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Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Riverina Inc.

In 2020 ADFAS Riverina will continue to present world class lectures to the people of Wagga Wagga and surrounds.   Our outstanding program has delighted members and non- members alike for 27 years.  In November 2019 we acknowledged the foresight of those original Committee members by presenting them all with life-memberships. The 2020 lectures, that you will see below have been picked by the Committee and can be highly recommended.

We hold our lectures in the Wagga Council Meeting Room and after the lecture we have light refreshments at the Art Gallery precinct. This gives members and visitors a chance to mingle and to speak with the lecturer, if they wish.

Contact: riverina@adfas.org.au

Postal address:  P.O. Box 5670,  Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Committee 2020

Trish Oliver
Ph: 0418 233 631

Vice Chairman:
Anne Goldfinch
Ph: 0412 068 864

Tony Dobbin
Ph: 0408 613 258

Frank Austin
Ph: 02 6944 7154  Mob: 0427 447 291

Membership Secretary:
Frank Austin
Ph: As above

Membership Enquiries: riverina@adfas.org.au 

Programme for 2020

6 March 2020                       
Romancing the Rails: British Railway Posters
Charles Harris

Covering the Golden Age of British Railways, this lecture celebrates the most romantic period of British travel history.   You’ll see how the best travel posters connect with your heart and your mind and how they have closely reflected the evolution of British holidays.

17 April 2020
Charles Darwin, in Australia          
Paul Brunton       

Charles Darwin’s voyage around the world on the Beagle (1831 – 36) provided the impetus for his theory on natural selection and the future publication of his book ‘On the Origin of the Species’ in 1859.  From January to March 1836 Beagle was in Australian waters and so this lecture, illustrated with contemporary drawings and water colours, charts Darwin’s time in Australia, his thoughts on the colony, his socialising and most importantly the research he was undertaking, which would ultimately lead to his great book.

22 May 2020
Virginia Woolf on Art, Life, London and Buying Suspenders      
Karin Fernald

Virginia Woolf never painted or drew but her writing was much influenced by artists of her day, in particular her beloved sister Vanessa Bell.   She was a writer whose novels, through their nonlinear approach to narrative, exerted a major influence on the genre.  She also wrote pioneering essays on artistic theory, literary history, women’s writing and the politics of power.

23 May 2020    
9.30 am for 10.00 am – 12.30 pm (approx.)
Special Interest Half Day – Queen Victoria: Artist and Artist’s friend
Karin Fernald 

Two, one hour lectures and morning tea provided. (Venue to be announced)   
Bookings essential.

Throughout her life Queen Victoria painted and sketched, taught from childhood, she did delightful watercolours and sketches of the people around her. The Queen and Prince Albert promoted English artists and the second lecture refers to this and the National craze of things medieval, which the royal couple shared.

19 June 2020
Aboriginal Art from Rock Art to Today 
Dr Sally Butler

This lecture explains how the modern Aboriginal Art movement developed since the 1970s and how it maintains its connection to visual traditions going back to rock art created many thousands of years ago. It will focus on how cultural traditions are reinvented and reinvigorated through innovative art of today.

24 July 2020
Aeschylus: A Soldier in Society  
Giles Ramsay   

Five hundred years before the birth of Christ in Athens, Aeschylus was described as the father of tragedy.   According to Aristotle he expanded the number of characters in the theatre and allowed conflict among them. This far off century defined who we are today and Aeschylus was their, and our chronicler.

21 August 2020
Golden Vienna
Ian Gledhill

The Strauss family may have dominated musical life in 19th century Vienna, but other composers also wrote some beautiful waltzes and operettas. This lecture looks at the golden age of Viennese music, featuring the works of Josef Lanner, Karl Millocker, Carl Michael Ziehrer and others.

18 September 2020
All About Icons
Brian Healey

Why is it that so many icons appear so similar, dark, primitive even?  It takes a trained eye to reveal the fascinating language of icons, the symbolism of colour and line, the meaning of the reverse perspective, elongated fingers and faces and desexualised features. Combine this with an understanding of the process of creating or ‘writing’ an icon and the many variations of a particular theme, suddenly it makes sense.

16 October 2020
The Eastern Influence in European Jewellery
Patricia Law

This lecture looks at the gemstones that were traded and exported to Europe, such as pearls from the Indies in Roman times and the gems in the Crown Jewels.  There are rubies from Burma, sapphires from Kashmir and Ceylon, Imperial Jade from China and with these gemstones came influences on styles and the way that jewellery was worn. 

17 October 2020
Special Interest Half Day (Venue to be announced)
Pearls and Diamonds
9.30 am for 10.00 am  – 12.30 pm (approx.) Bookings essential
Two, one hour lectures and morning tea provided    


This session will look at selected pearls set in historic jewels and their individual stories.


In this session we see how to assess the qualities of a diamond, such as its colour, clarity and cut.  How diamonds are graded affects their value that is put on them and what is happening in the diamond world today and an open question – what is its future?


Wagga Wagga Council Meeting Room, Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga. Time: 6.00 pm for 6.30 pm

Supper included, to follow lecture.


Membership: $155, or $145 if paid before 31st January 2020

Couple membership: $290, or $270 if paid before 31st January 2020

Students(with I.D): $70



Students (with id) $15 and members of other societies $15


Frank Austin (02 6944 7174) – PO Box 5670, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

or Trish Oliver 0418 233 631