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The Ku-ring-gai ADFAS Society is situated in the leafy North Shore of
Sydney with a large, loyal and welcoming membership. Our main purpose is to facilitate the delivery of high-quality lectures on a diverse range of topics by well-credentialed speakers of repute from Australia and the UK.  Light refreshments follow the lectures giving time for social interaction with friends.  We also offer Special Interest Days throughout the year for a more in-depth analysis of a topic or theme.  These days consist of three lectures punctuated with morning tea and lunch – a wonderful day out for friends. Come and join us!

In line with our mission to cultivate the application and study of the Arts, we offer support to young people establishing their careers in various artistic pursuits. This can be through personal grants, scholarships or funding to appropriate organisations.

We also strongly encourage the preservation of our cultural and artistic heritage and this is carried out by a dedicated team of volunteers, known as Church Recorders, who painstakingly document the architecture, history and contents of local churches, culminating in a printed, illustrated book for the church and national archive for posterity.

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16 February 2022
The Value of Art
Leigh Capel
Zenith Theatre – 10.30 am & 6.00 pm

The value of art in our everyday lives is explored and the reasons for our needing art; a universal language that transcends all borders.  The current art market (primary and secondary) is analysed together with the necessity for research and provenance as an essential part of determining art’s value.

Leigh is an accredited valuer of the Auctioneers & Valuers Association of Australia. His experience within the auction industry and outside as an art dealer provides a rounded perspective of the art market and art history.   He is Director of Belle Epoque Fine Art and Antiques, known for supplying art and furniture to the Australian Film & Television industry.

16 March 2022
Pack and Follow – Quilts Which Hold My Stories
Jennifer Bowker AO
Zenith Theatre – 10.30 am and 6.00 pm

The lecture is a “trunk show” through her life and work as a textile artist while she accompanied her diplomat husband overseas.  The influences on her work and imagery drawn from the Middle East are explored.  She will also review the major events and issues, both in Australia and abroad, that have influenced her work.

Jenny is an internationally known and awarded quilter while acting as a quilt judge.  She is co-author of “The Magic of Quiltmaking – A Beginners Guide”.  She has worked with women’s groups in Iran, Palestine and many other developing countries as well as teaching in Europe, Asia and USA.

April 2022 – Digital
The Sculptures of the Parthenon or How Lord Elgin gained and lost his Marbles.
Alan Read

In the two centuries since the sculptures of the Parthenon were removed by Lord Elgin, their perceived significance has changed dramatically, from architectural decoration to disputed cultural objects.  This lecture examines the current debate surrounding their restitution to Greece.

Alan has a Master’s and first class Honours degree in History of Art from Birkbeck College, London.  He is a gallery guide in many of the major galleries in the UK and lectures widely.

25 May 2022
Australian Place-Makers
Sally Butler
Zenith Theatre – 10.30 am & 6.00 pm

Artistic techniques are examined that some of Australia’s most iconic artists have used to capture the sense of place in their work. Themes include those in the works of Lawrence Daws, Mavis Ngalametta, Fred Williams, Albert Namatjira and Jeffrey Smart.

Sally is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Queensland. She has published widely in Australia and Internationally in both journals and books.

26 May 2022 – Special Interest Day
Aboriginal Art
Sally Butler
“Laurelbank” – 10.30 am

The modern Aboriginal art movement has developed markedly since the 1970’s whilst retaining its connection to visual traditions going back to rock art created many thousands of years ago.  Cultural traditions are re-invented and re-invigorated through innovative art of today.  Examples to be discussed include indigenous art from the Central Desert, North Queensland, the Kimberley’s and Arnhem Land.

22 June 2022
Streams of Fire and Tongues of Flame – a short History of the Art of Glass
Geoffrey Edwards
Zenith Theatre – 10.30 am & 6.00 pm

The ancient and remarkable history of glass as an art form is traced, with examples provided of works in major public collections including the National Gallery of Victoria. Reference is made to glass related imagery and symbolism in the visual arts, film and literature.

Geoffrey led an esteemed Curatorial career at the National Gallery of Victoria before becoming Director of the Geelong Art Gallery. His professional affiliations, here and abroad, are extensive.  He authored the book “Art of Glass” about the notable collection at the National Gallery of Victoria.

14 July 2022 – Special Interest Day
Focus on Renaissance Italy
Kathleen Olive
“Laurelbank” – 10.30 am

A broad overview is provided of Renaissance life – the villas and gardens, and their afterlives; Renaissance women and little known and lauded woman artists in 16th and 17th century Italy.

Kathleen’s PhD was a study of artisanal culture in Renaissance Florence.  She lived and studied in Italy for a number of years, and then taught Italian language, literature and history at the University of Sydney.  She now works for Renaissance Tours.

27 July 2022
Dressing Sydney: The Jewish Fashion Story
Peter McNeil
Zenith Theatre – 10.30 am & 6.00 pm

Thousands of Jewish migrants fled Nazism and many arrived in Sydney in the 1930’s and 40’s.   A large number worked in the clothing and appearance industries.  Many prospered bringing entrepreneurial knowledge from Europe acquiring high quality knitwear from Vienna, introducing new casual separates, textiles and colours, thus transforming Australian fashion.

Peter is Distinguished Professor of Design History at UTS.  He was Foundation Professor of Fashion Studies, Sweden and Distinguished Professor at the Academy of Finland, Helsinki. He is a prolific author and has worked with museums around the world.

24 August 2022
Learn the Lines and Don’t Fall Over the Furniture
Robert Ketton
Zenith Theatre – 10.30 am & 6.00 pm

The lecture’s title comes from Noel Coward as advice to a young actor.  With 35 years of lecturing in acting, Robert explodes the myth of “truth in acting”. Good acting is a mixture of internal and external skills which he will demonstrate.   An amusing and thought-provoking lecture in which we recognize our behaviours in our own role playing in everyday life.

Educated in England, Robert helped establish theatre in Queensland Secondary Schools and was then appointed as a Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland. He works as a communications consultant, M.C. and public speaker.

25 August 2022 – Special Interest Day
The Great Mughals
Judy Tenzing
“Laurelbank” 10.30 am

The great Mughal emperors of India, descendants of Tamerlane and Genghis Khan from the wilds of Central Asia, ruled India for over 300 years.  Their story is of power, loss, war and treachery yet their legacy is one of great richness, splendour, artistic wonder and religious tolerance.

Judy was born in Sydney but her life changed when she travelled to Kathmandu and fell in love with Nepal and the Himalayas where she lived and worked.  Judy married the grandson of Tenzing Norgay, the first summiteer of Mt Everest with Sir Edmund Hilary.   She is author of “Tenzing and the Sherpas of Everest”.

21 September 2022
Contemporary Australian Metalwork
Grace Cochrane AM
Zenith Theatre – 10.30 am & 6.00 pm

The lecture is based on a presentation in England in 2005 organised by the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths to consider the contemporary collecting of silver.  The diversity of metals used by Australian metalsmiths was noted and examples are given of objects produced both earlier and in current metalwork.

Grace, an independent curator and writer, was until 2005 a senior curator for Australian decorative arts and design at the Powerhouse Museum.  She has lectured about crafts and design, written for a large number of publications and been a Board member of a number of professional organisations. She is the author of “The Crafts Movement in Australia; A History”.

22 September 2022 – Special Interest Day
The Achaemenids: Iran’s Greatest Empire
Dr John Tidmarsh
“Laurelbank” – 10.30 am

Before the arrival of Islam in the 7th century CE, Iran had been the centre of several of the world’s greatest empires.  Of these, that of the Achaemenids was the first and arguably the most extensive.  We shall examine the rise and fall of this powerful, but somewhat forgotten, empire.

John is Hon. Associate of the Department of Archaeology at Sydney University and Co-Director of its excavations at Pella in Jordan and Jebel Khalid in Syria. He specialises in the archaeology of the Persian and Hellenistic periods and travels widely in the Middle East.

2 November 2022
Painting the French Revolution
Peter McPhee AM
Zenith Theatre – 10.30 am & 6.00 pm

Art during the French Revolution is commonly associated with great painters of the age such as Jacques-Louis David and Jean-Baptiste Greuze. However, the work of lesser, forgotten painters who tried to capture the exhilaration and uncertainty of society of that time are examined.  They painted not only on canvas but on various other surfaces.

Peter was appointed to a Personal Chair at the University of Melbourne and was Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost at the University for 6 years.  He is currently Chair of the History Council of Victoria.  He has authored a number of books on the French Revolution the latest being, “Liberty or Death -The French Revolution”.

Venue and time of Lectures and the Special Interest Days:

Venue and Time of Lectures:  Zenith Theatre, corner Railway and McIntosh Streets, Chatswood.  Parking Wilsons Zenith Theatre Carpark.  10.30 am or 6.00 pm start.  Concessional parking rate $8.00 to be validated at the Zenith Snack Bar.  Guests at $30 p/p accompanied by a member, or $25 p/p for members of another ADFAS Society.

Venue and Time of Special Interest Days: “Laurelbank”, cnr Penshurst and Laurel Streets, Willoughby where there is parking for 55 cars as well at street parking. 10.30 am start. $75 per person includes morning tea and lunch.  Any member wishing to attend a Special Interest Day should contact Mrs Gillian Stegmann on 9416 5609.



Membership enquiries should be made to the Membership Secretary, Ann Windeyer, on 9416 5007 (9.30 am to 4.30 pm)

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