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Welcomes all visitors to our varied and interesting series of Lecture and Interest Days.  The Lectures are held at the Paddington RSL and the Interest Days at the Royal Sydney Golf Club unless otherwise advised.  The lecturers are of a very high standard and you are welcome to walk in off the street. 

A lecture fee of $25 per event applies which includes sandwiches and wine.

ABN:    91 683 036 082

Executive 2019

Lavinia Montgomery
Ph: 02 9331 3640

Vice Chairman:

Jane Wetherill

Andrew McWinnie

Membership Secretary:
Leah Ferguson
Ph: 0418 226 213

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Programme for 2019

14th March
Following the footsteps of Delacroix in Africa
Dr J. Cockburn PhD

In 1830 Delacroix set off for Africa which he saw as exotic. He loved the colour and understanding of light in Africa.

15th March
Interest Day
Dr J. Cockburn PhD

Spanish Art of the Golden Age. This is a period of fertile growth in the Arts and Sciences

11th April
Fashion and Art
Prof. Peter McNeil

Peter McNeil FAHA is a major figure in art, fashion and design history with an extensive record of publishing and public speaking.

16th May
Laura Knight: from Newlyn to Nuremburg
Bernard Allan. BA MA

From humble beginnings Laura progressed to be the first female Royal Academician since the 18th Century

13th June
Asia Pacific Contemporary Art
Associate Professor Dr Sally Butler

Sally Butler is a lecturer in Art History at the University of Queensland

18th July
Ruling from behind the Silk Screen. Empress Cixi
David Rosier

David has in excess of 25 years experience living and working in Asia. While living in Hong Kong he assembled a collection of Qing Dynasty textiles / costumes (1644 – 1911)

A contemporary interpretation of the life and achievements of one of the most important women in China’s Imperial history.

22nd August
Royal Jewels and the American Heiress
Andrew Prince

Andrew has had a passion for jewellery since he was a small child.

In 1980 he was taken to the Princely Magnificence exhibition, at the V&A, and was so dazzled by the opulence of the display that he decided to devote his life to creating jewellery.

23rd August
Interest Day

Jewels and the Image of Power

In these 3 lectures Andrew explores the language of the jewels boasting power lineage and authority.

19th September
Zaha Hadid – Architectural Superstar
Colin Davies

Colin is an architect, recently Professor of Architectural Theory at London Metropolitan University.

Dame Zaha Hadid, Architectural Superstar, had to wait until the last decade of her life to get her designs approved. They were considered unbuildable but now there is a successful crop her buildings throughout the world.

17th October
Edward Seago. Landscape Perfectionist and Royal Favourite
Anthony Russell

Seago’s landscapes have a respect for the traditions of the British landscape. He was very subtle with his colour control and peaceful landscape compositions. He was great friend of Anthony’s father Rodney S Russell who was an artist.

18th October
Interest Day
Anthony Russell

The Power and the Glory of our Country Houses

These 3 one hour lectures will trace the development of country houses, their long term survival and the role they play today.


Noon and 6.30pm. at Paddington RSL.


$155.00 p.a. Half price after July.


$25.00. per lecture.


Leah Ferguson.

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