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Postal Address:

ADFAS Melbourne
PO Box 931
Hawthorn VIC 3122

ADFAS Melbourne provides for its members a yearly programme of illustrated lectures on various aspects of the Arts, given by overseas and Australian lecturers chosen for their specialist knowledge and experience. Additional events such as visits to galleries, exhibitions, historic houses and gardens may be arranged.  Members also receive a monthly newsletter.

ADFAS Melbourne was the third ADFAS branch to be established in Australia. During 2017 we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary with a special meeting on the 12th April.


Committee 2017

Anne Prior
Ph: 0402 240 354

Jan Heale
Ph: 03 9580 8892

Membership Secretary:
Allison Waddell
Ph: (03) 9499 7221

Programme for 2017

1 March
Ms Sarah Deer Jones
History of the Harp

Carvings, paintings, mosaics, stained glass all trace the origins of the harp from the Mediterranean to Europe. Sarah will also perform on ancient harp reproductions and modern instruments.

12 April
Mr Chris Paspaley
The Australian Pearl Industry

A member of Australia’s most successful pearling family will treat us to unique perspectives on the industry’s history: the participants and the cultural, social and economic impacts of its evolution in Australia.

10 May
Mr Dominic Riley
Lost on the Titanic

The Great Omar was the most elaborate and opulent book-binding ever crafted.  We will learn about its binders, and the heroic effort of another to recreate the binding – ironically, a story also replete with tragedy.

7 June
Ms Kathleen Olive
The Renaissance: Italy and The Low countries

Northern Art made an impact on Italy from as early in the 15th C. Conversely Italy’s influence had helped redefine new pathways for the Northern artists from the 13th and 14th centuries.

12 July
Mr Gerald Deslandes
Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth

The similarities and contrasts of two of Britain’s most influential sculptors who together redefined the importance of British art after WWII will be examined, as well as their mentors and sources of inspiration.

9 August
Mr Andrew Spiro
Icons and the Sacred Art of Russia

Introduced in the 10th C, sacred icon painting was soon adapted to reflect the temperament, people and resources of Holy Russia even as it remained couched in the evocative atmosphere of the Orthodox Church.

13 September
Mr Peter Warwick
Captain Cook and the Enlightenment

Wonderful paintings by Parkinson, Hodges, Webber, and Zoffany convey how this far-sighted and open-minded explorer changed the European view of the world and its attitude towards ‘the noble savage’.

18 October
Ms Lucia Gahlin
Nefertiti – Egypt’s most intriguing Queen

She was Chief Royal Wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten (c1352-1336 BC). Their valiant attempt to introduce monotheism into that ancient polytheistic world is told to us in stunning artistic representations.

8 November
Mrs Sylvia Sagona
Josephine and the Fine Arts propaganda

Shrewd survivor of colonialism and the Revolution, Josephine’s passionate interest
as wife of the much younger Napoleon was deeper than merely to re-establish France’s reputation as leader in luxury goods – it was the study and propagation of Australian flora.

Venue and Time

Lectures are presented in the Theatrette of Melbourne University’s Hawthorn Campus,

442 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn  3122.

Ample parking is available from the rear of the building (accessed via Robinson Rd).
Entry into the building is via an elevator and/or a staircase up to Auburn Rd.

Lectures commence at 8pm SHARP and are followed by a light supper and a glass of wine.


Guests are most welcome to attend, however prior registration with the Membership Secretary is required.  Allison Waddell   03 9499 7221

Guest fees are $30 per person / Members of other ADFAS Societies $10 / Full-time Students $5.00


Membership is:  $175 per person / $330 per couple / new members pay a $30 joining fee extra.

Additional events, tours and art classes attract an extra charge. These fees are designed to cover the Society’s costs only.

For more information please contact our Membership Secretary – Allison Waddell  Ph: 03 9499 7221

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