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ADFAS Brisbane
PO Box 441
Red Hill QLD 4059

Welcome to ADAFS Brisbane. We are a friendly group offering you the opportunity to join us in 2018 for a program of 8 one hour lectures given by six overseas lecturers and two Australian lecturers, followed by light refreshments. The annual membership is $195.

A choice of lecture time is offered – Thursday morning lectures at 10.30am at the Qld State Library Auditorium 1 followed by morning tea on the deck; or Thursday evening lectures at 7pm at the historic United Service Club on Wickham Terrace, followed by wine and cheese.  The USC is a beautiful venue and offers free parking.

We also offer 4 extra Interest Days where topics are explored in greater detail. These days, in the comfortable Auditorium 2 of the State Library, run from 10.15am to 2.30pm and include morning tea and lunch on the river deck. Interest Days are $75 for members and $80 for guests.

Membership is open to all interested and we welcome new members. For information please email Chair, Mrs Fran Maitland, The membership form can be downloaded from this page and posted to PO BOX 441 Red Hill 4059

During 2018 we will be focusing on making your ADFAS membership a truly wonderful experience. We welcome your guests to lectures at $30pp and Interest Days at $80pp. Throughout the year, we will be adding gallery tours and day trips to regional galleries.

Also during 2018, ADFAS Brisbane will launch a new initiative for our Young Arts program. We will establish the ADFAS Brisbane Portrait Competition for children under 12. Watch out for entry forms. 

Gift Cards are available. Give one to a friend, relative, teacher, or neighbour – an Annual Membership ($195); a one hour lecture ($30); or an Interest Day ($80). Please email to order. These can be posted to the recipient.


Committee 2018

Fran Maitland
Mob: 0418715345

Vice Chairman:
Susie Craig

Hon. Secretary (email):
Ann Graham
Mob: 0488 598 723

Vicki Williams

Membership Secretary:
Margaret Brannock
PO Box 441 Red Hill Qld 4059

Programme for 2018

Dr Christopher de HAMEL
Medieval Illuminated Book of Hours 
Lecture: Thurs 8
th March
Location: State Library 10.30am / United Service Club 7pm

Book of Hours were made for private prayer at home and were used at each hours of the medieval day.  There are dozens of original Book of Hours in collections in Australia.  This lecture describes what a Book of Hours contains and what the pictures show. It also discusses how they were made, where, by whom, cost and their use.


Two Women Paint the French Revolution: Adélaïde Labille-Guillard & Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun
Lecture: Thurs 19
th April
Location: State Library 10.30am / United Service Club 7pm

Two of the most prestigious and talented portraitists of the late-eighteenth century were Adelaïde Labille-Guiard and the court painter Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun.  While the latter was appalled by the French Revolution and decided to flee France, Labille-Guiard stayed in Paris and painted the most prominent revolutionaries. This lecture outlines the lives and brilliant achievements of these two extraordinary women.


Rosalind WHYTE 
Interest Day 1 – From Corot to Monet: Developments in French Landscape Painting
Lecture: Wed 16th May
Location: State Library 10.15am

A look at the development of French Landscape Painting. The story covers the battles landscape painters fought and won to gain acceptance and recognition for their subject, from humble beginnings where landscapes were not considered to be worthy subjects for painting, and culminating in the highpoint of landscape’s popularity, with the acceptance of the works of the Impressionists, which now attract universal plaudits and command huge sums on the art market.


Rosalind WHYTE
Breeches Bonnets and Bags: British Fashion in Art through the Centuries
Thurs 17th May
Location: State Library 10.30am / United Service Club 7pm

Portraits provide a fascinating insight into changing styles of dress over the centuries. This lecture follows fashion as revealed in paintings, looking at the dress and accessories, and some of the more ridiculous styles of the 16th C to the 19th C.  At times, fashion was much less a personal choice and more a reflection of social standing. Have fun exploring the wildest extremes of fashion through the ages.

Yehudi Menuhin: Prodigy and Phenomenon
Thurs 21
st June
Location: State Library 10.30am / United Service Club 7pm

The lecture focuses on the remarkable careers of Yehudi, Hephzibah, and Yaltah Menuhin; the precious violins, the architecture and furnishings of the various Menuhin residences; concert halls and their acoustics; yoga and its role in extending a career threatened by a tremor in Yehudi’s right hand; and the formidable women in supporting his quest.



Interest Day 2 – 
A Journey through the Imperial Wardrobe – Costume of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
Lecture: Wed 18th July
Location: State Library 10.15am

The day will be divided into 3 topics:


  1. Imperial Court Costume and Insignia of Rank
  2. Court Costume of Civil and Military Officials
  3. Informal Qing Costume and Dress Accessories of the Court and Chinese Society.

The Dowager Empress Cixi (1835-1908)
Lecture: Thurs 19
th July
Location: State Library 10.30am / United Service Club 7pm

This lecture looks at the life and achievements of one of the most important women in Chinese Imperial History. It explores her journey from obscurity to her rise to Dowager Empress. With greater access to records, it is possible to refute “traditional’ view that the Dowager was cruel. We trace the cycles of Cixi’s power, her life within the Summer Palace and her passion for painting, embroidery, fashion design and gardens.

Interest Day 3 – Fabergé’s Imperial Easter Eggs / Faber and Faber – 90 Years of Excellence in Cover Design
Lecture: Wed 22nd August
Location: State Library 10.15am

The day is divided into two parts.

Part 1: Faberge’s Imperial Easter Eggs. This cover the history of the eggs from the first egg in 1885 to their current whereabouts.
Part 2: Faber and Faber: 90 years of cover design. Follow the history of one of London’s most important literary houses. Toby Faber talks from personal experience as a director of the firm.

The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
Lecture: Thurs 23
rd August
Location: State Library 10.30am / United Service Club 7pm

Two hundred and fifty years after Stradivari’s death, his violins and cellos remain the most highly prized instruments in the world.  Loved by musicians, their tone and beauty are legendary. This lecture explores the mystery as it travels from Vienna’s salons to New York’s concert halls.


Interest Day 4 – How did German Expressionist Cinema influence the young Hitchcock?e
Lecture: Wed 12th Sept
Location: State Library 10.15am


A grand master of suspense or a mass entertainer and misogynist?
A universal storyteller.  

‘How to read a film: the art and science of film analysis    
Lecture: Thurs 13
th September
Location: State Library 10.30am / United Service Club 7pm

This lecture looks at film from many different vantage points: as art, craft, tradition, convention, language and technology.  We all see films in different ways.  How do directors create an audience for their work?  How is meaning conveyed, and what is the director attempting to communicate?  This lecture we will break down films into their component parts.

Miniature Adults? Images of Childhood in Western Art
Lecture: Thurs 25
th October
Location: State Library 10.30am / United Service Club 7pm

How did adults see children in the past and how were they presented in art from Antiquity up to the present?  The findings may be very different and after this talk you will certainly not look at images of children in quite the same way.


  • Annual Membership: $195pp
  • Guests: $30pp per lecture
  • Students: $15pp per lecture
  • Groups of 10: $20 pp per lecture
  • Interest Days: Members $75pp/ Guests $80pp