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A warm and friendly welcome to our ADFAS Gold Coast Lecture Programme for 2021.

This year we have on offer a range of  eight digital and face-to-face interesting and enriching lectures, on diverse topics, plus two ‘Special Event  Lectures” in May and October.

Our Lecturers are Australian and International experts in their field. Six of our lecturers are from Australia. They will be providing face to face lectures.

Because our six programmed overseas Lecturers, accredited by The Arts Society (U.K.), are not able to travel due to Covid 19 travel restrictions, ADFAS Gold Coast has purchased Digital Lectures of the topics they were going to deliver when they visited the Gold Coast. These digital lectures will be circulated to members to enjoy at their leisure in their home. Two of these lectures will be projected onto large screens at our venue for members to enjoy as a group in March and in October.

Our lectures are normally held at 9.30am on a Saturday Morning at   our preferred venue, the Home of the Arts (HOTA.)

Following the lecture, at 10.30 a.m., Morning Tea is served in a venue which overlooks the Gold Coast City skyline, the Green Bridge and the lake.

Our ‘Special Event Lecture” in May, 2021 will be held in the new HOTA Gallery and will include a tour of the new Gallery and wine and cheese in the roof bar whilst enjoying the view of the Gold Coast and the Sunset. Another Special Event is planned for October, 2021.

We also organize Art Coach Tours to Exhibitions and places of Cultural Interest during the year and as well, Special Events of Interest such as Film events at HOTA and Theatre Events.

Our ADFAS Gold Coast Banner advertises what we as a Gold Coast Society offer our members. It is displayed at all our lectures and events at HOTA to attract new members to ADFAS.

We publish an informative Newsletter three times a year which is posted on this website and regular monthly Keeping in Touch Bulletins to our Members.


Committee 2021

Ms Patricia Ruzzene

Mrs Ann McCallum

Mrs Carol Little

Membership Secretary
Ms Caroline Gordon

Programme Secretary
Ms Sandra Fueloep


Programme for 2021


6 March 2021 – (Digital Lecture Projected onto large screens in the venue)
Lecturer: Dr John Stevens (The Arts Society U.K.) 
Topic: The Architecture of Mughal India: Palaces, Mosques, Gardens and Mausoleums

Before the British arrived in India, the Indian Continuant was ruled by the Mughal Emperors. The stunning buildings and gardens they constructed from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century have left an indelible stamp on India’s architectural and cultural landscape. Mughal architecture fused elements from Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indian architectural traditions and gave rise to some of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in the world.

This lecture will take you on a tour of these buildings and provide insight into the historical context and colourful personalities involved in their construction.

10 April 2021
Lecturer: Dr Karen Pearlman (Australian) 
Topic: Cutting Rhythms, Shaping Stories: How film editing works 

Few aspects of filmmaking are as shrouded in mystery as the work of the film editor. Film editors will usually say their art is intuitive – magic, instinctive, inexpressible. But this lecture explodes the myth that good editing is invisible, and reveals what goes on in the edit suite to save movies, tell stories and make thousands of bits of footage into coherent and compelling films.

Clips from Pearlman’s  Australian Screen Editors Guild Award winning films, and quotes from her internationally distributed book on film editing, ‘Cutting Rhythms’, are woven in to this story of how cuts work, where they are hidden, why they are made the way they are, and who is behind the good ideas that come out in the editing process.

Karen’s dynamic lecturing style brings to life the craft of editing and reveals the secrets of the edit suite. Her lecture lifts the veil on the ‘magic’ to give insight into the art of film editing that many have called the essence of cinema.

15 May 2021
Lecturer: Dr Sally Butler (Australian)
Topic: Ian Fairweather – an artist scholar before his time.

Ian Fairweather (1891-1974) is a much loved Australian artist who created a distinct style of modern art during his lifetime. His life as a so-called hermit has overshadowed his scholarly background in studying art at London’s Slade School whilst also studying Japanese and Chinese at the University of London, and then learning Mandarin and calligraphy whilst living in China, and Aboriginal rock art whilst living in northern Australia. Fairweather also widely travelled around the world.

This lecture looks closely at his artworks to understand how this ‘international intelligence’ informs Fairweather’s art and how his international perspective was well before its time.

5 June 2021
Lecturer: Susannah Fullerton (Australian)
Topic: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: The Wicked Poet, Lord Byron.

Lord Byron was both famous and infamous for his audacious poetry, his scandalous love life (which included an affair with his half-sister!) and his devotion to liberal ideals. Ostracised by English society, Byron went off to fight for Greek independence and died at 36. His personality and his romantic poetry made a unique impression on 19th century Europe and the term “Byronic” was coined.

Susannah Fullerton recites some of his best-loved poems and tells the story of the colourful, shocking and revolutionary life of one of England’s greatest poets. Find out just why Byron was considered “mad, bad and dangerous to know”.

10 July 2021
Lecturer:  Charlotte Nattey  (Australian) 
Topic: Cartier: Jeweller of Kings, King of Jewellers

This lecture will look at stories ‘behind’ some of the amazing jewels created by the House of Cartier for Kings, Emperors and those who recognised excellence in jewellery design and making.  The very name, ‘Cartier’, conjures up magical mind-images of fabulous jewels and ‘Objets d’Art’. 

Not for nothing have the rich, famous and Heads of State beat a path to Cartier’s door to have amazing objects created by ‘Master Craftsmen in a Master Design House’ for their own use or as unique gifts beyond compare.

Some of the stories behind these jewels and their creation are as intriguing and fascinating as the objects themselves.

14 August 2021
Lecturer: Dr Nick Gordon (Australian)
Topic: The Venice Biennale: Modern and Contemporary Art in Venice

Venice is one of the world’s great art cities, with its medieval mosaics, Renaissance masterpieces and wonderful collections of modern art. It also has a rolling series of biennales – of art, cinema, architecture, dance and theatre – which take up half of each year, and which have expanded phenomenally since the Biennale was invented in Venice in the 1890s. In this lecture, Dr Nick Gordon explores how the Biennale has transformed Venice from a provincial town on the edge of Italy into the pre-eminent playground for modern and contemporary art.

4 September 2021
Lecturer: Li Cunxin
Topic:  to be advised

9 October 2021
Lecturer: John Ericson (The Arts Society) (Digital Lecture Projected onto large screens in the venue)
Topic: Visual Illusions Can you Believe your Eyes?  

In this thought provoking and entertaining presentation John has selected a range of visual illusions illustrating ‘illusions in art’ as well as ‘illusions as art’. Some of the images will amuse, some will confound and others will challenge your self-belief. Even those familiar with illusions may not have appreciated how they affect our appreciation of art or how much they influence our day-today lives. 

DIGITAL LECTURES- to be sent to Members to view at home
(funded by a grant from the Gold Coast City Coundil)

March Digital Lecture
Lecturer: Dr John Stevens(The Arts Society) 
Topic: The Architecture of Mughal India: Palaces, Mosques, Gardens and Mausoleums 

(See topic details in Morning Lecture Programme)

April Digital Lecture
Lecturer: Dr Karen Pearlman (Australian) 
Topic: Cutting Rhythms, Shaping Stories: How film editing works

(See topic details in Morning Lecture Programme)

May Digital Lecture
Lecturer: Dr Tom Flynn (The Arts Society)
Topic: “Crazy Prices, Crazy Market: The Art World in the 21st Century”.

After a painting (Salvator Mundi) purporting to be a work by Leonardo da Vinci sold for the staggering sum of $450.3 million dollars at an auction in New York, the world looked aghast at the art market and wondered whether it was definitively out of control. The international art market now frequently sees breathtaking prices paid for works of art by the world’s most important painters and sculptors: How do these crazy prices come about? Who is buying these works?

This lecture explores the dizzying prices paid for ‘blue-chip’ works of art and throws light on the secretive mechanisms and confidential ‘behind-the-scenes’ deals that help bring them about.

May Digital Special Event Lecture
Lecturer: Dr Tom Flynn
Topic: A Short History of Fakes and Forgeries

 (See topic details in Special Event Lectures)

Girl with Pearl Earing in style of Johan Vermeer by John Myatt

June Digital Lecture
Lecturer: Susannah Fullerton (Australian)
Topic: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: The Wicked Poet, Lord Byron

(See topic details in Morning Lecture Programme)

July Digital Lecture
Lecturer: Patricia Laws (The Arts Society)
Topic: The French Jewel Houses from 1900”.  

This lecture follows the stylistic developments and trends of the major French Jewel houses such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron. It looks in detail at their designs, manufacture and their use of gemstones and how this was affected and influenced by the events of the twentieth century. From the graceful and light Belle Epoque, through the colour and excitement of the Twenties, to the sombre and monochrome of the Depression in the thirties, and all with their individual and evocative styles.

August Digital Lecture
Lecturer: Nigel Bates (The Arts Society)
Topic: Tantrums and Tiaras

Tantrums & Tiaras is a look at backstage life at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and the pressures faced by performers, be they singer, dancer, conductor or musician. 

We see how the building copes with the demands of modern productions and examine audience expectations both inside the theatre and out. We also look at some of the highs and try to understand some of the lows that have been the fortune of this world-class performing venue over the years.  Fully illustrated including audio and video clips.

September Digital Lecture
Lecturer: Sandy Burnett (The Arts Society)
TopicThe Age of Jazz.

Jazz is one of the twentieth century’s most important musical genres: a fascinating blend of rigorous structure, free-wheeling creativity, close-knit ensemble work and improvisation. Sandy Burnett’s lecture covers the early years of jazz from its very beginnings and the first ever recordings made just over a century ago through to the start of the Second World War. Drawing on his practical experience both as musicologist and gigging musician, Sandy is able to shed light on jazz from the inside. His illustrations range from early pre-impressions by Maurice Ravel and others and the very earliest jazz recordings through to classics by Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and the dawn of the Swing Era.

October Digital Lecture
Lecturer: John Ericson (The Arts Society)
Topic: Visual Illusions Can you Believe your Eyes? 

(See topic details in Morning Lecture Programme)

October Digital Special Interest Lecture
Topic: Art inspired by Wine

(See topic details in Special Event Lectures)


14 May 2021
Lecturer: Dr Tom Flynn (The Arts Society)
Venue: HOTA Art Gallery Time:  4 p.m.
 Lecture Topic: A Short History of Fakes and Forgeries

 (This lecture is a digital lecture and will be e projected onto a large screen in the venue)

This talk offers a comprehensive overview of the most significant and notorious cases of art forgery over the last 150 years. The lecture focuses on the core motivations of art forgers and explains how the majority of the most prominent art forgers started out as failed artists whose work was ignored by the dealers, auction house ‘experts’ and connoisseurs who function as the market’s ‘gatekeepers’. In many cases, this rejection led to a desire on the part of the overlooked painters to exact a form of revenge against what they perceived as an elitist art world ‘club’ from which they were excluded. The talk also poses the questions: Is art forgery a serious crime or not? Why do we express admiration for a painting, only for that admiration to turn into a sense of betrayal once we are told it is, in fact, a forgery? After all, the object itself has not changed. Is our aesthetic response to works of art more complicated than we realise?

Following the digital lecture there will be a guided tour of the new HOTA Gallery.

This digital lecture will also be circulated to members to view at home.

10 October 2021
Lecturer: John Ericson (The Arts Society)
Venue and time: to be advised
Lecture Topic: Art Inspired by Wine

(This lecture is a digital lecture and will be e projected onto a large screen in the venue) 

In this lively presentation John shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for wine and the contribution that ‘wine art’ makes to our colourful world. Wine can be a civilising influence upon us and it is made to be shared and enjoyed. As a consequence, there are numerous wonderful paintings of wine being made and wine being drunk in celebration but it also lends itself to wicked cartoons and striking posters. In addition, we shall examine wine labels from around the world.

Following the digital lecture, a special wine related event is being planned.

This lecture will also be circulated to members to view at home.


Normally ADFAS Gold Coast Saturday Morning Lectures are held at the Home of the Arts (HOTA)
135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
Parking is available.

We ask members to be seated 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the Lecture.
For Morning Lectures, members should be seated in the Lakeside Room by 9.25 am. The Lecture commences at 9.30 am.

MEMBERSHIP FEES for New Members 2021

2021 Membership Subscriptions:  Single: $175                     Double (if both at same address):  $340

Cost of Special Event Lectures:  to be advised





6 March 2021

Dr John Stevens is a Research Associate at SOAS, University of London, and a member of academic staff at the SOAS South Asia Institute. His PhD in History is from University College London. He teaches British Imperial history, Indian history and Bengali language, and is a regular visitor to India and Bangladesh. He publishes widely in the fields of British and Indian history. His biography of the Indian guru Keshab Chandra Sen – Keshab: Bengal’s Forgotten Prophet – was published by Hurst and Oxford University Press in 2018. He appears regularly in the Indian media, and was recently a guest on BBC Radio Four’s In Our Time, discussing the poet and artist Rabindranath Tagore.

10 April 2020
Dr Karen Pearlman

Karen, senior lecturer in Screen Production at Macquarie University, is the co-director of the multi-award winning Physical TV Company, through which she has been responsible for  the development and production of numerous highly acclaimed and award winning dance-films, documentaries and dramas. Karen is the author of Cutting Rhythms, Intuitive Film Editing published in many countries by Focal Press, and now in its 2nd edition. She held the post of Head of Screen Studies at AFTRS for 6 years and was a long serving member of the editorial board of Lumina, the Australian Journal of Screen Arts and Business.

Karen was the 2009-2010 President of the Australian Screen Editors Guild and enjoys her ongoing association with the guild as a full member and frequent public speaker. She is a five time nominee and two time winner of Best Editing Awards from the ASE, as well as an Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Award for best short fiction and numerous film festival awards. Before taking up filmmaking, editing and film studies, Karen had a distinguished career as a professional dancer – performing on the Opera House stages of the world and directing two dance companies. She holds a Doctorate of Creative Arts from UTS, two MAs – one from UTS and one from AFTRS, and a BFA in dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

15 May 2021
Dr Tom Flynn

Dr Tom Flynn is a UK-based art historian, writer and art consultant. He holds a first class Honours degree in Art History and a PhD (University of Sussex), and a Masters in Design History (Royal College of Art.) His interests include contemporary art; sculpture history; the history of museums; art crime; and the historical development and professional practice of the European art markets.  Dr Flynn is Senior Lecturer at Christie’s Education, visiting Senior Lecturer at Kingston School of Art, and teaches at a number of other UK and European universities. For many years he has taught on the summer Post-Graduate Certificate in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage courses, Protection Studies at the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art (ARCA) in Amelia, Umbria, Italy.  A former Henry Moore Foundation post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Sussex, he has written for numerous international art publications and has written monographs on a number of British contemporary sculptors. His books include The Body in Sculpture (1998), and co-edited Colonialism and the Object: Empire, Material Culture and the Museum (1997) with Dr Tim Barringer. His most recent book, The A to Z of the International Art Market was published by Bloomsbury Press in 2016. 

Dr Sally Butler

Sally Butler is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Queensland and formerly a Senior Education Officer at the Queensland Art Gallery and an Associate Editor and feature writer for Art Collector magazine. She has published widely in Australian and international journals and several books. Sally is the author and curator of the 2007 publication and international touring exhibition titled Our Way, Contemporary  Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River and is one of the editors of the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Art. She was editor of the book Fully Exploited Labour,  Pat Hoffie, 2008 and author of a book chapter on the Arnhem Land artist John Mawurndjul. She is also a former Associate Editor of Australian Art Collector Magazine. Other curatorial projects include Sensing the Surface, the photographic art of Carl Warner, and the Queensland/New South Wales touring exhibition Capricornia, Between the Sublime and the Spectacular – an exhibition featuring the work of another Australian contemporary photographer, Shane Fitzgerald.

5 June 2021
Susannah Fullerton

Susannah has been passionate about literature for as long as she can remember. She has a BA from the University of Auckland NZ and a post-graduate degree in Victorian literature from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She currently teaches literature courses in Sydney and lectures regularly at the State Library of NSW and the Art Gallery of NSW.

In 2017 Susannah was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for Services to Literature and was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of NSW. This is primarily a scientific body, but they have extending into the arts and Susannah was the first recipient, She has been president of the Jane Austen Society of Australia for the past 18 years and has spoken about Jane Austen to many schools, community groups and adult classes.

Susannah is the author of several books – Jane Austen – Antipodean Views, Jane Austen and Crime, Brief encounters: Literary Travellers in Australia, A Dance with Jane Austin and Happily Ever After: Celebrating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She has also written and recorded an audio CD, Finding Katherine Mansfield, about the life and works of New Zealand’s greatest writer.

Susannah leads literary tours to the UK, France and the USA. These tours are run by Australians Studying Abroad. Susannah has lectured regularly for ADFAS for many years.

10 July 2021
Charlotte Nattey

Educated in the UK, Charlotte studied art and music in Florence. She is a graduate of St. Martins School of Art, London in design, majoring in fashion and dress. She lived in Rome and worked as a designer in the couture dress trade for “Fernanda Gattinoni” and as a freelance dress designer for Simonetta, Pucci and other couture houses. She has been a designer for London couture fashion houses including Belinda Belville and Spectator Sports, as well as for major fashion houses in Sydney.

Charlotte has developed and maintains her own business, importing antique jewellery and antique sterling silver between UK and Australia. She is an ADFAS member, having served as a committee member, membership secretary and chairman. Her interests encompass the fields of decorative & fine arts, antiques, gardens, music and fashion, with a fascination for design and its influence on our lives.

During the Gold and Civilization Exhibition at the National Museum of Australia in June 2001. Charlotte was invited to give her talk Fashion and Fortune. Charlotte has been a regular lecturer for ADFAS over many years.

Patricia Laws

Patricia Laws is a Fellow of the Gemmological Society and a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers. Having spent twenty-five years working for International Auction Houses preparing jewellery sales for London, Geneva and New York, she established her own valuation business in 2015. Currently based in the UK she values jewellery providing legal documents for such purposes as Insurance, Inheritance Tax and Open Market. Patricia enjoys a role in teaching gemmology and jewellery history to newly qualified brokers within the insurance industry as well as lecturing to private associations and charitable groups.

14 August 2021
Nigel Bates

Nigel Bates is the Music Administrator of The Royal Ballet and has been a performer for nearly forty years in and out of the Royal Opera House (ROH), including seventeen years as Principal Percussionist with the Orchestra. He has worked with many of the leading figures in the classical music industry and was also a producer for both the BBC’s Maestro at the Opera and Pappano’s Classical Voices documentary series. He is a regular contributor to the printed and online content of the ROH. For over twenty years, Nigel has given lectures to arts societies and conservatoires in the UK and across Australia.

Nick Gordon

Dr Nick Gordon holds a University Medal (2003) and PhD (2009) in history from the University of Sydney. He has taught European history at the University of Sydney (2004-2009), the history of political thought at Western Sydney University (2009-14), and architectural history at the University of NSW. He has lectured regularly on art and history topics for the Nicholson Museum, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, the WEA Sydney and Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education. He has led art-focused tours for Academy Travel since 2007, principally to Europe and Australia. He is also an artist and brings his deep knowledge of materials, techniques and the insights of his “artist’s eye” to his analyses of art in his lectures.

4 September 2021
Li Cunxin AO 

Dance Academy in 1972.  Upon his graduation in 1979, he received one of the first cultural exchange scholarships to America.  Li subsequently became principal dancer with Houston Ballet and then The Australian Ballet. He guest performed with some of the best ballet companies in the world.

Li won two Silver and Bronze Medals at three international ballet competitions.  He was twice winner of the prestigious Princess Grace Dance Fellowship and Statuette Awards in America and was also twice award winner of the Green Room Award for Best Male Dancer in Australia.  Heretired from dancing in 1999 and made a successful career transition from ballet into finance.  He was a senior manager at one of the largest stockbroking firms in Australia.

Li served on the boards of the Bionics Institute, The Australian Ballet and Councillor of the Australian Council for the Arts.  He was awarded Honorary Doctorates by the Australian Catholic University, Griffith University and Fellow of St Johns College of University of Queensland for his contribution in Dance, Literature and Society.  He was named 2009 Australian Father of the Year, Queensland Australian of The Year in 2014 and received the Asia Society’s Asia Game Changer Award.  Li was awarded an AO (Officer of the Order of Australia) in 2019.

In 2003, Li published his international best-selling autobiography, “Mao’s Last Dancer”, which has received numerous awards and was adapted as a feature film in 2009.  His story also came to life in 2018 as an exhibition at The Museum of Brisbane, “Mao’s Last Dancer – A Portrait of Li Cunxin”.  This exhibition also toured to Melbourne. He is currently on the Advisory Board of the Committee for Brisbane, is the Vice President of the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance), and has been the Artistic Director of Queensland Ballet since 2014.

Sandy Burnett

After studying music at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge and working as music director for the RSC, National Theatre and in London’s West End, Sandy Burnett spent a decade as one of the core team of music presenters on BBC Radio 3. He enjoys a varied career that embraces broadcasting, conducting, playing double bass and communicating his passion for music. He regularly leads cultural lecture holidays, is the author of the Idler Guide to Classical Music, and was appointed the Academy of Ancient Music’s Hogwood Fellow for the 2018-19 season.

9 October 2021
John Ericson

Formerly Director of Studies in the School of Education and lecturer at the University of Bath lecturer. John Ericson had responsibility for the professional development of teachers. He has worked extensively overseas as an educational consultant and in this role. he has given lectures and presentations at conferences all over the world. In 2008 and again in 2011 John undertook extensive lecture tours of Australia and he has been a popular speaker on The Arts Society’s in the UK for a number of years. In his professional life John has developed a particular interest in presentation skills including the role of pictures in learning and the appropriate use of PowerPoint.


Our ADFAS Young Arts Projects support students in our Community. Our projects are funded by donations from members, from the proceeds of our monthly raffle and our Coach Tours and Film and other Events.

Please buy a raffle ticket when you attend our lectures. It goes towards a very worthy cause. We are pleased to report that some of our sponsorship recipients have achieved International and National acclaim and widespread local recognition, thanks to our programmes and the ongoing generosity of  our members.


We have completed the Recording of St. Alban’s Chapel, The Southport School. The published record of this was presented to the National Chairman of ADFAS in March 2017. We commenced a Church Study of St. John’s Church, Mundoolun in 2019. We continue to be involved in researching the history of Schools of Arts in the Gold Coast area.  We have completed four School of Arts Projects – Numinbah Valley School of Arts, Southport School of Arts (established 1882) Pimpama School of Arts and Canungra School of Arts. Mudgeeraba School of Arts and Memorial Hall is currently being researched. All completed projects have been published and can be viewed on the ADFAS Website.

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