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ADFAS Perth is a not for profit member-based organisation run by a committee of volunteers that offers high quality lectures on a wide range of subjects including: art, architecture, fashion, music, literature and more. ADFAS Perth delivers an annual programme of illustrated lectures given by overseas and local lecturers chosen for expert knowledge in their respective fields.

ADFAS Perth will hold face to face lectures during 2021, according to Western Australia Public Health determinations and the capacity of our venue. As there are seating limitations, members are required to book a free ticket on trybooking for each lecture. NB. This is in addition to booking membership. Members will be notified by email, newsletter and the socials if this is to change as directed by the WA government. Bookings will open to guests 1 month ahead of the lecture to enable members to ensure they can book a seat. If face to face lectures are unable to be held, we will offer a digital alternative and notify membership by email. ADFAS Perth newsletter and facebook page will keep members updated at all times.


Lectures are held at the State Library of WA theatrette, 25 Francis Street, Northbridge, 6003
Lectures are held on Saturday afternoon -please refer to lecture programme for lecture dates and times


Membership single – $200 (includes access to all lectures in 2021)
Membership couple – $350 (includes access to all lectures in 2021)
Guests – $25 per lecture
Guests are welcome to attend any lecture. Tickets can be purchased by visiting and entering the lecture title and date or search ADFAS Perth


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6 March 2021
Art Scandals & Vandalism In The Arts
Professor Ted SNELL
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00-3.30pm   

Professor Ted Snell discusses four art scandals that examine the history of vandalism in the arts, how artists and communities cope with those acts of destruction, and what are the links between madness and creativity.  Although you may never have heard about them, they might change your views about art, artists and the society they helped to shape.

Professor Ted Snell AM CitWA is an Honorary Professor in the School of Arts & Humanities at Edith Cowan University. Over the past four decades he has contributed to the national agenda through his role as Chair of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council, Chair of Artbank, Chair of the Australian Experimental Art Foundation and Chair of Regional Arts WA. He has been a commentator on the arts for ABC radio and television, art reviewer for The Australian and a regular contributor to national journals.

27 March 2021
Russian Heritage: The Road to Revolution and Beyond
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00 & 3.30pm 

The changes in Russia in the 19th Century saw an outpouring of creativity in literature, art, music, theatre and architecture.  As Russia headed towards revolution and beyond, the arts heralded the new era with increasing dynamism; Lecturer, Alan Dodge AM explores the highlights of the amazing array of movements and masterpieces as artists and writers and musicians attempted to define themselves in a brave new world right up to the end of the 20th century. / Lecturer description

Alan R. Dodge AM CitWA, and Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, has served in the art museum world for over 40 years. In 1975 he was the first Senior Research Officer of the fledgling Australian National Gallery (now NGA), where he stayed for 21 years. The former Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, is an Honorary Fellow by Edith Cowan University and was recognised with an honour in the Order of Australia (AM) in 2008, for service to the arts. In 2011 Alan was named WA Citizen of the Year, Culture, Arts and Entertainment.  He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from both Murdoch University and Curtin University.

1 May 2021
Chinese Ceramics
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 1.00 – 2.15pm 

From the handsome forms and richly patterned decoration of Neolithic pottery, to the refined and esoteric porcelains of the Song and Ming Dynasties, China has excelled at producing inventive and unique ceramics that have been endlessly copied, admired and envied. This presentation traces the highlights of several thousand years of Chinese ceramics, providing insight into their stylistic attributes, and showcasing the sophisticated technologies that made them possible. 

 Sue Geddes-Page has taught visual culture at TAFE for many years, including the History of Art and Design; with Garden Design and the History of Ceramics being of particular interest in recent years. 

1 May 2021
Mannerist Art and Design
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 3.00 – 4.00pm 

Mannerism co-exists with the High Renaissance in Florence and Rome but responds to the religious, political and social upheavals of the 16th-century in new ways. Suave, courtly, artificial, elegant, precocious, erotic and distorted are just some of the terms applied to this extraordinary style. As in our own times, Mannerist artists found novel solutions to perplexing and momentous events.

Sue Geddes-Page has taught visual culture at TAFE for many years, including the History of Art and Design; with Garden Design and the History of Ceramics being of particular interest in recent years.

8 May 2021
Cross-cultural histories: Decorated boomerangs, shields and chairs
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00-3.30pm 

This lecture looks at the way in which new kinds of craft appeared on the cultural frontiers of Australia. Along the telegraph line from Adelaide to Darwin, and along the railway line from Adelaide to Perth new types of decorated boomerangs, shields and walking sticks as well as animal carvings were developed for a new, cross-cultural market for Aborignalia. Looking into the longer history of this market, in early examples from pastoral stations and missions, can tell us a lot about early relations between settlers and Indigenous people.  

Darren Jorgensen lectures in art history at the University of Western Australia. He teaches, edits and writes on Australian art history, Chinese contemporary art, popular music and science fiction studies, but his publications are largely focused on Western Desert painting, including the books Wanarn Painters of Place and Time (co-authored with David Brooks, UWAP, 2017); Indigenous Archives (co-edited with Ian McLean, 2018) and most recently the catalogue for Bush Women (Fremantle Arts Centre, 2019). 

12 June 2021
The Angry Penguins
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00-3.30pm 

This lecture looks at ideas and attitudes that emerged in the Visual Arts during the Twentieth Century in Australia. Did Australia become ‘The Lucky Country’ or were we just a bunch of ‘Angry Penguins’? The world was in turmoil post World War 2. Artists rebelled against the establishment because they wanted to be expressive of their feelings, beliefs and attitudes to the world around them especially here in their own environment. 

Carl has a master’s degree in Art Education and Art History. He was an advisory art teacher for the Education Department specialising in the program for gifted children. For over twenty years he was a full- time lecturer of tertiary Art. He lectures in Art History for Mature Adults Learning Association. He is recognized as a judge for WA Art Exhibitions and was a co-founder for the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture now known as the Lester Prize. 

25 July 2021
French voyages to Australia as seen through the Kerry Stokes Collection
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00-3.30pm 

The Kerry Stokes Collection has a rich collection of French exploration material covering the 19th century ‘grande voyages’ to the Pacific. The early 19th century saw a number of French scientific voyages to Australia and the Pacific. From 1800 to 1840, there were 10 major French expeditions to Australia and the Pacific. These voyages are distinguished by the publication of the most exquisite volumes, which recorded their proceedings and results in both words and images.

From 1998-2007 Erica was the Assistant Director Collection Services, at the NGA where she was responsible for the management of the conservation, registration, imaging resources and the research library. She has an Arts Honours Graduate (History) and Post Graduate degree in Art History from ANU, a Graduate Diploma of Librarianship, and a Graduate Certificate in Management Studies. In 2007 she took up the position of Collections Manager for the Kerry Stokes Collection and is the Executive Administrator for that collection.

17 July 2021
Janet Holmes a Court Gallery visit
Holmes a Court Gallery
10 Douglas Street, West Perth, WA 6005
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Join ADFAS Perth at the Janet Holmes a Court Gallery to hear an exclusive talk by noted WA artist Monique Tippet and view Monique’s solo exhibition at the Gallery. This visit is not included ADFAS Perth Membership and tickets can  be purchased by following the link below.

 ADFAS Perth members $15 and Guests $20

7 August 2021
The Juniper Legacy
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00-3.30pm 

Rebecca and Benedict Juniper, children of one of WA’s most lauded artists, Robert Juniper, and practising artists in their own right, will share tales of their unconventional training and their different but ultimately convergent paths to fine art. They will expand on an attitude their father instilled in them: to enjoy creating, to invent and to share techniques with others. 

4 September 2021
The Roman mosaics of Spello ,Umbria and Piazza Amerina, Sicily
Fausto BUTTA
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00-3.30pm 

Floor mosaics were the works of slaves and hard labourers, many of whom were from Africa. Mosaics and portions of a wall frescoes of a Roman villa near Spello, Umbria suggest the villa belonged to a wealthy man, most likely a wine producer. Mosaics at a Roman villa in Piazza Armerina (Sicily) reveal a different social and political status of its owner. These two case studies confirm the social function of Roman art and their craftsmen’ status within Roman society.

Dr Fausto Buttà is an Italian historian working at UWA and has been teaching history at UWA and Curtin since 2006. While he has published books and articles on Italian political history, his lectures have a focus on art and culture, with which Fausto aims at shedding light on the spirit of the time. Fausto also organises cultural tours of Italy for small groups of Australian visitors. One of his tours focuses on mosaics.


9 October 2021
Aboriginal art – from Caves to Canvas
David Hounsome
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00-3.30pm 

From rock art of the Kimberley and Kakadu to the break through international recognition of the Papunya ‘school’, this talk encompasses a wide range of aboriginal art from many language groups. From Albert Namatjira’s imprisonment, the work of the stolen generation at Carrolup (Katanning) to the art on the Yirrakala and Uluru Statement from the Heart petitions, this talk engages with many aspects of colonial settlement’s impact on Aboriginal life and art.

David Hounsome was briefly a teacher before a long career in disability services where he was a director with the Disability Services Commission. He has also been a Director with the Department of Health and managed the Perth Theatre Trust. He is a graduate of the UWA and a long-time art lover who on retirement trained as a guide at the Art Gallery of WA while completing an art history course at TAFE.

13 November 2021
Telling Our Stories: Images and Ideas from Australian Film
State Library of Western Australia, Theatre 2.00-3.30pm 

Australian film rose to the world’s attention with distinctive cinema in the 1980’s with films capturing  a lyrical bittersweet image of Australia. This was followed by the “Glitter Decade” then a new wave more recently of complex images of Australia generated by strong  self assured voices with something to say. This lecture will look at the 3 waves of Australian cinema and how our stories project an image of Australia to the world.

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