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ADFAS Camden is presenting an exciting program of eight illustrated lectures in 2022. Our program will inspire all those interested in the arts and design.

Historic Camden, home to the Macarthurs, is a hub for visitors. They come to enjoy not only the historic buildings, the Alan Baker Gallery and the museum but the many cafes and restaurants and a rural atmosphere right on the outskirts of Sydney.

ADFAS Camden brings together people all across south-west Sydney, from Liverpool, Campbelltown and Mulgoa to the north to Picton and surrounds to the south.

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19 March 2022
The Life Cycle of the Artist in Renaissance Florence
Dr. Kathleen Olive
Carrington Recreation Hall, arriving at 11.30 am for a 12.00 (noon) start

Renaissance artists and artisans were initiated into their crafts from a very early age. As their skills and reputations grew, they could become highly sought after and well remunerated. What qualities were required to reach the dizzying heights of innovation described by Giorgio Vasari in his celebrated Lives? Kathleen explores the career of a Renaissance artist –- from the early stages of education, through to the maturity of an artist’s professional life – paying particular attention to artists’ writings in the fifteenth century and to their self-portraits.  

Kathleen lived and studied in Italy for a number of years, and then taught Italian language, literature and history at the University of Sydney. Kathleen now works with Academy Travel, leading tours to Europe and, particularly, Italy


23 April 2022
The Printed Map as an Art Form
Prof Robert Clancy AM
Carrington Recreation Hall, arriving at 11.30 am for a 12.00 (noon) start

This talk is about the transition of the printed map, from a highly decorative production with little accuracy, to a more austere document of great accuracy. It is illustrated, reflecting the milestones of history, and using “keystone” maps of interest and beauty: from the great Incunables of the 15th century, the travelogues of the mid-16th Century, the magnificent Dutch atlases of the 17th century, to the school atlas of mid-1850s, and the specialist thematic and topographic maps thereafter.

Robert is a medical graduate and physician who has collected maps for 40 years as decorative documents of history – with special interest in Australia and Antarctica. Seeing maps as a way of illustrating and understanding the past, he has written four books on historic cartography and lectures and writes widely on a variety of cartographic topics.

28 May 2022
Australian Place Makers
A/Prof Sally Butler
Carrington Recreation Hall, arriving at 11.30 am for a 12.00 (noon) start

We love the land because a sense of place stirs the imagination to mesh experiences, memories, dreams, and values. This lecture examines particular artistic techniques that some of Australia’s most iconic artists have used to capture a sense of place in their work. Themes included are Lawrence Daws’ symbolism of the Glass House Mountains, Mavis Ngallametta’s vitalisation of Aurukun wetlands, Fred Williams’ perspectivism of gum-tree bushland, Albert Namatjira’s animation of Central Australia, and Jeffrey Smart’s love-hate psychology of city-scapes.

Sally is the author and curator of the 2007 publication and international touring exhibition titled Our Way, Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River and is one of the editors of the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Art. She was editor of the book Fully Exploited Labour, Pat Hoffie, 2008 and author of a book chapter on the Arnhem Land artist John Mawurndjul.

25 June 2022
A History of the Valley of the Kings
Dr Rodna Siebels

Carrington Recreation Hall, arriving at 11.30 am for a 12.00 (noon) start

In this lecture we will examine the burial ground of Egypt’s New Kingdom Pharaohs, known today as the Valley of the Kings. From the first burials at the beginning of the 18th Dynasty to the last in the 21st, we will study the changes in architectural and artistic style, along with the meaning behind some of the enigmatic scenes portrayed in the tombs. Finally, we will look at the rediscovery of these tombs in the late 18th century and into the 19th century, including mummy caches and major archaeological finds.

Rodna, Educator, Historian and Egyptologist was a programme Leader for Odyssey Travel for 14 years to 2016, taking tours to New Zealand, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, France, Malta, Tunisia, Cyprus and the British Isles. In recent years she has contributed chapters to several publications in Egyptology.

30 July 2022
Magic Fashion: Elsa Schiaparelli
Prof Peter McNeil (FAHA)
Carrington Recreation Hall, arriving at 11.30 am for a 12.00 (noon) start

In the early part of the 20th century Victorian taste was very ‘out of fashion’. In the 1930s a strong female designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, rediscovered the period and cast it in her own light. Learn about the creative circles of fashion and design in inter-war Paris, understand the ‘chic of poverty’ promoted by couturier Coco Chanel and interior designer Jean-Michel Frank, track the stylish South Americans, and follow the collaborative inter-war aesthetic project of fashion, fantasy and Surrealism.

Peter McNeil FAHA is Distinguished Professor of Design History at UTS. From 2008-18 he was Foundation Professor of Fashion Studies in Sweden and Academy of Finland Distinguished Professor, Helsinki. He is Past President (2006-10) of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, representing Art History and Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

27 August 2022
Exploring Turner
Robert & Catherine Ketton
Carrington Recreation Hall, arriving at 11.30 am for a 12.00 (noon) start

Whilst Robert talks about the life and times of JMW Turner, Catherine will take to the easel with oil paint, rags, scrapers and brush to give us a glimpse of Turner’s style and technique.

Turner, more than anyone else recorded, in thousands of works of art, the transition of Britain from a rural to an industrial society. He was a fascinating character, secretive, driven, penny pinching and generous, chaotic in his private life and fiercely patriotic, but regarded as one of the greatest nineteenth century painters, with works are exhibited in galleries the world over.

 Robert has a number of published books and plays and is currently working on an illustrated children’s book with his artist wife, Catherine. Catherine took her first adult art lesson in 2004 and quickly became obsessed with new ways of looking and the thrill of making an aesthetic statement.

24 September 2022
INSPIRED! Design across Time and Smart Works: Design and the Handmade
Dr Grace Cochrane AM
Carrington Recreation Hall, arriving at 11.30 am for a 12.00 (noon) start

This talk shows the thematic sections of two important exhibitions that opened at the Powerhouse Museum in 2004 and 2007 that have relevance to wider Australian contexts. It includes the work behind the scenes, installation and final displays. Inspired! Design across Time was intended as a permanent changing exhibition and showed work from the collection across the entire range of decorative arts and design, over 300 years, in various sections, with a focus on Australian examples. The temporary exhibition Smart Works: Design and the Handmade considered the work of about 40 enterprising designers and makers from Australia and New Zealand.

Now an independent curator and writer, until 2005 Grace Cochrane was a senior curator of Australian decorative arts and design at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. She is the author of The Crafts Movement in Australia: A History (NSW University Press, 1992), and for over 45 years has spoken about the crafts and design, and written for a range of publications.

5 November 2022
The Paris of the Impressionists 1860-1900
Prof Peter McPhee AM
Carrington Recreation Hall, arriving at 11.30 am for a 12.00 (noon) start

We celebrate iconic paintings such as Claude Monet’s Impression, soleil levant (1872) and Pierre Auguste Renoir’s Dance at the Moulin de la Galette(1876) as marking the triumph of ‘Impressionism” in France, one of the most recognizable and cherished of all painting styles. Where did it come from? How might we understand its origins and how it relates to other ‘schools’ of the nineteenth century? This lecture situates Impressionism in its Parisian historical context and asks questions about the history of artistic ‘taste’.

Peter McPhee was appointed to a Personal Chair in History at the University of Melbourne in 1993.  He has published widely on the history of France during the tumultuous years of the French Revolution and its aftermath. He is a member of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and the Academy of Social Sciences.


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Carrington Recreation Centre, 90 Werombi Rd. Grasmere, 2570

Lectures are held on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. for a 12:00 midday start. They are followed by a light lunch.


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The membership fee is $145 per person for the year, covering all lectures and refreshments.

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