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ADFAS Orange and Districts provides for its members a yearly programme of illustrated, informative lectures on a wide variety of topics.  The lectures are offered by overseas and Australian lecturers, chosen for their communication skills and expert knowledge in their fields.



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Programme for 2019


Van Gogh and Gauguin; two of our favourite artists

Dr Jacqueline Cockburn

This lecture will show the development of the career of both artists until their final cohabitation in 1888 in Arles. It will chart their time together and consider events which follow. It will compare several works and explore letters and diaries to shed meaning on their shared experience and turbulent natures.


Jacqueline is Managing Director of Art and Culture Andalucía. She runs residential courses in Andalucía, Southern Spain in the art and culture of the region. Jacqueline also works in London as a free-lance lecturer. She lectures at the V & A, Christies Education, The Art Fund, The London Art History Society and Art Pursuits Abroad and other prestigious institutions


The Development of the Spanish Style 1400-1700

Dr Kathleen Olive

Spanish art, as it emerged after the unification of Castile and Aragon, was heavily dependent on foreign models, blending an interest in innovative Italian techniques with a passion for Flemish detail and piety. With the triumphant rise of Spain as New World ruler, Charles V and Philip II created a climate in which artists could use these to develop new styles. In this lecture we particularly consider the representation of royalty as a metaphor for the nation as a whole, from Titian’s equestrian portraits of Charles V and Philip II’s architectural splendours at the Escorial, down to Velázquez’s truthful yet sympathetic charting of the decline of the Spanish Habsburgs.


Dr Kathleen Olive is a literary and cultural historian with close to 15 years’ experience leading tours to Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Japan and the United States. She has a strong personal interest in the visual arts, interior design, fashion history and contemporary fiction.


From Paris to New York

Mr Bernard Allan

Only one American, Mary Cassatt, exhibited with the Impressionist group in Paris but, by the mid 1880s American Impressionism had become an important art form in the U.S., inspired by, but not imitating the French prototype.


Bernard’s expertise is in the History of Art, specialising in the work of European women artists and American Art. After a successful business career, he spent several years teaching Art History and is now an independent art history tutor. He has lectured for many years for NADFAS and taken guided parties around galleries in London and Paris.


The Art Market

Alison Renwick

This illustrated lecture will be discussing the Australian and International scene by looking at the global phenomenon which is driving the art market: the acquisition of Contemporary Art. This lecture covers such international artists as Damian Hirst and Jeff Koons as well as looking at the local art market and artists like Brett Whiteley, Del Kathryn Barton, Shaun Gladwell and photographers including Rosemary Laing and Bill Henson.


Alison Renwick’s expertise is drawn from her extensive knowledge of local and international markets spanning more than thirty years working in the auction industry and the art world both in Australia and in Europe. Alison worked in Melbourne, London and Germany with Sotheby’s for almost ten years. During that time she was involved with VIP valuations including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and the Thurn und Taxis collection.


Ruling from behind the Yellow Silk Screen

Mr David Rosier

– The Dowager Empress Cixi-Effective Ruler of China (1862-1908)

This lecture utilises recently available Imperial Records, plus contemporary interpretations, to present the life and achievements of one of the most important women in China’s Imperial history in a more balanced and positive manner than previous accounts from China, and Western Powers, produced in the early 20th Century.


David lived and worked in East Asia for more than 25 years, and whilst living in Hong Kong he assembled a collection of Approximately 700 Imperial and related textiles, costume and dress accessories mainly from the Qing Dynasty. He is a frequent speaker on Chinese imperial Insignia of Rank, court Costume and Dress Accessories.


From Downton to Gatsby- Jewellery and Fashion 1890 to 1929

Mr Andrew Prince

For the series Downton Abbey, Andrew was commissioned to produce many jewels for the main characters, and this inspired him to create a talk based on Downton and the changing styles of the time portrayed.


Andrew creates some of the finest crystal jewellery in the world, and over the years he has built up a loyal clientele ranging from stars of stage and screen, royalty, couture houses and institutions such as V&A. His jewellery has appeared in film and famously he was chosen to supply a large collection of jewellery for the third season of Downton Abbey.


Architecture, music and the invention of linear perspective.

Mr Colin Davies

Hear about the mathematical link between visible proportions and audible proportions, or harmony and how Renaissance architects were well aware of this link. They saw it as proof that their architecture could participate in harmony of the whole cosmos.


Colin is an architect and a regular contributor to architectural magazines world- wide and was a former editor of The Architects’ Journal. He was previously Professor of Architectural Theory London Metropolitan University. He has made numerous TV and radio appearances and published several books on various aspects of Architecture.


Edward Seago

Mr Anthony Russell

– Landscape Perfectionist and Royal Favourite

‘Ted’ Seago’s refined landscapes personified a respect for the traditions of British landscape painting as well as the impressionism. What made Seago quintessentially English was the great subtlety of his colour control and peaceful landscape compositions. This lecture compares his work with those masters he most admired, as well as the contemporary trends he chose to ignore. It tells of his lasting appeal, asking whether he should now be considered a great master of British art.


Anthony Russell is a cultural historian, writer and artist. He has travelled much of the world combining painting with tour lecturing.  He is based in London and gives lectures, undertakes research and assists at the British Museum with outreach events and visiting lecturers.

Venue and Time of Lectures

Our ADFAS Orange and Districts Lectures are held at: Orange Regional Conservatorium 73 Hill Street, Orange

Time: 6.00pm for pre lecture drinks and finger food.

Lecture starts at 6.30pm

Visitors Welcome: $25.00

Our 2018 subscription opens in January 2018

Membership $130

ADFAS Orange & Districts Inc is one of 37 similar societies in Australia and offers eight high quality lectures per year by internationally recognised experts in the visual arts, theatre, film and literature. Six of the lecturers are from the UK and two are Australians selected for their knowledge and experience in their field. Lecturers come from diverse backgrounds and specialise in sharing their interest in a relatively informal way.

Each lecture is preceded by members gathering for drinks and finger food, then the lecture is presented in the Conservatorium auditorium with opportunity for questions following. At the conclusion of the lecture there is an opportunity for members to meet the lecturer. No special knowledge is required – just a natural curiosity and an interest in the arts (and a sense of humour of course).


Guests are very welcome to attend lectures at $25.00 entry.We look forward to seeing you at our lectures to enjoy the cultural and social opportunities and make new friends over a glass of wine.


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