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The Arts Society

The Arts Society is a leading arts education charity with a global network of over 380 local Societies, which bring people together through a shared curiosity for the arts. Our events provide welcoming places – locally, nationally and globally – to hear expert lecturers share their specialist knowledge about the arts. Our 90,000+ members contribute to and preserve our artistic heritage through volunteering and grants. Our strength is our people, joined together by a passion for the arts which can nourish and empower us all. Our work creates a better, healthier and more connected society.

Matisse: Life and Spirit Sydney 2021-2022

20 November 2021 – 13 March 2022
Major exhibition – Art Gallery of NSW
Our wondrous Art Gallery of New South Wales has, once again, excelled itself by bringing an exhibition of breathtaking scope and depth to our shores, in this case a survey of the work of one of the major painters of the modernist movement of the 20th century, Henri Matisse. Drawn primarily from the collection of France’s National Museum of Modern Art, it will allow Australian visitors to view more works by Matisse than they could normally see even by visiting the Pompidou Centre in Paris itself. The exhibition contains more than one hundred works but, perhaps more importantly, some of the seminal masterpieces of his career.

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Dr Jacqueline Cockburn presents a series of three ‘live online’ lectures available from Art@Home in Nov/Dec 2021.
‘The Many Faces of The Frick’ focuses primarily on portraiture in the collection of masterpieces at The Frick.
‘Stealing Beauty: Picasso’s Demoiselles’ focuses on one work, ‘Les Demoiselles D’Avignon 1907’ that remains the most visited artwork in New York.
‘An American Tale: Abstract Expressionism’ explores the influence that World War ll European artists who flocked to New York had upon Surealists and American artists such as Pollock, Rothko, Krasner, the De Koonings, Johns, Gorky, and many others.

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‘Murrŋiny: A Story of Metal from the East’ opens today at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art in Parap, Darwin and runs until mid-September.

In contrast to the traditional stripping of bark from trees, this group of Yolngu artists cut scrap metal to create a base for their artworks. (Photograph supplied: David Wickens, Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre)

With the help of an angle grinder, Yolngu artist Gunybi Ganambarr pulled apart an old water tank in his remote Arnhem Land home and reassembled it into striking etched artworks — something critics are labelling “revolutionary”. An art director says this recent exhibition of Yolngu art is the first of its kind. Read more


Notes From A Book Addict - Susannah Fullerton

In her free monthly newsletter, Notes from A Book Addict, Susannah, one of our favourite ADFAS Lecturers, shares all that she loves about literature at the moment. One of her most frequently received comments is, “Oh I wish I had had somebody like you teaching me English when I was at school.” 

If you have enjoyed Susannah’s talks, you’ll hear that same voice in her writing. Let Susannah be your literary guide.

NEW EXHIBITION: Captain Cook & the Art of Memorabilia

This exhibition unpacks the notion of memorabilia and memorialisation of Cook – what has been kept of Cook, recorded, photographed, souvenired, named and remembered in Australia in the 250 years since his landing and examines how contemporary and First Nations artists have responded to the symbol of Cook and empire to generate change. Robert Reason, Museum Director, The David Roche Foundation.