and $80 per guest, members and guests attend 3 x one hour lectures, with morning tea and lunch included.


Annual Membership: $195pp (with a free 1 hour lecture guest pass for early bird registration)
Guests: $30pp per lecture
Students: $15pp per lecture
Groups of 10: $20 pp per lecture
Interest Days: Members $75pp/ Guests $80pp
Special Events: Various pricing


Gift Cards are available. Give one to a friend, relative, teacher, or neighbour.

Annual Membership ($195);
One hour lecture ($30);
Interest Day ($80).

Please email to order. These can be posted to the recipient.

Margaret Brannock