Friends who learn together and laugh together

ADFAS Shoalhaven ushered in spring with lunch at the magnificent property of Arthur Boyd at the Ramox Cafe on Sunday 22 October. This is an annual convivial gathering of friends who have learned together, laughed together, and enjoyed the delights of delicious treats at every lecture.

Chef Doug titillated our senses with fabulous fresh produce of salads of heirloom tomatoes, capsicums, zucchini and mouth-watering roast chicken. In the beautiful private dining room overlooking the stunning landscape, we savoured not just the food, but also challenged one another to win the 20-Question Quiz on the 2023 lectures.

“New broom sweeps clean” indeed! The new members had paid rapt attention, and trounced the old members who were caught napping during the lectures!

We enjoyed the organised chaos and felt rejuvenated and happy to be part of this community-building society.