The Young Arts Programme at ADFAS Yarra forms an important part of our activities for the year and one that we would hope to expand in future years. We have some young arts organisations that we regularly support, such as the Australian National Academy of Music and Craft Victoria, and some to which we provide funds for particular projects like the Chinese Tea project at the Chinese museum or the Dance scholarship at University College. We aim to spread our funds widely as we recognise that even small amounts can make the difference to individuals and programmes and that this strategy spreads the word about ADFAS more broadly.

Often, we are invited to see the outcomes of projects. One that was particularly rewarding this year was an exhibition of art works by young artists with disabilities.  We rely on donations from our members who actively support our Young Arts programme and we are very grateful for their continuing generosity. Importantly we have had the benefit of the work of committee members Berres Thom and Norma Sullivan who have worked so hard and expertly to make this programme such a success.