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molongloplains2016_00ADFAS Molonglo Plains Inc. was established in 2014 for those rural and regional members who prefer to attend afternoon lectures. Members and visitors are provided with a program of eight illustrated lectures given by overseas and Australian lecturers chosen for their communication skills and expert knowledge in their fields. We also provide opportunities for social events such as theatre parties.

Committee 2020

Lucy Costas
Ph: 0437 538 529

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Nan Morphet
Ph: 0430 063 020

Susie Ryrie
Ph: 0419 691 505

Helen Paterson
Ph: 0438 627 057

Membership Secretary:
Chris Costas
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Programme for 2020

5 March 2020
Cassandre Style: from Kharkov to Poirot
Charles Harris – UK lecturer

A. M. Cassandre was a style guru in an age full of style- the Art Deco. Highly influential, his designs were a playground of sweeping curves, bold zig-zags and sumptuous streamlining, even creating stylish new type face. Charles explains why Cassandre will always be loved for his stunning high fashion posters promoting luxury liners, railways, cars, avant garde bars and sultry cigarettes in the days before the austerities of the Second World War. So what do Fibonacci numbers have to do with it?

16 April 2020
From Gambling Chips to Imperial Jewels: 
Jewels of the Romanovs
Charlotte Nattey – Australian lecturer

The 300 year Romanov dynasty amassed an incredible array of jewels. After the revolution many were disposed of by the Communists or by aristocratic refugees trying to maintain their lifestyle. We will hear the tales of these amazing jewels, and look at them, in this lecture.

21 May 2020
Dr. Johnson and Hester Thrale: 
Blue Stocking and Wit
Karin Fernald UK Lecturer

In 1765 Samuel Johnson, ill and lonely, was introduced to a wealthy brewer, Henry Thrale, and his witty and talented young wife, Hester. Their friendship lasted 18 years providing Johnson with hospitality and Hester the great stimulus of Johnson’s views on literature and life. When Henry Thrale died, and Hester married an Italian musician, London society never forgave her. Nor did Johnson.

25 June 2020
The Artwork and Handwritten Journals of the First Fleet
Paul Brunton – Australian Lecturer

Of the approximately 1400 people on the First Fleet of 1787-88, the journals of only 11 have survived. Emeritus Curator of the Mitchell Library in Sydney Paul Brunton explains how these journals, written by men of different ranks, each offer a unique perspective on the voyage and the first years in the colony.

23 July 2020
Christopher Marlowe: Poet and Spy
Giles Ramsay – UK lecturer

When men were prepared to murder and be martyred for their religious faith and the Elizabethan security services were zealously gathering intelligence against a militant enemy, a Golden Age of Theatre emerged in England. Assassinated at the age of 29, Christopher Marlowe was very much a man of his time.

20 August 2020
The Story of the Crystal Palace
Ian Gledhill – UK lecturer

Originally designed for the Great Exhibition of 1851, the Crystal Palace was Joseph Paxton’s masterpiece and was the largest iron and glass building ever constructed, dominating the south London skyline for over 80 years until destroyed by fire in 1936. Ian Gledhill tells us of the history both of the Great Exhibition and the building that housed it, and the ongoing legacy of both.

17 September 2020
Helsinki: A Jewel of Art Nouveau
Brian Healey – UK Lecturer

Arriving in Helsinki one is often surprised by its architecture, it seems to recall the elegant lines of Charles Rennie Mackintosh perhaps, yet strangely populated by mythical creatures from the epic “Kalevala”. Myths that inspired the music of Sibelius and artists such as Aksell Gallen-Kaliela’s “Defense of Sampo”. 
Brian will show how art, architecture, music and literature came together in Finland’s quest for nationhood in the later years of the 19th century and, at the same time, helped turn its capital city into a jewel of Art Nouveau, but with a distinctly Finnish flavour.

15 October 2020
The Eastern Influence in European Jewellery
Patricia Law – UK lecturer

The influence of the East on European jewellery pervades in all its aspects. Patricia looks at the gemstones that were traded and exported to Europe, pearls in Roman times, rubies from Burma, sapphires from Kashmir, jade from China, etc. and their influence on style, techniques and the way that jewellery was worn. This lecture aims to show the glamour of the East and how the West embraced and absorbed its myriad influences. This image; an Indian inspired Cartier design.


Lectures, followed by afternoon tea, are held on Thursdays commencing at 2pm at the Queanbeyan Kangaroo Leagues Club (aka The Roos Club) corner of Stuart St and Richards Ave, Queanbeyan NSW.


Annual subscription is $155 for single membership and $270 for double membership.
Entry is by member name badge.


Visitors are most welcome.
The visitor fee is $25 per person with prior notice to the Membership Secretary
Visitor gift vouchers are also available.


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