New Venue for Newcastle

While Societies have been busy kicking off the new ADFAS season, Newcastle society may have come up trumps with their fabulous new venue!  Christ Church Cathedral was the stunning location for Julian Bickersteth, President of the Association of ADFAS, to present his lecture, ‘Frayed at the Edges’.

Julian Bickersteth has spent the last 30 years conserving some of Australia’s great collections and icons as well as working on international sites such as the historic huts of Antarctica. This wide ranging and heavily illustrated lecture tells the stories behind some of these projects and also discusses more broadly some of the challenges of art conservation.

The result was a fabulous lecture on the diverse skills of a conservator. From furniture of national significance, art works, blemishes on the surface of Uluru to Mawsons Hut, Julian gave the audience an insight into his work.  Significantly Julian was able to speak of his experience in the restoration and conservation of the Birdwood flag which is on display in the Cathedral collection.