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Welcome to ADFAS Narrabri’s 2021 season!  After the year we’ve just had, we are very excited to herald a return to face to face lectures.  Please call in and visit us at any of the events you can see listed below … experience the warm, welcoming vibe that encompasses these evenings of listening and learning!  Our lectures are superbly illustrated on a huge screen in the comfort of Cinema 1, The Crossing Theatre, Narrabri, followed by refreshments and a chat with our lecturers in the adjoining café, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Crossing Theatre lawns and the Narrabri Creek.  The talks cover an arts-correlated range over many fascinating and diverse topics – some will be familiar, and others could be unchartered terrain.  All lectures are presented in a sophisticated and knowledgeable format at the same time being accessible to all levels of arts experience.  Our early evening presentations offer a friendly social experience and are open to everyone interested in arts, history, and culture.

Members who wish to join are more than welcome to turn up to a lecture and ask for a membership form. Everyone is also welcomed to come along to a lecture of their choice at any time.  Our lectures take place on Monday evenings – please refer to the dates scheduled below.  Arrivals start from 6.30pm in The Crossing Theatre foyer for at 7pm start. 

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Committee 2021

Chairman: Anne Boehm
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Secretary: Kay Durham
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Treasurer: Nanette Watson

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Programme for 2021

ADFAS Narrabri will hold 7 face to face lectures during the year, according to current Public Health determinations in NSW at the time and the capacity of our venue.  Be aware that circumstances may change at any time. Covid regulations will be in place for arrivals, seating, mingling with the crowd, food handling and catering, and we will be adhering to restrictions relevant to each date of our events.  These regulations are required by our society and will also be enforced regulations set by our venue, The Crossing Theatre.  Please be assured that our procedures will guarantee the utmost safety and health of our lecturer, organisers, members and guests. Please contact if you need any further information.

1 March 2021
“And so to bed … “
Susannah Fullerton
The Crossing Theatre, arrivals at 6.30pm for a 7pm start

The diary of Samuel Pepys has long been considered the greatest diary in the English language. Historians have found it invaluable, but it is also a superb work of literature.  Founder of the modern English navy, President of the Royal Society, Member of Parliament, talented musician, composer and lover of numerous women, Samuel Pepys was all of these, but it is this candid diary that has ensured he remains a household name centuries after his death. “And so to bed …”, this talk on Pepys tells the Plague and the Great Fire, constant womanising, theatre-going and dinners. Susannah loves to share her enthusiasm for this most human and delightful of diarists. 

Susannah Fullerton has been passionate about literature for as long as she can remember. She currently teaches literature courses in Sydney and lectures at the State Library of NSW and the Art Gallery of NSW.

3 May 2021
Dirt, Dust & Discovery
Charlotte Nattey
The Crossing Theatre, arrivals at 6.30pm for a 7pm start

From a shaky start in the new penal colony, the discovery of gold in Australia in the 19th Century led to great prosperity, wealth and, of course, population growth. The distinct and often unique jewellery that was created from our Australian goldfields is a fascinating part of our history.  It is now highly sought after both here and overseas. Were the streets of Kalgoorlie really paved in gold?

Educated in the UK, Charlotte Nattey later studied art and music in Florence and now resides in Australia. Charlotte has developed her own business trading antique jewellery and sterling silver between the UK and Australia. She is a member of ADFAS Canberra.  Her interests combine the fields of decorative and fine arts, antiques, gardens, music and fashion with a fascination for design and its influence on our lives. 

7 June 2021
War & Peace : Quilty & Gittoes
Gavin Fry
The Crossing Theatre, arrivals at 6.30pm for a 7pm start

Since the end of the Vietnam War more than forty years ago, Australians have served in many parts of the world in the role of peacekeepers. While the title might sound benign, the conflicts and experiences of those at the front can be as dramatic and dangerous as any world war. Ben Quilty and George Gittoes have both worked as war artists with these small expeditionary forces, bringing home a truly human story, filled with high emotion and drama befitting artists of deep conscience. 

Gavin Fry is a writer, artist and museum professional with fifty years’ experience working in curatorial and management positions in Australian museums, galleries and educational institutions. 

5 July 2021
Jewellery Today : Ancient Art in Contemporary Hands
Julie Ewington
The Crossing Theatre, arrivals at 6.30pm for a 7pm start

What is contemporary jewellery? Jewellery may be the oldest continuous form of art making in the world, practiced in the majority of human cultures. Its appeal is enduring, today jewellery is part of the flourishing world of contemporary art, sustained by the same social settings and issues. With this view, contemporary jewellery should be considered in the same light as other contemporary art manifestations, as a crucial part of the cultural landscape. Yet jewellery has its own histories, legacies and directions, and today jewellers are very clear about the specific traditions that they continue (and challenge) and the particular questions they address.

Julie Ewington is a nationally and internationally recognised authority on contemporary Australian art across range of media, and on contemporary art in Southeast Asia. Over four decades she has worked as an independent writer, curator and broadcaster.

6 September 2021
Ready, Set?  Adventures in Digital Landscapes
Michael Scott-Mitchell
The Crossing Theatre, arrivals at 6.30pm for a 7pm start

Somehow, and life is strange in the way it springs things upon you unexpectedly, I have found myself at the forefront of digital explorations in design for performance.  In the last twelve months I have designed Madame Butterfly for Opera Australia, the first fully fledged digital design for opera in Australia, UAE48 National Day Celebrations in Abu Dhabi, parts of World Expo in Dubai, and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra’s Christmas season – Noël Noël at the Angel Place Recital Hall. All of these works embrace digital technology, which in turn I am enfolding into my research as Professor of Practice, UNSW Art and Design.  Digital Landscapes are a part of our future, and my interest is how to enfold this technology to enhance performance. Not always as easy as you might think…

For the past three decades Michael Scott-Mitchell has been a formidable force within the performing arts making a major contribution both within Australia and internationally. He has designed the sets for an impressive number of highly acclaimed productions.

18 October 2021
The Venice Biennale
Nick Gordon
The Crossing Theatre, arrivals at 6.30pm for a 7pm start

Venice is one of the world’s great art cities, with its medieval mosaics, Renaissance masterpieces and wonderful collections of modern art. It also has a rolling series of biennales – of art, sculpture, cinema, architecture, dance and theatre – which take up half of each year, and which have expanded phenomenally since the Biennale was invented in Venice in the 1890s. In this lecture, Dr Nick Gordon explores how the Biennale has transformed Venice from a provincial town on the edge of Italy into the highly sophisticated playground it is today to showcase modern and contemporary arts.

Dr Nick Gordon holds a University Medal and PhD in history from the University of Sydney. He has led art-focused tours for Academy Travel since 2007, principally to Europe and Australia. He is also an artist and brings his deep knowledge of materials, techniques and the insights of his “artist’s eye” to his analyses of art in his lectures.

NOTE: This date has been changed since the program went to print.  The correct date is listed here.

8 November 2021
Khayamiya : A History of the Egyptian Tentmakers
Sam Bowker
The Crossing Theatre, arrivals at 6.30pm for a 7pm start 

With needles, scissors and thimbles, the Tentmakers of Cairo sew spectacular walls of colour. These ‘Khayamiya’ appliques are used to decorate the streets of Egypt, transforming public spaces into vibrant ceremonial pavilions. They inspired the paper cut-outs of Henri Matisse, were collected as souvenirs by the ANZACs, and are now an endangered art form in Egypt. To survive, it must be seen by audiences who appreciate the value of skilled hands, living heritage, and dazzling colour.  A rare opportunity to see Egypt’s most exhilarating form of street art.

Dr Sam Bowker is the Senior Lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture at Charles Sturt University. Beyond developing Australia’s leading ‘Islamic art and design’ subject for university students, he has curated diverse international exhibitions and published widely on the history of Khayamiya Egyptian tentmaker applique.


Our ADFAS lectures are held on Monday evenings in Cinema 1, The Crossing Theatre, Tibbereena Street, Narrabri.

A light supper and refreshments are provided after each lecture, an opportunity to catch up with friends old and new, and to have a friendly chat with our lecturers!
All lectures have a 7.00pm start, with arrivals commencing in the foyer from 6.30pm onwards.  Lectures take approximately 1 hour, followed by questions from the audience.  Refreshments continue for approximately another hour, concluding the night around 9.30pm.  Plenty of parking space is available in The Crossing Theatre carpark.  


Guests are most welcome at $30 OR at $25 if pre-ordered with TryBooking            
High School students under 18 years $10.
Primary aged students – Free.                                  
Visiting ADFAS members $5.
(Prices are inclusive of refreshments).


The annual membership subscription for new members is $150 per person or $280 per couple.
Come along as a Guest or join up at your leisure at our entry desk!


Nanette Watson, Treasurer
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