Matisse: Life and Spirit Sydney 2021-2022

20 November 2021 – 13 March 2022
Major exhibition – Art Gallery of NSW

Henri Matisse and the landscape of pleasure

Our wondrous Art Gallery of New South Wales has, once again, excelled itself by bringing an exhibition of breathtaking scope and depth to our shores, in this case a survey of the work of one of the major painters of the modernist movement of the 20th century, Henri Matisse. Drawn primarily from the collection of France’s National Museum of Modern Art, it will allow Australian visitors to view more works by Matisse than they could normally see even by visiting the Pompidou Centre in Paris itself. The exhibition contains more than one hundred works but, perhaps more importantly, some of the seminal masterpieces of his career.

Dr Michael Adcock

Dr Michael Adcock is a social and cultural historian who specialises in the field of modern France. He has published works on the French Revolution with Cambridge University Press. Michael has over ten years’ experience in leading residential study tours in Paris and France. He has a strong interest in the interpretation of the arts in the context of the political and social moment in which they were created. Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts (Combined First-Class Honours in French and History), a Master of Arts (French History) and a Doctor of Philosophy (French History), all from the University of Melbourne. Michael led his first Academy Travel tour to Paris in 2006 and speaks fluent French.

To read a full review of the exhibition by lecturer Dr Michael Adcock (Published by: Dr Michael Adcock | Jan 21st, 2022), and recently published by our leading travel associate Academy Travel, please go to: