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ADFAS Dubbo & Districts provides for its members a yearly programme of illustrated lectures given by overseas and Australian lecturers chosen for their communication skills and expert knowledge in their fields.

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Programme for 2019

Monday 18th March
Van Gogh & Gauguin
Presented by
Dr Jacqueline Cockburn

This lecture will show the development of the career of both artists until their final co-habitation in 1888 in Arles. It will chart their time together and consider events which follow. It will compare several works and explore letters and diaries to shed meaning on their shared experience and turbulent natures.

Jacqueline Cockburn is Managing Director of Art and Culture Andalucía, Spain, where she runs residential courses in art and culture, she also works in London as a freelance lecturer, at Christies Education, The Art Fund, The London Art History Society as well as several other prestigious institutions. Her specialist field is Spanish Art but she also lectures on European Art 1790-1950. She lectured at Westminster School, London and Birkbeck College, University of London for over 20 years.

Monday 15th April
Renaissance Villas & Gardens
Presented By 
Kathleen Olive

Andrea Palladio, the italian architect whose constructions inspired new building culture in England and North America, theorised that beauty results “from the form and correspondence of the whole”. Since Antiquity, Italian villas and their gardens have been designed harmoniously, making valuable agricultural and economic contributions. They also provided space for intellectual reflection, architectural innovation and aesthetic appreciation.

Kathleen Olive’s PHD was a study of artisanal culture in Renaissance Florence, through the lens of a goldsmith’s book known as the Codex Rustici. She lived and studied in Italy for a number of years and then taught Italian language, literature and history at the University of Sydney.


Monday 20th May
From Civil War to Great War
Presented By
Bernard Allan

After the Civil War American artists, increasingly influenced by French art, became more diverse and adventurous. A vibrant art market was fuelled by a new class of wealthy patrons, new galleries, dealers and art journals. Impressionism became a highly important art form. Meanwhile, the “Ashcan” painters attempted something dramatically new: depicting life in the overcrowded cities as the country’s new industrial power was fuelled by massive immigration. This was a new art form and truly American. Bernard Allan has a BA (Hons) in History and an MA (Distinction) in History of Art. Following a successful business career he spent several years teaching art history for the WEA (adult education) and is now an independent art history tutor. He has been an ADFAS/Arts Society lecturer for several years, specialising in the work of European women artists and also American art. He has lectured widely to local organisations and guided groups around art galleries in London and Paris.

Monday 24th June
Art Market
Presented By
Alison Renwick

Alison Renwick’s expertise is drawn from her extensive knowledge of local and international markets spanning more than thirty years working in the auction industry and the art world both in Australia and in Europe. Alison has established a unique eye combined with an extensive network of established and emerging artists throughout the Australasian, Pacific region, Europe and North America. Alison worked in Melbourne, London and Germany with Sotheby’s for almost ten years. Alison worked in London as an expert in the Portrait Miniatures, Objects of Vertu, Russian Silver and works by Carl Alexander Faberge department. Alison returned to Australia in 1998 to set up her own art consultancy firm.

Monday 22nd July
Heaven’s Embroidered Cloth
The History and Development of Imperial Chinese Silk
Presented By
David Rosier

This lecture traces the origins and myths that surround Imperial Chinese Silk. Initial consideration focuses on the period from Neolithic times (4000BC) through to the start of the Ming Dynasty in 1368 and traces the establishment of Imperial Weaving and Embroidery Workshops which produced Court Costume and decorative textiles for Imperial palaces. The technological and artistic skills required for this industry to flourish will be explored as will the relationship of the Imperial Workshops with commercial weavers and embroiderers.
David Rosier has in excess of 25 years of experience working and living in East Asia. Whilst living in Hong Kong he assembled a collection of approximately 700 predominantly Qing Dynasty (from 1644-1911) Imperial and related textiles, costume and dress accessories.

Monday 26th August
The Glamour Years
Jewellery and Fashion 1929-1959
Presented By
Andrew Prince

This lecture explores how the rise of Cinema and Hollywood would have such a dramatic impact on fashion and Jewellery design. From Dietrich to Grace Kelly, Andrew guides you through the Screen Goddesses and how they were portrayed, exploring how the Edwardian and Art Deco styles did not end with the outbreak of WW2, but re-emerged in the late 1940s, with Dior’s ‘New Look’.

Andrew Prince creates some of the finest crystal jewellery in the world, and over the years he has built up a loyal clientele ranging from stars of stage and screen, royalty, couture houses and institutions such as the V&A. His jewellery has appeared in film and famously he was chosen to supply a large collection of jewellery for the third season of Downton Abbey.


Monday 23rd September
Modern Architecture
Presented By
Colin Davies

Exploring the major themes in 20th and 21st century architecture such as the rise of Modernism, the Postmodern reaction, survival of classicism and the effects of digital culture, this talk aims to foster a fuller understanding of modern architecture and thereby encourage the enjoyment of its rich variety.

Colin Davies is an architect and a regular contributor to architectural magazines world-wide and was a former editor of The Architects’ Journal. He was previously Professor of Architectural Theory at London Metropolitan University. He has made numerous TV and radio appearances and published several books on various aspects of Architecture.

Monday 21th October
Blenheim Palace
Agony and Ecstasy
Presented By
Anthony Russell

Possibly the most admired historic English building outside London, Blenheim Palace is an uncompromising World Heritage monument to English military ambition and one family’s self-importance. The story of its construction is a fascinating catalogue of excess and outrage.

Anthony Russell is a cultural historian, writer and artist, travelling the country advising on the furniture needs of prestigious buildings throughout Britain, including museums, palaces, schools and cathedrals, Anthony now works with the British Museum to undertake outreach and lecture programs.

Venue and Time of Lectures

All lectures are held at 6:00pm at Wesley Church Hall,  Church Street, Dubbo and are free to Dubbo financial members. Refreshments will be served after the lecture.


Guests are welcome. A fee of $20 per lecture applies.

The fee for members of other ADFAS Societies is $5. Memberships are transferable, however guests using the membership of a Dubbo ADFAS Member will be required to pay $5.00

Tickets to individual lectures can be purchased online here at 123Tix


Annual Subscription $130

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