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As a result of the continuing pandemic our programme for 2021 will be somewhat modified.  The first three lectures 2021 will be digital and Ku-ring-gai Members are emailed links to these lectures. However, if as an ADFAS member of another society, you are interested in viewing a lecture or lectures you can contact the Ku-ring-gai Chairman, Helen Meddings, on 0457 062 456.

There will be six in-person lectures given on Wednesdays – 26th May, 23rd June, 28th July, 25th August, 22nd September and 3rd November 2021 at the Zenith Theatre. Seating will be limited in line with restrictions which, as it currently stands, will mean fewer people can be accommodated.  Therefore, reservations will be necessary. A Booking Form will be emailed to Ku-ring-gai members early 2021. Applications on this form will be taken in order of receipt.

Two Special Interest Days are scheduled for Thursday, 29th July and Thursday, 23rd September 2021 at Laurelbank.

Unfortunately, due to current restrictions non-member guests and members of other ADFAS societies will not be permitted on these occasions.

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February 2021      
Music in Art – the Baroque Era (1600-1750)
by Peter Medhurst   (Digital)

With a musicologist’s eye Peter Medhurst takes us on a journey through a range of magnificent paintings from the Baroque era.  Peter compliments the paintings with music of the period which he plays on the harpsichord, the virginals and the organ.

Peter Medhurst was born of German and English parents, and did his musical training at the Royal College of Music where he studied singing, playing the organ, composition and music history.  He travels the world as a musician and scholar, giving recitals and delivering illustrated lectures on music and the arts. 

March 2021
Painting the Spanish Light: Joaquin Sorolla
by Jacqueline Cockburn   (Digital)

The life and times of this extraordinary Spanish artist is explored. He lived from 1863 to 1923. His most typical works are characterized by a dexterous representation of the people and landscape under the bright sunlight of Spain and sunlit water.

Jacqueline Cockburn is Managing Director of Art and Culture Andalucia. Her Art History degree and PhD were taken at London University and her specialist field is Spanish Art. She lectures at notable institutions in England and is an author.

April 2021
by Jane Gardiner   (Digital)

The opening up of trade routes between Europe and Far East early 17th century led to a craze for all things Oriental, particularly porcelain and lacquer work that had an enormous impact on European taste, collecting and display. European designers were inspired to produce goods whimsical and sometimes fantastic and thoroughly European based on an Oriental theme, which affected every branch of interior design and decoration throughout the eighteenth century.

Jane Gardiner has an MA History of Art from London University. She trained at the Victoria and Albert Museum and continues to lecture there.  She was a senior Lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art for 17 years, becoming a Deputy Director.

26 May 2021
Florence Broadhurst – the Enigmatic Design Legend
by Claudia Chan Shaw   (Live)

An artist, her wallpaper and textile designs were immensely popular in the 1960’s and 70’s.  Throughout her life she re-invented herself hiding her humble beginnings passing herself off as a French couturier and an English aristocrat. Aged 60 she started her internationally successful business, only to have it all come to a terrible end.

Claudia Chan Shaw is a fashion designer, television and radio presenter, author, public speaker, collector and artist.  She is co-designer and director for the fashion label, Vivian Chan Shaw.

23 June 2021
Frayed at the Edges: Reflections on 30 years of Conserving in Australia
by Julian Bickersteth (Live) 

Julian will trace his career from furniture conservator at the Powerhouse Museum through his business in conservation, which has seen work undertaken on the John Coburn tapestries in the Sydney Opera House to work on restoration of the Scott and Shackleton huts in Antarctica. 

Julian Bickersteth trained as a furniture conservator in the UK before coming to Australia in 1983.  In 1986 he founded and still manages International Conservation Services, a world leader in its field.  He is Chairman of the David Roche Foundation in Adelaide and President of ADFAS.

28 July 2021
Stella Bowen in Paris
by Lola Wilkins   (Live) 

In her autobiography, Stella Bowen wrote “I love and adore Paris. I love the way its quick and brilliant life runs openly on the surface for all to see. Every face in the street, every voice, every shape, is hard at it, telling its story, living its life, producing itself.”  In Paris in 1922 Stella craved a life of art among fellow artists.  Her partner, Ford Madox Ford, the poet, writer and critic, insisted on a peaceful existence in order to write.  Thus Stella was thrust into the world of the literati of the era, while her art took second place. She became an Australian Official War Artist in England in 1944.

Lola Wilkins is former Head of Art, Australian War Memorial where she curated the exhibition, Stella Bowen: Art, Love and War. Lola was also former Chair, ADFAS Canberra.

29 July 2021  
Special Interest Day
The Great Mughals
by Judy Tenzing  (Live)

The great Mughal emperors of India, descendants of Tamerlane and Genghis Khan from the wilds of Central Asia, ruled India for over three centuries from 1526 – 1857.  Their story is one of power and loss, war and treachery.  Yet their legacy is also one of great richness and splendor, artistic wonder and remarkable social religious tolerance.

Judy Tenzing was born in Sydney but her life changed when she travelled to Kathmandu and fell in love with Nepal and the Himalayas where she lived and worked for years before returning to Sydney and establishing a travel agency focusing on India and South Asian cultural tours.  She has written a book, “Tenzing and the Sherpas of Everest”.  Her husband is the grandson of Everest’s first summiteer with Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay.

25 August 2021
Jeffrrey Smart: His Art and Influence
by Dr Nick Gordon    (Live)

Jeffrey Smart remains one of Australia’s most endearing modern artists, and the quiet stillness captured in many of his works is instantly recognisable.   The playfulness this formal analysis reveals stems from his diverse influences, including Renaissance masters such as Piero della Francesca, to the giants of modernism such as Cézanne, and his teachers, Dorrit Black and Fernand Léger.

Dr Nick Gordon is a cultural historian and artist, with over 10 years of experience leading tours to Europe.  He has strong interests in art, history, philosophy and architecture, from the ancient world to the present.  Nick holds a University Medal and PhD in history from Sydney University.

22 September 2021
Telling our Stories: Images and Ideas from Australian Film
by Karen Pearlman  (Live)

This lecture looks at three distinct waves of Australian film-making:  beautifully shot and performed period dramas of the 1970s and early 80s followed by the ‘glitter cycle’ a decade later and finally to the more recent work of indigenous filmmakers with something to say to the world.

Karen Pearlman was born St Louis, Missouri. After a career in dance she gained a Masters in film editing and a Doctorate of Creative Arts. She is a film scholar, lecturer in film production at Macquarie University and author of books on film editing.  She co-directs The Physical TV Company. In 2009 Dr Pearlman was elected President of the Australian Screen Editors Guild (ASE). 


23 September 2021  
Special Interest Day   
The Achaemenids: Iran’s Greatest Empire 
by Dr John Tidmarsh   (Live)

Before the arrival of Islam in the 7th century CE, Iran had been the centre of several of the world’s greatest empires. Of these, that of the Achaemenids was the first and arguably the most extensive. We shall examine the rise and fall of this powerful, but somewhat forgotten, empire.

Dr John Tidmarsh is Hon. Associate of the Department of Archaeology at Sydney University and Co-Director of its excavations at Pella in Jordan and Jebel Khalid in Syria. He specialises in the archaeology of the Persian and Hellenistic periods and travels widely in the Middle East.


3 November 2021    
Art Across the Ditch: Contemporary Art in NZ
by Julie Ewington    (Live) 

Contemporary art in NZ is rich, complex and fascinating and deserves to be better known in this country. This lecture examines key themes in current art from the brilliance of Maori expressions to the deep-seated love of landscape share by Maori and Pakeha New Zealanders.

Julie Ewington is a writer, curator and broadcaster based in Sydney. She is an authority on contemporary Australasian art, especially art by women, and contemporary art from Southeast Asia, she has held both academic and curatorial positions, always focusing on contemporary art.


Venue and time of Lectures and the Special Interest Days:

Lectures:  Wednesdays in the Zenith Theatre, Chatswood.

Morning lectures commence at 10:30 am and evening lectures at 6.00 pm. Please be seated 5 minutes before the stated commencement time.

Special Interest Days will be held on Thursday 29th July and Thursday, 23rd September 2021 at “Laurelbank”, Cnr Penshurst and Laurel Streets, Willoughby starting at 10.30 am.  For members only.  The cost for this is $75 p/p, which includes morning tea and lunch.  It is necessary to book on the Form attached and pay for this well in advance as numbers are strictly limited.

Any member wishing to come to the Special Interest Days should contact Mrs Gillian Stegman on 9414 5609 or gillianst@bigpond.com to ask if places are still available.


Membership Secretary, Ann Windeyer, on 9416 5007 (9.30am to 4.30pm) or email windeyerann@gmail.com

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