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ADFAS Mudgee provides for its members a yearly programme of illustrated lectures given by overseas and Australian lecturers chosen for their communication skills and expert knowledge in their fields.

ABN: 38 303 378 600

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Programme for 2019

16 March 2019
Auguste Rodin and the Gates of Hell
Dr Jacqueline Cockburn

The Gates of Hell, is based on Dante’s extraordinary poem ‘Inferno’. Taking inspiration from Dante’s journey through Hell, Rodin did wonderful drawings and then filled his magnificent doors with figures, which would inspire his entire career. This lecture will look at The Kiss and his other depictions of characters condemned to Hell for their crimes, and we will go back to the poem, one of the most important works of all time.

13 April 2019
Camden Park House
Mr John Broadley

Camden Park House at Menangle, near Camden, is arguably Australia’s most significant private house, commissioned by leading colonist John Macarthur from John Verge, the foremost architect in the colony. Completed after his death by his family in the mid 1830s, this great classical house has remained in the ownership of Macarthur descendants. This presentation will discuss John Verge’s design of Camden Park House in the context of his principal works, and show how the house has evolved through the generations.

18 May 2019
Discovering European Women Artists: 1600-1900
Mr Bernard Allan

From Artemisia Gentileschi in the 17th century to Laura Knight in the early 20th century there have been many excellent female artists, who overcame extraordinary obstacles in order to pursue their careers. Even today, their works are often hidden in gallery vaults or in private collections and to little is know of their lives and their art. This talk seeks to re-discover some of these artists, many of whom would have been well known in their lifetimes

15 June 2019
The Artwork and Journals of the First Fleeters
Mr Paul Brunton

Of the approximately 1400 people on the First Fleet 1787-1788, the handwritten journals of only 11 have survived. These journals provide eyewitness accounts to the voyage to Sydney and their first years here. They also record their interaction with Aboriginal people. Written by men of different ranks, each journal offers a unique perspective. Most were discovered only in the twentieth century and one was acquired as late as the 1990s.

20 July 2019
The Ultimate Renaissance Ruler – Emperor Qianlong 1735-1796
Mr David Rosier

The Emperor Qianlong was arguably the greatest of all Qing Emperors who guided China through a period of political, economic and cultural growth and prosperity. The lecture explores Qianlong’s role as a successful military leader and a tireless instigator and supporter of cultural projects, the science and the arts. Qianlong was an exceptional scholar with a prodigious output of poetry, essays and calligraphy throughout his reign, but it was perhaps as a collector, curator and appraiser of Fine Art and Antiques that Emperor Qianlong created his most durable legacy.

24 August 2019
From Downton to Gatsby-Jewellery and Fashion 1890 to 1929
Mr Andrew Prince

Andrew Prince was commissioned, as a jeweller, to produce many jewels for the main characters in the BBC series ‘Downton Abbey’, and this inspired him to create a talk based on Downton and the changing style of the time. In his talk Andrew guides you through the extraordinary periods between 1890-1929, where the great fashion houses collaborated with the finest jewellers to produce works of art of outstanding quality and glittering opulence. He also discussed the clients and patrons who commissioned the jewels and how there were worn with the sumptuous gowns.

21 September 2019
Zaha Hadid – Architectural Superstar
Mr Colin Davies

Dame Zaha Hadid died on 31 March 2016 at the age of 65. Architectural historians of the future will surely recognise her as one of the most important architects of the early 21st century. She was born in Iraq and reputation was global, but she made Britain her home. The lecture tells the story of her career from the visionary projects of the 1980s, through the years of frustrations when her designs were considered unbuildable, to the prolific crop of successful projects built all over the world in the last decade of her life.

19 October 2019
The Power and the Glory of British Country Houses
Mr Anthony Russell

It is often argued that Britain possesses the finest collection of ‘living’ stately homes in the world. It is harder to deny that they represent one of the country’s greatest assets and its greatest contribution to the decorative arts worldwide. This presentation goes back in time to explain their origins in British history, the changing nature of society and the way country houses have evolved. This journey through their history illustrates the most magnificent examples in all their grandeur and beauty, while considering the impact they have had on society and its development.


Cudgegong Valley Public School, Madeira Road, Mudgee /Saturday 4.30 pm / Parking available in school grounds.


Membership cost is $135 for a single person, $250 for a couple and students are free.  Guests are welcome to attend for $25 a session and members of other AFAS Societies for $10 a session.


Please contact Ray Parle if you would like to attend (0437 735 424)


Ray Parle 0439 735 424

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