ADFAS Hobart has continued its long-standing support for young and emerging artists through our 2022 Photographic Competition – designed to engage artists between the ages of 17 and 24. The competition was advertised widely and we were pleased to see entrants coming from State Colleges, Independent Schools, University of Tasmania, TAFE and the broader community. The awards: $1500 (First Prize); $500 (3 Honourable Mentions) and $1000 (ADFAS Members Choice) indicate the high level of encouragement and financial support that our ADFAS competition offers and as a consequence the quality of the work was impressive.

The theme this year was “Entrances and Exits” – in all their forms – and it was interpreted by the photographers in a wide variety of creative ways. Each photograph was accompanied by an artist’s statement that explained the background to, and intent of, the artwork. The images from our ten finalists can be found by clicking here  

The winner of 2022 First Prize was Quinn Kacic-Midson, about whose work, The Cube, the judges commented, “Brilliantly conceived and executed, this image was the standout this year and the winning entry. The story is so well told and the technique faultless. Composition and design are top notch. A captivating bright focal point, beautifully balanced contrast and wonderful sense of scale – all worked so well together.”

All Prize Winners and Finalists are warmly congratulated for the enthusiasm and creativity: there will be a brief prize giving ceremony prior to our next lecture.

Our esteemed judges, Alice Gray and Matthew Scott were vital to the success of this competition. Their experience and advice were both important for the committee and their comments for the finalists were professional, constructive and positive.

ADFAS Hobart looks forward to continuing our support for more young and emerging artists through our photographic competition again in 2022.