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ADFAS Murray River was established in 2010 and is centred in Albury Wodonga. We provide a programme of illustrated lectures covering a wide range of topics for our members. Lecturers are chosen for their communication skills and expert knowledge in their fields. In 2018 lectures will be presented on a Monday evening from 6 -8 pm instead of Fridays as in the past. Nine lectures will be delivered – seven at the Hothouse Theatre on Lincoln Causeway and two at Artspace, Wodonga. Guests are welcome to attend any of the lectures


Committee 2018

David Martin
02 6041 2777 or 0425 223 715

Deborah Palmer

Tony Keys

Leanne Wheaton

Membership Secretary:
Rick Martin


  • Judy Rumler
  • Penny Heslin
  • Kate Martin
  • John Lamb

Programme for 2018

Desert Island Antiques 
Monday 12th February
Paul Atterbury 

During his long career in the world of art and antiques, Paul has been a collector, writer, lecturer, exhibition curator and broadcaster with 25 years as an Antiques Roadshow expert. In this time he has owned, handled and talked about tens of thousands of objects. If he were suddenly to be cast away alone on a desert island, which eight objects would he take with him? In his selection, Paul reveals much about his life, experiences, memories, passions, opinions, and his adventures on the Roadshow.

Witnessing Women at War – Lee Miller
Monday 12th March
Antony Penrose 

For Lee Miller, a woman at war was any woman caught up in World War ll. She shot faultless images of haute couture in London’s bombed out streets. She documented the magnificent work of the WRNS, ATS, the Land Girls, the WRVS and nurses. She shows
us the refugees in Europe, girls accused of collaboration, women forced into slave labour and concentration camp victims. Told against the background of Lee Miller’s own life story which takes her from being a fashion supermodel via life as a surrealist artist to combat
photographer and finally, gourmet cook.

Camden Park House 
Monday 16th April
John Broadley

Camden Park House at Menangle, was commissioned by leading colonist John Macarthur from John Verge, the foremost architect in the colony. Completed after his death by his family in the mid 1830s, this great classical house has remained in the ownership of Macarthur descendants, ever since. John Broadley will discuss Verge’s design for Camden Park House in the context of his principal works, and show how the house has evolved through the generations.

Jewel of the Crown The Sainte Chapelle in Paris 
Monday 28th May
Nicole Mezey

The Sainte Chapelle in Paris – possibly the most perfect of surviving medieval buildings – was designed not only to celebrate France and its kings, but as a life-size reliquary, a worthy shrine for some of the most significant of Christian remains, including the Crown of Thorns. This lecture looks at the architecture, the sculpture and, in particular, the exquisite stained glass – created in a mere five years (1243-1248) – which sets Louis IX in the company of the blessed and turns the interior into a floating vision of heaven on earth.

Monday 25th June
Ballet Russes and its Australian Legacy
Robin Haig 

In 1909, a group of Russian dancers, choreographers, composers and painters burst upon the jaded dance scene in Paris. Diaghilev, Director of the Ballet Russes believed in a total theatre concept. With a bevy of talented artists he galvanised and changed history in not just dance but in music, scenic design and choreography. Luminaries such as Pavlova, Nijinsky, Stravinsky, Picasso and Cocteau
collaborated in an unprecedented experiment of total theatre which influenced and inspired dancers and artists as far away as Australia where they left a lasting legacy.

What did Romans ever do for Art?
Monday 23rd July
Gillian Hovell 

When the Romans invaded Britain in AD 43 they brought not just their soldiers and their language, but their culture, way of life and art. Gillian taps into what archaeology can tell us about the lives of the conquered Britons as they adapted to Roman rule. She then looks at our modern lives, exploring the continuing impact of Rome’s invasion. We are still a product of Ancient Rome and, after this lecture, your own homes – and those of your friends – will never look the same again!

Mackintosh and the Glasgow Four 
Monday 27th August
Anne Anderson

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, now regarded as Britain’s greatest architect, worked with his wife, Margaret Macdonald, and collaborators, Francis Macdonald and Herbert MacNair. Margaret helped create wonderful white interiors designed for Vienna and Turin, and decorate the furniture – adding beautiful beaten pewter panels with distinctive ‘spooky ladies’. The Macdonald girls, who drew on Japanese art, the Arts and Crafts movement and the graphics of Aubrey Beardsley, helped to create the Glasgow style. This lecture explores their work in Glasgow through major commissions for the Glasgow School of Art, the Hill House, Helensburgh, and Miss Cranston’s Tea Rooms.

Underground Cathedrals – The amazing art, architecture and design of the London Under-Ground
Monday 24th September
Ian Swankie 

The world’s first underground railway has a wonderful heritage of architecture, ingenious design, powerful advertising posters and unique calligraphy. This lecture plots the early development of the Underground, examines the legacy of Frank Pick and Charles Holden, looks at some of the iconic posters, and celebrates the award-winning architecture of the modern Tube in the Jubilee Line
Extension. We’ll also peek at a few of the forthcoming Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) stations designed by some of the world’s top

¡Fiesta! Festivals in Modern Mexico
Monday 29th October
Chloë Sayer

Chloë introduces us to Mexico’s rich variety of cultures and festivals. Visually splendid, many festivals feature flamboyant processions, masked dances, and elaborate costumes, seasonal markets, floral archways and colourful pathways of dyed sawdust. They also feature music, incense, and exuberant firework displays. Some festivals celebrate national events, but most are religious, often a
blend of Catholicism and pre-Christian beliefs such as those of the Aztec and Maya. Annual events include Carnival, Holy Week, Corpus Christi, and local Saints’ Days, and the famous Day of the Dead, a time for feasting and reunion.

Venue and Time of Lectures

The lectures will be held at the HotHouse Theatre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga.

Members and guests are invited to enjoy a glass of wine and light refreshments before the lecture, from 6.00pm until 6.30pm.  The lecture will commence promptly at 6.30pm. The lectures last approximately 1 hour.


Guests are most welcome. A $25 fee applies and the guests are requested to sign an attendance book on entry. The fee for students and visiting members of other ADFAS societies is $15.


The annual lecture subscription is $150 per person, or $250 a couple. Membership enquiries are welcome. Please contact the secretary, David Martin, on 02 6041 2777 or email

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