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Wentworth Falls is a beautiful town in the Blue Mountains offering possibly the most spectacular bushwalks and views. Originally called ‘Weatherboard’ after the ‘Weatherboard Hut’ built in 1814, one year later the town was named ‘Jamison’s Valley’ by Governor Macquarie. In July 1867 the historic first railway journey in the Blue Mountains left Penrith station and travelled through to Weatherboard Station where the train terminated. It wasn’t until 1879 that the name was changed to Wentworth Falls in honour of William Charles Wentworth, one of the three famous explorers.

Wentworth Falls is 95 km from Sydney. This is approximately 89 minutes by car or 111 mins by train. According to the 2016 census the population of Wentworth Falls is 6076. However, this number can vary greatly due to the high number of holiday homes is the area.

The elevation of Wentworth Falls is 867 meters

Wentworth Falls is located in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park. There are many spectacular natural attractions including walks and panoramic views. As well, there is a lively and attractive village with fine coffee and gift shops and off-street parking.


The School of Arts Wentworth Falls. Great Western Highway Wentworth Falls.
Friday’s 1.30 for 2pm start. There is ample parking at the rear of the hall and the train station is a five minute walk away. QR Code and proof of vaccination required.


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4 February 2022
Sisters of Tragedy: The Brontë’s and their Works
Susannah Fullerton
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

In this lecture Susannah will present the incredible of story of the Bronte sisters –  a tragic and brilliant family. It is one of the most fascinating tales in all of English literature. Charlotte, Emily and Anne grew up in a bleak Yorkshire parsonage, expecting to become governesses. Instead, they wrote 7 extraordinary novels – passionate, violent, feminist and autobiographical – which they published anonymously. Only Charlotte enjoyed literary fame, as Emily and Anne died soon after publishing their works. Susannah will perform dramatic excerpts from their books and poems which depict the Victorian background of repressive attitudes to women against which they struggled all their lives. Vivid slides will transport you to Yorkshire and its wild and beautiful moors.

18 March 2022
Visualising Australia
John Neylon
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

John is an Adelaide-based independent author, curator and former Head of Education, Art Gallery of South Australia. He is one of Australia’s most experienced art critics. In this lecture he will explore iconic works of art & design trends to trace the varied directions taken by this robust tradition. He will explain from  colonial settlement to the present day how they have played a significant and sometimes subversive role in shaping the way Australians see themselves.

22 April 2022
Antarctica: A Global Village
Robert Cancy
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

This lecture Robert will look at how contemporary maps visually explore the 500-year story of the transition of Antarctica from an area of frozen uncertainty to a modern global village.

27 May 2022
Painting the French Countryside: from Millet to Monet
Peter McPhee
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

Peter is a Melbournian French historian. In this lecture he will explore the paintings of Millet, Courbet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet and others in the 1840-1920 period. Why did they paint the countryside, when this was not always the fashionable thing to do?  And how did they paint it?

24 June 2022
Max Dupain: A snapshot of Australia’s pre-eminent photographer
Adrian Boddy
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

Adrian’s special interests include architectural design and photography.

This lecture will explore the work of Dupain, a prolific Australian documentary photographer.  Adrian will look at the wide range of Dupain’s work and discuss how it is also a visual history of Australian architecture, landscape, industry, fashion and everyday life.

22 July 2022
Dracula, dragons and Ottoman prayer rugs. How oriental carpets came to decorate the walls of Lutheran churches in Transylvania, and why they’re still there today
Susan Scollay
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

Susan is an art historian and curator specialising in the arts and culture of the Islamic world and in historic textiles. This lecture will examine Transylvania, the northernmost province of modern-day Romania, is home to the largest corpus of Turkish rugs and carpets outside the Islamic world.  About 400 of these are preserved, and still used, on the walls of Lutheran churches high in the Carpathian Mountains, in the region made famous in the west by Brad Stoker’s infamous 1897 horror novel, ‘Dracula’.  

Questions of how the rugs came to be in Transylvania and why they were used to decorate the churches are not yet fully answered, but recent scholarship has begun to provide answers.

26 August 2022
Art Deco Sydney: A Persistent Presence
Claudia Chan Shaw
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

Sydney born, Claudia has a multi-faceted career as a fashion designer, television and radio presenter, author, public speaker, installation artist, photo artist, and curator.

From an incinerator designed by Walter Burley Griffin to the local cinema, pub and milk bar, Art Deco design was not limited to the elegant office buildings of bustling downtown Sydney of the 1930s although Sydney’s smart set were early adopters embracing the style at every level. This lecture will take us on an  exploration of Art Deco Sydney, a visual culture defined not only through architecture, but also through graphic and interior design, the decorative arts and photography.

23 September 2022
The problematic statue – a brief history of debunking and desecrating public monuments
Geoffrey Edwards
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

Geoffrey is an author and art historian based in Victoria.

This lecture takes a look at the problematic statue where we discover the surprisingly long tradition of trashing public art in the interests of re-writing history.

28 October 2022
Turner – the Explorer
Robert Ketton and Catherine Ketton
The School of Arts Wentworth Falls.  Arrive 1.30pm for 2pm start.

For over 30 years Robert has taught acting and directed dozens of plays for the University of Queensland. In this lecture, along with his wife Catherine he will present a lecture on the life and times of JMW Turner. Catherine will take to the easel with oil paint, rags and brush to give us a glimpse of Turner’s style and technique.