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Art Talks

Welcome to ART TALKS
Take a moment to enjoy some of our monthly short talks by art experts from across the world about art, inspiration and creativity.
Thought provoking and entertaining, they give you a small taste of what being a member of ADFAS can offer.


ADFAS Australian Lecturer, Gavin Fry is a writer, artist and museum professional with fifty years’ experience working in curatorial and management positions in Australian museums, galleries and educational institutions. He is the author of twenty-five books on Australian art and history and a large number of catalogue and journal essays. In retirement Gavin has returned to his art training and exhibits as a painter in Newcastle and Melbourne. As well as working as a professional writer, he designs and publishes books on behalf of other writers and artists.

Gavin talks about his extensive work as a writer and his life long association with prominent museums and galleries across Australia. His recent body of work is directed to Newcastle icons. Gavin’s style is expressionist, incorporating vertical light planes and angles somewhat rendering a cubist influence with a 1970’s aura.

His work is currently being exhibited at Cooks Hill Gallery in Newcastle, as well as nationally.

Gemma Black

Gemma Black loves letters. She can tell you everything you need to know about the evolution and history of all 26 of them.
Meet one of Australia‘s most talented calligraphic artists. (5:05mins)

Jeffrey Smart - ‘Factory Staff, Erehwyna’

Dr. Nick Gordon, a well-respected ADFAS lecturer, takes you behind Jeffrey’s painting Factory Staff, Erehwyna to look at the elements that gives it a wonderful sense of order and calm. If you have ever wondered how Jeffrey Smart painted the way he did and what all those construction lines really mean, this illuminating mini lecture will reveal all.

Jeffrey Smart is acclaimed for his precisely
delineated urban and industrial landscapes.
Having absorbed the influences of Australian
modernism in the 1940s, he worked in a
distinctive, highly finished and detailed style.