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Located less than an hour south of Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula offers some of South Australia’s finest coastal, scenic and culinary experiences.

The Fleurieu Peninsula was named by French naval captain Nicolas Baudin as he explored the south coast of Australia in 1802.  English explorer Matthew Flinders came across Baudin on 8 April that year, as their ships passed one another at the scenic harbour which Flinders subsequently named Encounter Bay. 

Encounter Bay is home to the town of Victor Harbor, known for its stunning coastline, whale watching, and the popular horse-drawn tram which traverses a 630-metre causeway to picturesque Granite Island.

Fifteen minutes away is the town of Goolwa on the Murray River, which was a key port in the 1800s for the paddle steamer trade.  Goolwa is also the gateway to the Coorong National Park, a spectacular saline lagoon stretching 140km and internationally significant as a migratory wader bird and waterfowl sanctuary.  

Gastronomically, the Fleurieu is home to the renowned wineries of McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek, and boasts an Epicurean Trail showcasing local cheeses, olives, almonds, cherries, and a host of other artisan produce.

ADFAS Fleurieu has a membership of approximately 100.  We generally present nine lectures each year and also have a program to support local youth to engage in the arts.

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21 February 2022
Tentmakers of Old Cairo — presented by Jennifer Bowker

Tentmaker work is brilliantly coloured appliqué usually made by men in a street in a 16th century part of Cairo. Our lecturer will talk about the design origins and techniques used and how something that was originally utilitarian has evolved into spectacularly fine and beautiful art.

Jennifer Bowker has lived in many exotic locations around the world and has been recognised for her service to Australia-Middle East cultural relations.

28 March 2022
Frank Rusconi: Australia’s most famous unknown sculptor — presented by Denis Binnion

Frank Rusconi was a monumental mason who worked largely in marble; how then did he come to create one of Australia’s most famous bronze sculptures? Denis will take us down a ‘track leading back to an old country shack on the road to Gundagai’.

Denis Binnion is an historian who was CEO of the WEA in Adelaide for twenty years. Denis received an Order of Australia for his services to adult education.

2 May 2022
And So To Bed: the diary of Samuel Pepys and Restoration London — presented by Susannah Fullerton

The diary of Samuel Pepys has long been regarded as not only historically important but as great literature. We will learn about his experience of the Plague and the Great Fire of London as well as his everyday life in Restoration England.

Susannah Fullerton has built a career as a lecturer giving talks about famous writers. Entertaining and informative, her love of literature is sure to be infectious.

6 June 2022
The Magic of the Harp — presented by Emma Horwood

Emma introduces us to the history of the harp from its primitive beginnings to the sophisticated instrument it is today. We are in for a treat as this will be a performance based lecture. Emma’s repertoire ranges from medieval to baroque, from Celtic to classical and contemporary.

Emma Horwood is a graduate of the Elder Conservatorium of Music at the University of Adelaide and is a renowned harpist and soprano soloist who has toured internationally.

4 July 2022
Art Deco New York — presented by Claudia Chan Shaw

After World War One, New York emerged as one of the world’s great cities finding expression in skyscrapers, apartment buildings and movie palaces designed in the futuristic style known as Art Deco. Art Deco style however, was not just seen in buildings but also in murals, sculptures and paintings. Claudia will help us understand this style which is becoming ever more appreciated.

Claudia Chan Shaw is a television and radio presenter as well as a designer and curator and much more.

1 August 2022
Exploring the Pacific: Cook and the view from the ship and the view from the shore, 1770 – 2022 — presented by Jos Hackforth-Jones

We set sail with Captain Cook on his first voyage to the Pacific in 1768 and discover the work of the artists and naval officers who used the landscape and maritime conventions of the time to record the world they found. We also look at the work of contemporary artists and the issues around the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s arrival.

Jos Hackforth-Jones is an art historian who has been a Director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art and who is now at the University of Sydney

29 August 2022
Women Artists in Australia Today: an abbreviated handbook — presented by Julie Ewington

This lecture looks at the major figures and the latest developments amongst women who work as artists in Australia and their contribution to our cultural life.

Julie Ewington has worked in the academic world as well as many cultural institutions. She is an internationally recognised authority on contemporary Australian art and is currently an independent writer and curator.

19 September 2022
The Mundoo Island Story — presented by Sally Grundy

Mundoo Island is the last farming property on the River Murray in the Coorong.

Sally will present a visual and oral history of Mundoo Island Station which dates back to 1843 and will include photographs of some of the birds of the area. Sally Grundy’s family has been on Mundoo Island for five generations where they have run cattle, sheep and horses and where they now also offer a range of tourism opportunities.

10 October 2022
This lecture will be preceded by the ADFAS Fleurieu Annual General Meeting
From Gambling Chips to Imperial Jewels — presented by Charlotte Nattey

Our lecturer will share with us many incredible stories of the amazing jewels and gemstones amassed by the Romanov Dynasty over the course of three hundred years.

Charlotte Nattey has worked as a couture dress designer for a number of big fashion houses and currently runs a business importing antique jewellery.


ADFAS Fleurieu lectures are presented at

The Gospel Centre
2 George Main Road
Victor Harbor

Lectures generally begin at 10:30 am and are of approximately an hour’s duration.

COVID measures as recommended by the SA Government are observed at our meetings.


Membership of ADFAS Fleurieu for 2022 is $130.


Where numbers permit, visitors may attend at a cost of $25 per lecture, payable upon entry. No credit card facilities are available.

Enquiries should be made to fleurieu@adfas.org.au


Enquiries about membership should be made to fleurieu@adfas.org.au