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molongloplains2016_00ADFAS Molonglo Plains Inc. was established in 2014 for those rural and regional members who prefer to attend afternoon lectures. Member and visitors are provided with a programme of eight illustrated lectures given by overseas and Australian lecturers chosen for their communication skills and expert knowledge in their field. We also provide opportunities for social events such as theatre parties.

Committee 2019

Carole Polson
Ph: 0405 434 154

Susie Ryrie
Ph: 0419 691 505

Helen Paterson
Ph: 0438 627 057

Membership Secretary
Lucy Costas
Ph: 0437 538 529

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Programme for 2019

Fakes and Forgeries
28 February 2019

Hilary Kay is an antiques expert best known for her many appearances on BBC TV’s Antiques Roadshow. Her childhood obsession with antiques led her to become, at 21, Sotheby’s youngest ever auctioneer. Her lecture lets us witness the devious world of the master forger – objects that fooled the experts, from a Botticelli to a bottle of gin.
(UK lecturer)

Fabulous Fiddles
28 March 2019

Phillip Bailey. Can yoy tell a Stradivarius from a modern violin? Phillip draws on his experience as a personal assistant to Yedhudi Menuhin and guardian of his instruments, to provide insights into this collection, other legendary instruments and the art local luthiers(stringed instrument makers)
(Australian Lecturer)

1066 And All That: The Bayeux Tapestry
23 May 2019

Martin Heard. The Bayeux is one of the greatest of art from the medieval period, depicting the struggle for the English throne from 1064 and culminating in the Battle of Hastings in October 1066. Art historian Martin Heard follows the events and discusses the mysteries of this illustrated social history of the 11th century.
(UK lecturer)

Rudyard Kipling: Novelist and Poet of Empire
27 June 2019

Susannah Fullerton is a teacher and lecturer in literature. Kipling has always been a controversial figure but has ever ceased to delight a vast readership with his brilliant verse and prose. His stories for children are some of the finest ever written.
(Australian Lecturer)

Wassily Kandinsky
18 July 2019

In this lecture Rosalind Whyte explores Kandinsky’s journey from figurative landscape painter to modernist master, as one of the first artists to develop a radically abstract language. It examines how, from his early landscapes inspired by the Bavarian countryside and folk imagery from Russian fairy tales and legends, Kandinsky’s style evolved after he moved to Germany and co-founded Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) group.
(UK lecturer)

Constantinople and Istanbul: A Tale of Two Cities
22 August 2019

Sue Rollin is an archaeologist who will take us to Constantinople and Istanbul. Two names for a city that straddles two continents, was the Byzantine Imperial capital for 1000 years and then capital city of the Ottomans. In this lecture she will explore the history and culture of Constantinople through its art, architecture and daily life.
(UK Lecturer)

The Power and the Glory of England’s Country Houses.
19 September 2019

Anthony Russell. Britain possesses the finest collection of ‘living’ stately homes in the world. Anthony Russell, a cultural historian, writer and artist explains their origins in British history and the way country houses have evolved. How will they evolve and survive in the future?
(UK Lecturer)

The Follies of the Irish. Mad Buildings for Madder People.
17 October 2019

Tom Duncan was educated at Trinity College, where he studied Art and Ancient History & Archaeology. From the 17th century onwards the Irish found ample opportunity to build castles, houses, gate lodges, garden buildings and elaborate gateways that defined both normal taste and budgetary restraint.
(UK Lecturer)


Lectures, followed by afternoon tea, are held on Thursdays commencing at 2 pm at the Queanbeyan Kangaroo Leagues Club (aka The Roos) corner of Stuart Street and Richards Avenue, Queanbeyan N.S.W.


Annual subscription is $ 150 single and $ 245 double membership.
Entry is by membership badge


Visitors are most welcome
The visitor fee is $ 25 per person with prior notice to the Membership Secretary
Visitor gift vouchers are also available


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