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A warm welcome to ADFAS Shoalhaven.

Our meetings, held at the School of Arts in the historic township of Berry, are a wonderful and informal way to meet friends and to get to know others in the community. New members and visitors are always welcome. You may join at any time during the year. No prior knowledge is needed – just a curiosity and a desire to know more about the fascinating world of the arts.

Our wide-ranging 2020 program includes eight Thursday evening lectures. Each lecture is followed by a light supper. Also, in 2020, we will hold two Special Interest Days – one half-day (two lectures with morning tea) and one full-day (three lectures with morning tea and lunch) – both on a Friday.

In 2020 we celebrate our 30th Anniversary.

Committee 2020

Mr Ted Jarrett
0422 383 644

Jennifer Moss
0414 604 534

Postal Address:
PO Box 269
Berry NSW 2535

Richard Wiseman
02 4464 2619

ABN: 4719438195

Programme for 2020

27 February 2020
Kathleen Olive

Andrea Palladio, the Italian architect, theorised that beauty results “from the form and correspondence of the whole.” Since Antiquity Italian villas and their gardens have been designed harmoniously. They have also provided spaces for architectural innovation, aesthetic appreciation and relaxation in some of the most picturesque locations imaginable!

Kathleen studied in Italy and has taught Italian language, literature and history at the University of Sydney. She now works for Academy Travel, leading tours to Italy.

House where Jane Austen died.

26 March 2020
A TALE OF TWO SCULPTORS: Barbara Hepworth and Barbara Tribe
Catherine Wallace

Two pioneering female sculptors of the 20th century, Barbara Hepworth and Barbara Tribe, made Cornwall their home. Barbara Hepworth was a leading light in the modernist movement in British art. Barbara Tribe, originally from Australia, was a talented figurative sculptor.

Catherine has been a freelance exhibition organiser, author and lecturer. She runs study holidays in Cornwall.

Irish Coat of Arms

30 April 2020
Sally Butler

Queensland Art Gallery has helped to shift international focus on the visual arts from Europe and North America to Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Auckland, Vanuatu and Australia. Ancient visual traditions have found new life in new media, capturing their spirit of adventure and creation in dazzling displays that have evolved from crazy art bazaar to sleek contemporary chic.

Dr Sally Butler is a senior lecturer in Art History at the University of Queensland, specialising in the areas of contemporary Australian art, contemporary Australian indigenous art and cross-cultural critical theory.

Indonesian Elaborate Carving

4 June 2020
PHRASES AND SAYINGS – the Etymology of London
Alan Read

The English language is rich in idioms, phrases and sayings for which we seldom consider their original meanings. This is an exploration of historical etymology, often traceable to the City of London. Even if you have to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ and it’s ‘raining cats and dogs’ you’d be ‘barking mad’ to miss this lecture.

Alan holds a master’s and first-class honours degree in the History of Art. He is a guide and lecturer at many galleries including Tate Britain, Tate Modern and the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Dominic Riley Book Cover

30 July 2020
Kate Strasdin 

From corsets to farthingales, busks to camisoles, crinolines to bustles, this lecture considers how these foundations shaped our ancestors’ approach to dress. It also debunks some of the long-held myths about the dangers of the corset and asks what we really think about comfortable dress.

Kate has worked with objects of dress and textiles in museums for almost twenty years. She is a senior lecturer at Falmouth University and a specialist visiting lecturer at the DeTao Masters Academy in Shanghai.

Persian Manuscript

31 July 2020
Special Interest Day – two lectures
A CUT ABOVE – Traditions of Tailoring
Kate Strasdin

These lectures metaphorically unpick one of the most British of trades – tailoring and explore some of the most well-known establishments and customers of Savile Row. We look at the emergence of the great department stores and their history of new technologies and innovative interiors, designed to entice customers. We analyse Downton Abbey and clothing the masses, and detail some of the available archives relating to dress.

Andy Goldsworthy Land Art Rock Creation

3 September 2020
Dr Caroline Shenton

This is the gripping and sometimes hilarious story of how a band of heroic curators and eccentric custodians saved Britain’s national heritage during its Darkest Hour. As Hitler’s forces gathered on the other side of the Channel, these unlikely heroes utilised country houses, Welsh mines and Wiltshire quarries on a series of secret wartime adventures.

Dr Caroline Shenton is an archivist, historian and author. Her book The Day Parliament Burned Down won the Political Book of the Year Award in 2013. Her book was described as microhistory at its best.

Wassily Kandinsky Composition

1 October 2020
Sandy Burnett

Jazz is one of the 20th century’s most important genres: a fascinating blend of rigorous structure, free-wheeling creativity, close-knit ensemble work and improvisation. Sandy’s lecture on the early years of jazz draws on his practical experience both as a musicologist and gigging musician.

Sandy enjoys a varied career that embraces broadcasting, conducting, playing the double bass and communicating his passion for music.

Self Portrait by Sydney Parkinson, botanical illustrator

2 October 2020
Special Interest Day – three lectures
Sandy Burnett

In just three lectures we cover 300 years of great classical music, from Monteverdi to Stravinsky, progressing through the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras. We’ll gain an understanding of the essential elements of each era, enabling us to listen with fresh ears and greater understanding. A glossary of key terms will be provided, along with a suggested listening list.

Bust of Nefertiti

5 November 2020
Kathy McLauchlan

From the mid-1880s Gauguin sought somewhere ‘unspoilt’ – Brittany, Martinique and the South Pacific. From this time, he adopted a new, bold pictorial language. This lecture concentrates on the work produced in Brittany, most notably The Vision after the Sermon.

Kathy specialises in 19th century art history. Currently she is Course Director at the Victoria and Albert Museum and teaching in various institutions.

Bust of Nefertiti


All lectures are held at the Berry School of Arts, 19 Alexandra St, Berry NSW 2535.
Evening lectures commence at 7.30 pm. A light supper is served.
Special Interest Day lectures commence at 10.00 am. Morning tea is served on both days and lunch on the full day.

The annual subscription fee is $150.00 per person.
Members who join or renew their subscription by the end of February will receive one voucher to bring a friend for $10.00 to one lecture. Members unable to attend an evening lecture may transfer the use of their badge to a non-member for a visitor fee of $10.00. This is subject to the presentation of the membership badge on the night.
The fee for members of other ADFAS Societies is $10.00.
Membership between Societies is not transferable.
There is an additional cost for Special Interest Days.

Guests are most welcome at all evening lectures and Special Interest Days. $30.00 cash or card at the door for the evening lectures. There is an additional cost for Special Interest Days.

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