ADFAS Adelaide supports the Centre for Creative Photography

Early in 2022 ADFAS Adelaide decided to support another organisation or individual through our Young Arts programme. It was important to add diversity to our support base. We contacted the Centre for Creative Photography and, Gavin Blake, the director, was very interested to hear about ADFAS and what we could do to support their students. Having visited the centre and learned more about the various courses on offer it was decided that we would make a donation to support an individual student. Much to our delight the Centre for Creative Photography matched our donation dollar for dollar. Students will need to apply for a scholarship and a worthy recipient will be chosen by members of the board and teaching staff.

The Centre for Creative Photography is most grateful for our support and appreciative of our interest in the development of their students.

In 2023 one student will benefit greatly from a full scholarship to be known as the ADFAS Scholarship. It is a great outcome and we look forward to working together in the future.